How much water should I drink?

Water is an important nutrient for everyone. So how much should you drink each day?

For women its 16 cups as we lose some extra water when we have our period. For men its 11 cups a day. If its a hot day or you have been exercising a lot it should be about another 7 more cups.

Water can be obtained from food. This can be obtained from soluble fiber such as most vegetables and fruits

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What does water do?

Water is the main nutrient for every cell in our body. It helps hydrate us as well as eliminate toxins. It is also used for when we sweat a lot. Water keeps us healthy. Water keeps our skin plump and moisturised.

Our bodies are made up of 60%-70% water.

What happens when we drink too little water?

We get dehydrated and thirsty pretty easily. After a while we get brittle skin and nails and toxins are hard to eliminate. Hence the hard poos. We also age a lot faster- ie someone who is in their 30’s might get quite a few wrinkles.

When we don’t drink enough water we get sugar cravings. We also mistake thirst for hunger.

After a while you will lose focus as water makes up most of your life.

So how do we start to drink more water when we are not used to it?

Start small and work your way up. Your body will after a while get used to the amount of water that you are drinking.

One way of getting more water in is by carrying a 2L water bottle everywhere you go and taking frequent sips. Another way is to drink 8 cups in the morning when you get up. It can be hard at first but after a while you will get used to this.

If you don’t like plain water, you can try a herbal tea like green tea which hydrates you. You can also put some fruit or cucumber in your water to flavour it. And no coffee does not count as water. It in fact dehydrates you.

At first you will need to go to the toilet lots and lots. But then after a while it will be alright. Your body is eliminating all the toxins that were built up inside and it will take time.

How much water do I need to drink per day

Water is important for vital body functions. It is important for runners to be able to take on enough water throughout their long and short runs. Or otherwise you’ll end up dehydrated or bonking.


Most amateur athletes don’t drink enough water. Most of them only drink about 1L.

You should drink enough water and water is free all over Melbourne. At many major events there is a water tank for people to fill up their¬†water bottles. Whether it’d be at home or at work. Or at uni. Do carry a 1L-2L bottle of water with you everywhere you go.


If you don’t like water why not have aloe or Herbalife’s tea? Or you can put fruits in it.


Week 22 of Marathon training

Another 30 more weeks to go and gosh they will be gruelling as.

Last week people already wrote their training questions on Facebook in the Melbourne Marathon group. Now is the time to be more serious and more focused.


I tried the mile repeats straight after lunch. Needless to say I felt very queasy afterwards and was slow. It was between the trees at the park and not on the road. But I am still good at running in the grass. Then I got itchy arms from all that sweat.


I looked at the map again and discovered that the 42 km people go past Kereford st into Dow st in Port Melbourne. This is going to be a bit of a challenge.

Also ran in the wet weather and discovered that I was two minutes slower than the usual pace time of 8mins per km. I did not want to slip and my calcium has not been that good.InstagramCapture_62fe6a4f-40be-4bef-8c8e-a3bd8034783c¬†And then Sunday’s long run was good but I forgot about the Grand Prix. Hence I did not do the kms that I wanted to do. I wanted to do 20 kms but I fell by 6kms. This was a bad thing on my part as I could have planned it a lot better. Thousands of people were at the Grand Prix and at 6pm there were lots of people wanting to get out. Lots of people walked down Clarendon st and lots of people were waiting for the trams at Albert Park.

It was a bad thing on my part for forgetting the water. I was easily thirsty along the way and that slowed me down.