Volunteering and why it is beneficial for our health and wellbeing

We talk about why you should volunteer and how its beneficial for your health.

You can volunteer at one of the many charities in the world. I love to volunteer to help the homeless as it is sad that they are not being looked after properly. In Melbourne we see a lot of homeless people on the streets especially during Christmas. The homeless usually have some sort of mental health problem as they have been lonely for some time. During Christmas they have no food and are lonely. Every year the charities put on Christmas day luncheons for them and they get a lot of fun out of that

Volunteering makes us happy as we see that the other person is happy. And they are being looked after.

Volunteering is so much fun as you get to meet new people and later on down the track you might end up getting a job with the organisation that you volunteered for. If not they can give you a reference.

Happy people equals healthy people. The more depressed you are, the more unhealthy you would be. Depressed people turn to comfort eating and drinking just to suppress their emotions. Depressed people feel more lonely especially during Christmas.

Do volunteer if you have the time. Seek advertise volunteer jobs on a regular basis.


Volunteering for Hari Raya

Hari Raya is the term for Open house. Healthyintstudents was invited there by Malaysia Hall Resident club on Facebook to volunteer.

The Malaysia Hall is in Windsor and we ran there instead of take the tram as I’m open to a challenge like this. In a few weeks time they will be having their sports events in Albert Park.

Volunteering for them meant that I can learn a lot more about their culture and I did just that, Malaysians are generally happy and warm people who love their food. They are also non judgemental people and most of the people are huge!.

The shift went for 3.5 hours.

And fun we had chopping onions, chillis and pineapple. And mingling with others. I tried not to cry when chopping the onions, although I nearly did. Chopping chillis was harder as I tried to not cut my finger.

The lunch we had today was noodle in tomato and chilli sauce. Here the Malaysians are known for their chilli dishes. They are also known for their beehoon and lots of sauce in their dishes. This tasted really nice when it comes off the fryer. But when its cold its not.

We also had fun making the peanut sauce for the satay and smelling the garlic. The garlic did smell really good.

Do volunteer for their next Hari Raya event.

Lets move 365: Mega Raya: volunteering and enjoying ourselves by Akira

Mega Raya was tons of fun this year. There were tons of new dishes to try and the one I tried during my volunteer shift was bee hoon. Bee Hoon is a Malaysian noodle dish with vermicelli and egg and prawn. I was surprised when the volunteers added tomato sauce to it and the dark soya sauce to it. I thought that it was for Migoreng. But I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out well.

I also had to cut chicken wings for the rending and that was bloody hard. Cooking for 700-800 people was also very difficult to do. Cooking chicken in the biggest of woks was the longest as each batch took 32 minutes to cook. Stirring the beef also took the time and effort. In the end the rending turned out to be quite flavourful.

On the Sunday many people came to this event and there was much food to be had there. There was rojak, beef and chicken rending, tomato rice and normal rice, rice cakes and soto ayam. The Soto Ayam was quite nice and there was this Malaysian dessert which I don’t know the name of but it is coconutty and not too sweet. Oh and it has sago.

I think the committee spent well over $1000 on this event. The rice cakes were bought from Malaysia.

New and prospective residents also got a tour of the house.

Almost all the kuih had gone by the time I got there but I managed to try one piece and it was lovely. And a bit sticky.

The tomato rice was lovely and the flavour was quite subtle.

It is a pity that there wasn’t any The Tarik but I sure liked the rose tea.

Many thanks again to Malaysia Hall for letting us volunteer and make new acquaintances on Saturday. Many thanks to them for putting on this event