Is too much sugar bad for me? By Akira

Many Australians have too much sugar and some go on a sugar overdose. At the Sugar shop in Melbourne, a lot of people have been stocking up on sugary treats. There are a few Sugar Shops around Melbourne and a few of them are outside the cinema, at a small kiosk.


At the Sugar station in Southern cross outside of the Vline platforms, many people after the footy stock up on sugary snacks to take home on the long ride. As Akira reports it is not too good for you. And it’s also a very expensive habit.

Too much sugar and not enough nutrient dense foods can lead to obesity. It can also lead to tooth decay. A lot of people at the Sugar station always buy coke or Fanta as well as their sugary goodness.

Because of its close proximity to the train station, many people find that buying sugary stuff from there is convenient.

As such we are taking up Sugar-Free September to learn about the effects that excessive sugar has on us.


Lesson: why not stock up on nutrient dense snacks at the supermarket and drink water on the train? It will save you money and your health will be better because of it. There are plenty of water fountains in Melbourne and if not you can fill your water bottle at home. You can also buy water and lifestyle drinks (the less sugary ones) from Go Vita at Southern cross.

Learn to like Kombucha. Kombucha is like lemonade except there is a minimal amount of sugar in there.

A sugary treat every few weeks is fine but even so make it small.