Winter weight gain and how to avoid it

Let’s face it. We all put on weight over winter but its how you deal with it. This winter is no exception. Most people tend to put on weight around their middle and then want to lose it in September!

We all love our comfort foods during winter and hate exercising in the cold. But if you have a goal in mind such as a marathon, then this will help you to stick to your goal and not put on weight.

Oh and if you have a gym membership you better be committed to the gym all winter long. They have lots of group classes in there to help motivate you to stay on track.

We don’t sleep well during winter as it is too cold outside. Some people cannot afford heating.  Or some of us might be lucky and sleep really well. And then we get a cold and its inside bed for a little while. Our cortisol levels rise when we don’t sleep well and then we put on weight.

We also crave comfort foods during winter. But most of the ones outside have lots of calories in there. Some people eat more than they burn, meaning that they will gain weight easily.  In 2014 I was one of those. I went to potluck dinners, ate as much as I wanted without a care in the world. Also, I ate lunch out every day as I had uni. Did not sleep so well in winter (still don’t’) and was inactive. At most I slept about three hours per night. At that time I put on a lot of weight (mainly fat mass)

At this time we crave a lot of desserts especially chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate? There are so many chocolate places in Melbourne. You’ll just have to try and avoid them all.

We get dehydrated easily during the winter due to indoor heating and staying indoors.  In 2014 I had no idea about the fluids or how much I needed to drink so I mistook hunger for thirst and had as a result overeaten. Now I know that it is one liter of water for every 25 kgs we weigh and if we exercise its another 1 liter. We still need to keep our fluids up at this time as they help the body to function properly. Our gut microbiome gets stressed easily due to too much junk food and not enough nutritious foods.

In the supermarkets, there are not a lot of fresh produce and berries so people resort to the frozen or canned stuff that sometimes has more sugar in them then the fresh ones. Our bodies don’t process white sugar so well as we discovered on Sugar-free September. We can process the natural sugar just fine and bananas are in season at this time as well as apples.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to keep the weight off this winter and be flu-free. Stay healthy and avoid junk food and you’ll be just fine. Also, don’t forget to exercise.

Week 31 of Marathon training

This week felt a little bit somber at the start. My parents and I don’t see eye to eye on the race. I see that doing the race and writing about it earns a fair few brownie points in order of new clothes and an ambassadorship.

This week I applied for Lorna Jane and other running affiliate programs. So far nothing yet. I also applied to win a trip overseas.

I saw the Medibank stall at Melbourne Central and decided to find out whether or not I had enough cover just in case I get injured. It appears that I do. I have their premium cover which includes physio should I need.

Then on Wednesday trained hard and felt good. My first few kms were at 7’12 mins each which was not too bad. Then I felt weak at the knees and the last few miles walked it.

I remembered why I wanted to do this marathon and it is to help those that are doing it tough. The One Umbrella charity outside Flinders st say that they see about 200 people per night and that they are really stretched the bone. Both financially and volunteer wise.  But all the food is donated by the vairous cafes and restaurants in Melbourne.

Rewatching some of the old Harry Potter movies gave me some hope. In my mind I can imagine the cannon starting at each race and I am starting out well.

Then at the gym I worked hard doing lots of rows with my personal trainer and friend.

Sunday’s long run of 23km was slow to begin with and then I picked up at the second half. The first half it was raining so it was a bit slow. Due to just having finished my period and not eating much in the first week I felt like I was out of energy. I started at the MCG where I was collecting money for the Salvos. This was my first shift there but I knew that the tin would be heavy. This is great strength work for me.

I just need to make sure that I eat enough in the first week of my period to have energy to do everything.