Sirena Tuna

Sirena tuna is an Italian tuna which you can buy at all Coles and Woolworths. Here I tried a tuna melt at Flinders st and it was really good. Here Sirena Tuna encourage people to eat healthily by providing free melts.  I enjoy the tuna in my salads and pasta. This tuna is light and quite fresh. It was $1 from my local IGA.

Sirena tuna is light in flavour and has many of the good oils that we need in our diet. Here they have 11g of protein. They also are moist in texture. They can be hard to open at times.

You can also add it to pasta and make pasta bake and here is the recipe from

They also come in meals with beans for $3-$4 and I enjoy this convenience very much at the gym or post run. Here they have 200 calories of goodness.

Do buy Sirena Tuna from your local supermarket for your omega 3 goodness