The new way of flying

Note: I haven’t been on a flight yet but I did some research online about what flights are doing to protect their customers

During the Coronavirus period, most of the flights and boarders have been shut. During that time airlines have thought about ways to keep Coronavirus out such as extra sanitization at the airport. Now that everything is almost opened up people around the world have been traveling a little bit (note that in Australia our borders are still not open and that might be the same for New Zealand and Europe, I think)

People are encouraged to check in digitally rather than queue at the kiosk. At the security screening there are hand sanitizers and the trays are clean each time after a passenger puts their bags down

Qantas is invested in their passneger safety. They want to get people working again and the airlines in the air as soon as possible. After every flight they will clean the aircraft.

Before you board, the airlines will hand you a face mask and wipes and maybe hand sanitizer. Some of the airlines insist that you wear a face mask at the airport and for the duration of the flight.

On most short flights there will be no food or drink offered but on some of the long haul flights there might be a snack or two and water. This is to minimise contact between staff and passengers.

A Geelong Travel guide

Here is our travel guide to Geelong as many people would love to visit there over the Summer.

Geelong is about one hour away from Melbourne and its known for its beaches and good food. Here we talk about some of the best places to explore such as the beaches and Sailors rest. We usually get there by train which is about $18-$25 per adult return. By the way you have to buy a myki for this journey as they don’t do paper tickets anymore. There is drinking water on the train but we advise you to bring your own in your drink bottle.


There are lots of eateries and it is always changing. We hear about them on Instagram from Geelongfoodloves. We love Piston Pete for great American food at affordable prices. Here everything is huge and you can spend a good winters night in there.

Geelong is also known for its fine breweries such as Little Creatures and Furphy.


We enjoy going to the beach every time. The beach is cool calm and collected. Every summer its a great place to have fun. This year they have introduced a gigantic water slide. We also love Cunningham Pier and the Paella boat. When the Food Trucks come we love to stop by. Every July there is a month long Central Tastes of Geelong which celebrates everything about food in Geelong. Here they have many workshops and tastings and Friday nights galore.

Whilst going there one time we enjoyed having $4.50 pure vanilla ice cream from a real ice cream truck. You won’t find this anywhere in Melbourne. It was full of creamy goodness. Yum and there were about 3 or 4 of them at the beach and carousel.

The train ride is $6 just to explore. It looked cool just to look around. It is only a twenty minute ride there and back.

Working out over the holidays

We are nearly in the holiday season, which means taking a holiday to somewhere that you have never been before and not working out as much. Every year people go on holidays just to get away from it all.

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So how would you handle it?

Research the place and see if they have any gyms around. If they do they usually would have a casual rate and so you can go in and workout. If the hotel has a gym, go workout in there. The gym at your hotel maybe covered in your rental rate or you might have to pay another small fee.

For Fitness First members there are gyms all over Australia and any Platinum and Titanium members can workout in those.

Bring your own TRX strap and resistance bands. That way you can workout in your room.

Go for a run at somewhere new. Going to a new place means trying a new path. Better yet why not sign up for a race in that neighbourhood? It’s an awesome way to explore with lots of other people.

Do a walking tour. Walking tours are a way to explore new things. You can Google “walking tours” online

If you have a bike and your airline allows your bike, why not go on a cycling tour of the city and the countryside? Cycling is popular in Melbourne as it is in Europe. In Melbourne you can rent bikes from the Bike Share stands around the city. All you need is a helmet which you can rent at 7/11.

Airline etiquette

air air travel airbus aircraft

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Most of us have to travel for work and that means spending time on the airplane full of people usually for many hours on long haul flights. So here are some manners for the plane. Manners matter a lot to airline staff and their passengers. Airline staff are there to keep your flight safe

Don’t turn up for a flight drunk

Many business executives enjoy their frequent flyer and business class status and fly in business class. The lounge is certainly inviting with lots of alcoholic beverages. And then you get served a welcome drink on board the plane. And after takeoff you get more drinks.

Don’t spoil it for yourself and get drunk before you fly, mate! Save that for later. It’s a sure way to get you fired if the boss finds out

Oh and if you turn up to the gate drunk, most likely they will not let you fly and you’ll have to wait until you have sobered up and board the next available flight.

Obey all flight crew instructions

That one had to be said but each year too many people get arrested just because of that.

If you don’t do as they asked, you’ll be kicked off and charged for interfering. The flight crew are here for your safety and everyone else’s.

Don’t push in front of the line, wait your turn

Unless you are flying in business class or first class, wait your turn. There is no need to push in front of the line. The plane won’t take off without you.

If the ground staff sees you pushing the queue, they might deny you boarding as you would be an annoyance to other travellers.

Don’t be loud and obnoxious.

People don’t want to hear your conversations. They just simply want to go somewhere. If they can hear you they can tell the flight attendant and most likely you’ll be kicked off.

Don’t start a fight with anyone

If you do, you will be kicked off and it will be all over the news. There is always someone filming the fight inside the aircraft and then it will be shared on Youtube and Facebook

Your boss will most likely find out and you’ll be terminated from your job. You will have to pay for the gate fees and the costs associated with your bad behaviour. You would be charged and airlines can fine you up to $25000 for it.

Paying with Afterpay

Ever needed a new pair of shoes or an outfit and can’t wait for payday? Well here is the answer.


Afterpay is a system whereby you pay in four installments for the item that you want but haven’t got all the funds to pay for. I first heard of them via Melbourne Central’s shopping and ever since then I wanted to try it.

Afterpay works on your phone and everywhere that accepts it. But you have to over 18 to pay for things with this system.

But it is easy to sign up online. All you have to do is have a credit card to do so. It is fast and easy and your payment is approved within minutes. The item is then shipped to your house. You then repay the money in four easy installments over a fortnight.

If you forget one it doesn’t matter, they just add the money on to your next installment.

I picked out my shoes in store and then placed the order online. The shoes were $129 ($32 in four easy installments). After you pay you then get the email from Skechers. The shoes came a few days later and boy did I like them. They were light weight shoes which is great for a runner as it means that they can run faster.

My housemate signed for the package.


It is god darn hard to do so in store as not many stores are on board unlike what the website says.

Do sign up and use Afterpay if you want stuff quicker but don’t have the money to afford it straightaway. You will pay it back eventually.

What to bring to Melbourne for the marathon

Are you coming to the Melbourne Marathon and don’t know what to bring to Melbourne for that weekend? Here’s a list of all the things that you will need in Melbourne

You’ll need:

Your comfy pj’s- Melbourne is known to be cool at night

Your drink bottle- you will need this for the race. On course there is water and drinks but not much of it. As for me I like to know what I’m drinking.

A small bag of toiletries- you don’t need a lot and Melbourne has many stores in where you can buy a few things

Energy gels- you only need about two or three. There are a few health food shops that sell the gels, but bring your own just in case as many of the stores might not be open on weekends

Toilet paper for the run-you can buy toilet paper in Melbourne or bring some from home

Safety pins- for your bib that is. But if you forget you can always buy them at Daiso which is $2.80 and there are two stores in the city: QV and Flinders st.

Socks and underwear- 3-5 changes is plenty. But if you are staying for the week then more would be a great idea

Protein bars and shakes- Melbourne will have plenty but they might not have your brand. Some of the health food stores might not be open on the weekend

Runners- make sure that you are comfortable in them. You don’t want blisters on your foot.

A change of clothes or two- maybe a nice pair of jeans and top for going out to dinner

Camera- to take photos

Your supplements- the chemist might not have your preferred supplement.

Tampons and pads if you are a lady- we have lots of brands at the chemist and supermarket but we may not have your brand in Melbourne (especially if you are an overseas visitor).

Money and credit cards- don’t forget the travellers cheques if you are from overseas.

A mobile phone

A previously owned MYKI if you have. Otherwise a new one is $6 and then there is all the hassle of topping it up.

Insurance- in case something goes wrong or if you lose a bag.

Tablets- We have plenty of brands here but you might be more comfortable to use your own. Just bring enough for the length of stay in Melbourne.

An iPad would be useful but make sure that you don’t lose it.


You don’t need

  • Food- Melbourne has plenty of cuisines to suit your budget. In most cases food from other countries is not allowed.
  • Water- we have lots. There are lots of free taps all over the city and the place that you are staying at might have some
  • Towels- the hotel will have one. Just a small one to wipe your face is fine.
  • Bedding- the hotels have plenty but you might want to bring a sheet or two
  • Laundry powder- we have laundromats and the supermarkets will stock some if your hotel has a machine in each room.
  • House keys- one less thing to worry about losing.  Get a family member or a relative to look after your keys if you can. Get them to drop you off at the airport. Then parking would be one less thing to worry about. Keys is another one less thing to worry about at the security line.
  • Scissors- another less thing to worry about at the airport security. Your hotel might have scissors
  • Knifes and utensils- we have lots here. And your

How to use Melbourne’s public transport system to get to your race effortlessly

By Akira

Melbourne Marathon is one of the biggest sporting events where many people from all over the world get together and race. If you are getting to the marathon from the suburbs it is vital to know how to get there on time.

Melbourne has the trains, trams and buses but on Sunday mornings they are not frequent. Some may run one every hour so it is important to look on the ptv website. It is important to come to Melbourne a few days to up to two weeks before the race to get yourself accustomed to our transport system.

Melbourne has the all night network for all trains and some trams and you can check the PTV site as to which ones run at night.

There is the free tram zone within the CBD but during the race some trams may not run through the zone. But if you are outside the zone then you will have to purchase a MYKI card for $6 or take a taxi which is even more expensive.


If this is your first time in Melbourne a good idea would be to purchase a MYKI from the train station, 7-11, PTV  Hub in Southern Cross station or at one of the many retailers with the blue MYKI sign. It is not recommended that you buy one from one of the many unstaffed MYKI machines as many visitors to Melbourne get confused and don’t know how to use them. If you don’t have a MYKI and the authorised officers got on your tram, train or bus then you could face a fine of $229 or the on the spot fine of $75 (they will scrap this as of next year). Whilst most have been pleasant to deal with, there are some which are known to be abusive to passengers.

It is $7.80 per day (zone 1 and 2) and you can travel as many times in the day that you like. On weekends it is $6.

As for the touching on if you need help to do this just ask one of the other passengers (on a tram that is) or the customer service staff at a staffed station. If you can, try and go to a staffed train station as they are safer in the early hours of the morning. Oh and if you have a defective MYKI you may be able to get it replaced.  It might mean that someone may have to drop you off there. On a tram or a bus sit as close as you can to the driver.

You don’t have to touch off on a tram but on trains and buses you do. One beep means you have touched on, two means that you have touched off and three beeps means that it is negative (not touched on or off and you need to put more money on it).

If you need any help with using the system don’t be afraid to ask the friendly staff or other passengers to assist you.