Iso weight gain: how to lose all that weight in iso

We have all been in lockdown and with things slowly starting to open up we want to lose some of that weight.

Many of us ate unhealthy during iso, whether that would be too much-processed foods or baking. We also did not do enough exercise and for some of us, we didn’t really sleep well.

In an article by Daily Mail, many Britons ate too much chocolate and biscuits during iso.

How to lose that weight

  • In some states and countries, gyms have reopened. But they have strict social distancing rules. So try to plan your time wisely. If they are not do go out for a walk (that’s if you’re allowed to).
  • Get a better night’s sleep. We need about 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • Drink more water. By doing so you are helping the liver to flush out all the unwanted toxins. We should drink about 2-3L each day. If you are not used to drinking much go small and then increase the amount slowly.
  • If you don’t already add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet will make you fuller for longer. And don’t forget the proteins and carbs for each meal. You should go for wholefoods if you can.
  • Cut back on the alcohol as it is dehydrating.
  • Stress less if you can and just be happy.

Don’t try any of those quick fixes as you’ll never get the results that you want. You’ll crash and burn that way. Its best to start changing your habits for the long run and then the weight will come off slowly.It may take about a few weeks to see any real change.

Weight loss: Fat loss vs Muscle

Most people at the gym want to lose weight fast. They often ask ” What is the best way to lose weight fast?” There is no way to lose weight fast, you should just accept yourself for who you are.

We searched on Bing this term: “diets for quick weight loss.” And then it came up with diets for women or for men. We searched “diets for quick weight loss for women” and it came up with 1290,000 results. Diets for quick weight loss for men came up with 12,900,000 results. Most of these sell diet products. In the search there was a 1200 calorie diet menu. Seriously who can live on that? For women we need about 1500 calories in a day.

Fat loss vs muscle loss

Fat loss is where you lose the fat around your stomach and muscle loss is where you lose some muscle from not eating the right foods and doing the muscle strength activities twice a week. When you put more muscle on you can lose some of the tummy fat.

If you lose muscle you might not be as strong and that’s a bad thing. You will not be able to do much. For us runners we need muscle and flexibility for us to do well. And with muscle we burn more calories even if we are not doing anything. But this isn’t an excuse to eat more as you’ll just put on fat mass, especially if you are not eating the right foods.

What sort of foods should I eat for fat loss?

  • Protein- do eat things like lean meats, seafood, tofu and fish
  • Chilli- if you like spicy foods
  • Beans and legumes
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Green tea
  • Calcium such as low fat cheese and milk for bone strength.
  • Some carbs such as rice and a little bit of pasta.

Do you really need apps like myfitnesspal?

There are some people that are obsessed about these webpages and apps. You don’t really need it unless you are counting macros and protein. And staying away from added sugar.

Oh and ditch those scales. You be better off seeing if your clothes fit rather than jumping on those scales to track your weight.

Are you going to the gym for the wrong reason?

I get that many people want to lose weight and they think that the best way to do that is by loads of exercise. Sweet Life blog talks all about this. The Covid19 has made me think twice about going to the gym just to lose weight. After the restrictions end, I would go there but mainly for the fun and the like of doing the activity, not just “oh I have to go there because I have not been this week and I have to meet my exercise and weight loss goal”.

In my old days at the gym, I used to be just like you. But now I know that diet is the key. It is 80% diet and 20% exercise in our everyday lives

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But did you know that loads of exercise with stress your body? So much so that you put on weight (mainly fat instead of losing fat) instead? Hence it is not an effective way to lose weight

I hear people saying that they have burnt 500-600 calories during a spin cycle class and they want to do it all again. But that what they don’t know that is just negative talk. Exercise makes up one part of it, but diet is the other part. And yes cardio is just one part of that, but its also the strength work that you do such as the push ups and weights that help you to maintain muscle. Now you can do push ups and lunges at home.

And for some people gyms are expensive. There are other ways of doing that such as a gentle walk or online Les Mills class.

Yes exercise is great, but it would be your diet or body’s genes that made you what you are today. We should only go to the gym to pick up a new skill or socialise with people. And to do our strength exercises

Now that we are almost out of lockdown, its a good time to ask yourself whether gym is really worth it for you!

How to lose weight the healthy way.

This is just a simple way of losing weight the right way without dieting

Is your New years resolution to lose some weight? Well here’s how!

And no you should not starve yourself. Rather you should eat more proteins such as your Herbalife protein shakes (or other protein shakes and bars), eggs, meats, fish and dairy. And soy. It’s about just about eating less calories. You should aim to eat every 2-3 hours during the day. You should aim to have about 350 calories per meal and 100-150 calories per snack in between.

AND NO: DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST. Because if you do your metabolism slows right down.

Always skip the sauces when you go out.  Sauces depending on which one is there is about 50-100 calories per teaspoon. Alcoholic drinks have about 95 calories and you’ll most likely go for the nibbles. If you can try and have gluten free foods as they are the healthier option for you. If you drink a glass of alcohol then do have a liter of water as alcohol dehydrates you.

Drink loads and loads of water. For every 25 kg you should have about one litre of water. And if water is not your friend then I suggest putting it with some fruits or tea or some Magnesium tablets that you can get from Chemist Warehouse.


Exercise is your friend. As humans we should aim to get about 30-90 mins of exercise per day. Whether that would be walking the dog or walking to the station which is further away from you, anything will do. It depends on the person and what they would like to do. And we should aim to get about 150-300 mins of vigorous activity each week

Just allow enough time to move about.

Metabolic rate and why it is important to know

We talk about metabolic rate and why it is important to know.

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We talk about the Basal Metabolic rate. There is also Resting Metabolic rate which is the rate that your body burns calories when you sleep.

Most people want to lose fat and not muscle. But it turns out the exact opposite if you don’t know what your BMR is.

Everything that you eat and do affects your BMR on a day to day basis.

Our body is efficient at burning energy and we should know our metabolic rate. The metabolic rate works out how much energy a person needs each day for bodily functions. Bodily functions are going to the bathroom, breathing, menstruation for ladies and sweating. says that its important for a person to know their Basal Metabolic rate so that they can calculate the calories that they need. They have a TDEE calculator or you can calculate it yourself.

Its impossible to know the exact BMR because it changes from day to day.

But it depends on the person itself. Some people have a higher Metabolic rate because they exercise more and some people have lower. Our gender matters as women tend to be on the lower end due hormonal needs and size.

Our metabolic rate helps keeps the body warm. The endotherms are the ones that regulate the body’s core temperature.

What slows the metabolism down?

  • Poor dietary choices- ie junk foods
  • Not enough exercise
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Eating the wrong type of food when you’re trying to lose weight. Ie eating too much vegetables when we should be having some protein too.

So does the metabolic rate increase if we put on some muscle?

And the answer is yes. The body is effective in burning more when you are resting. Outsideonline says that when you lose weight your metabolism goes down as well as theoretically we are losing muscle and not fat.

So how do we increase the metabolic rate?

  • Eat more protein
  • Do more strength exercises at the gym
  • Do about 150 mins of vigorous activity a week to get the heart pumping.
  • Get lots of sleep

We should know this especially if we want to lose weight and what our body’s basic nutritional needs are.

You can get your metabolic rate tested if you are curious to find out your metabolic rate.

Lets not worry about the number on the scale as it doesn’t mean much to anyone. Its the way how your clothes fits that matters and how you feel.

Weight Watchers new snacks

Weight Watchers is a company that loves to help people lose weight. Here they use a points system to help people lose weight and control their eating. They also do meetings in person and online

I got a whole haul of them for $50 online. It included the cheese and onion crisps, the Chia puddings, the BBQ sauces, the balsamic flavored chickpeas, the chocolate wafer and the chocolate bars.

The aim of Weight watchers is to be healthy and enjoy the foods that you want. They don’t encourage cutting anything out. Their food is safe for diabetics.

That being said, they operate on a points basis which I like. Sauces are zero points each.

These would be lovely snacks for spring and summer.

The chickpea with balsamic vinegar was really nice and it went well with beer. Here I can taste the sweetness and acidity of the balsamic vinegar. My flatmates liked the other bean snacks better.

The cheese and onion crisps were really nice and they too would work well with beer. My flatmates didn’t enjoy these as much as me.

The chocolate wafer was ok. It works well with my long black coffee

The chocolate bar was fine and they go well with coffee.

The BBQ sauce was really lovely and smokey and not too sweet. Some of the other BBQ sauces can be quite sweet.

Do buy them for a healthier alternative to junk food.

How to increase metabolism

We talk about why metabolism is key to losing weight and how we can increase this!

Metabolism is the key thing to losing weight and keeping it off. Metabolism is the thing that keeps your body alive and going. It is the chemical reactions in your body. As you age your metabolism decreases. So here’s how to keep your metabolism going

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Eat protein at every meal

In doing so you will be fuller for longer. Eat small frequent meals during the day. About 3-4 hours break in between meals is enough for a sedentary office worker. But for an athlete, you might want to eat in every 2-3 hours.

Make sure that you choose some lean protein such as chicken, fish, eggs, beans, tofu, cheese, beef.

For your snacks, you could try cottage cheese or cheese, peanut butter, eggs, yoghurt, canned tuna, nuts etc. But aim to have protein in each snack as protein is the building block for muscles. And without muscles, we can’t do much.

Stand up rather than sitting

As you know sitting is the new smoking. Standing up burns more calories. We are made to move lots each day.

Lift heavy things

Weightlifting is one of the best ways to lift heavy things. You could start as low as 10kg and work your way up. Lifting heavy things increases muscle and that in turn increases your metabolism.

Your body burns calories even when resting. This is known as the Resting Metabolic Rate.

But if you don’t have a gym you can use heavy cans of food or some heavy bags as dumbells.

Drink green tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants which helps increase metabolism by 17%. And it also hydrates you each day. We need water to process calories so if you are dehydrated you won’t burn as much.

Eat spicy foods

Spicy foods help to boost your metabolism. If you don’t like spicy foods, just add a little bit in and work your way from there. You can add it to many dishes like pasta and noodles.

Eat breakfast each morning

Skipping breakfast slows your metabolism so make sure that you eat breakfast like a king each morning and your metabolism will thank you.

Also if you like coffee, black coffee will stimulate you and do you wonders. But don’t drink too much of it though.

Include a cardio workout

In theory, we should be doing about 150 mins of intense training. This will help to raise metabolism and make you fitter and stronger. You can do things like running, biking, Zumba, body pump, etc. But something that you like.

Weight watchers for Kids

We explain our disgust when we heard that Weight watchers have a new weight loss app for kids.

Weight watchers and Kurbo have just released a new app for kids so that they lose weight. Their reasoning is that obesity is high in America for children. It isn’t available in Australia as it is in the US.

This app uses a green light red light program which does not work with us as food is just food. You have to track food and exercise which is not right for teenagers.

What’s wrong with the app and the program?

I was once on Weight watchers when they are really strict about what you can eat and when. I didn’t like being told what I can and can’t eat and still don’t to this day.

The trainers that run these meetings are not trained in nutrition or they have not done a short course. They are only there just to weigh you in and get your money. The rest you have to do yourself.

But still, I like the products.

There is talk about weight watchers for kids which really angers me. The app would be aimed for 13-17 years old.

When they are that age they are growing up and going through a stage of puberty. The app would just encourage eating disorders in young people. These disorders can last a lifetime. We all should be eating nutritious foods and not need to lose weight. Girls should in particular put on a bit of fat.

There is a petition going around stating that the app should be removed and we think so too. Many health bloggers and advocates call out this action and say it’s bad for the kids!  The Health Bloggers Community is with me on this one.


What should we do?

Parents instead of using the app, I encourage you to teach your child the healthy way of eating and it’s not about everything that is good or bad. Food is just food there is no good or bad about it. They should not skip meals or exercise excessively. They should not use diet pills.

We should be educated in diet culture and fat-shaming. We should educate kids to love themselves for who they are rather than their body and their looks!

When kids grow older they will find that they will be more beautiful and will not need to lose weight. They will be just fine once they have reached puberty.

Lets hope that the Weight watchers app stays out of Australia and it gets revoked in the US and the UK.

Why diet is more effective for weight loss

I got the idea from steel back your health.

This idea that diet is more effective for weight loss than exercise is because 80% of our health is on nutrition. And 20% is on exercise.

Obesity rates are rising in the world today. According to CBS News, 2 billion people are now overweight. Now the highest obesity rates are in the Middle East and North Africa with 60-65% of their population being overweight.  Diabetes is on the rise and we believe in preventative health. Other chronic diseases are on the rise such as cardiovascular disease and heart disease among others.


We are what we eat. In ancient times people used to eat just fruits, grains and meats. These were foods for survival. Nowadays we eat whatever is in the convenience store and we don’t eat many vegetables.

The modern diet is full of processed foods that we eat all the time. Think sugar, deep-fried foods, etc. These foods are addicting so people don’t just stop at one. Carbohydrates and added sugars raise our blood sugars up and trigger a release of the hormone called Insulin.  Hence this is why type 1 and 2 diabetes are on the rise. We tend to also drink more alcohol and coffee rather than water. They dehydrate us rather than hydrate us. We don’t move a lot. In fact, we are more sedentary with cars and office jobs. This is why we are getting sicker and sicker.

We do however need our fats. They help our hormones to survive. But they need to be the healthy ones, aka the Meditteranean diet where olive oil and salad is king. As well as fish. If we feed the body good fats then you’ll train it to become fat adapted. But if you keep giving it processed foods and the high-fat foods, the body will not have access to the fat stores and you’ll end up gaining weight

Protein and good fats keeps us fuller for longer.

Exercise is not efficient for losing weight

You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. You have to want to change your diet in order to lose weight. People think that after an exercise you can eat all the calories that you have burnt. This is exacerbated by the fact that we now own Garmins and Fitbits which counts your steps, so people think well done for getting there. This is so not true. If you eat all the calories you have burnt you won’t lose weight. You need to have a small deficit to lose weight. You do have to eat something but it should be nutritious rather than calorie-dense.

A little bit of cardio each week helps so long as you are doing some resistance training too. We should be aiming for 150 mins of intense exercise each week. Cardio can be things like going for a run or spin cycle.

In the long run, nutrition wins. But you can also do some exercise to help you lose the weight along the way as resistance training will help you get there. Resistance training is weight training. Resistance training helps you to put on muscle which will help burn calories and raise the Basal Metabolic Rate.

MSG and no health benefits

Last night I had a meal which was full of MSG in there. And then I could not sleep, so I decided to find out why


MSG is the Monosodium Glutamate. With MSG there is an excitement factor in there. MSG is known as Chinese Restaurant Syndrome. Chinese restaurants and other fast food outlets use MSG to improve the flavor of the food. They use this to hide the quality of the ingredients.

A lot of the food court food and many Chinese restaurants use MSG. The use of MSG is unregulated meaning that restaurants and eateries can add as much as they want. Some sources claim that MSG is good for you, but in reality its not.

MSG has that excitement factor which sends a signal to the brain saying that I want more. I tend to go really hyper at this stage if I have too much MSG. MSG foods have a lot of calories in there making it easier for us to overeat (Healthline).

MSG contains high levels of sodium which is bad for our health. Glutamate is a naturally occurring amino acid found in foods such as cheese, seaweed, and some vegetables. MSG only has 78% Glutamate, 10% water and 12% sodium according to

The incidence of Type 2 diabetes has doubled according to Global Healing centre.

People that work in the food industry whether its a blogger or cafe/restauranteur is exposed to MSG and that can be a bad thing. Too much of it and you’ll put on weight in the long run. In the short run, you’ll get sweats, nausea, sore throat, dehydration, etc.

This is one of the reasons why people in the world are obese.

When I was a food blogger I was exposed constantly to these sorts of things. I was having to go to a lot of restaurants to review food. I went to a lot of Chinese ones and boy are they known for MSG. But now that I’m in health, I still have the odd craving for it but not as much. I still go out from time to time.

The message is don’t have too many meals outside. Instead, have them at home and bring the leftovers in. Its better for your health.

At the supermarket make sure that you read the labels carefully.

But if you have to eat outside enquire if the restaurant serves food with MSG in it. If so make sure that you drink plenty of water before and after your meal to get rid of MSG and don’t have it too late.