Simple seed eatery

Simple seed eatery is just a stone’s throw away from South Yarra station and in the same block as the Thai place and other health food eateries. I saw this place on my way to the train station and I had to try it. I had run out of coffee then.


Simple seed eatery has been opened for four years now but no one has written much about them or talked about them on Zomato. Not even Where’s the veg wrote about them.

They are a Vegan and Vegetarian health place which is why they landed up here and not on the other blog.

The staff were down to earth and very friendly. Everything is made in house with the exception of the pies.

Here the tofu and cheese toastie was nutrient dense and was great without the sauce. I really enjoyed the taste of the vegan cheese and scrambled tofu.

But the coffee was nothing much to write home about.

Do come by for your vegetarian food near the station. I hope they are in the Entertainment book soon as a way for people to get healthy.


Olivia Springs cafe

This is a down to earth cafe in Moonee Ponds. And it is pretty rare to find a health food cafe here. They had been open for three months now.

Here they serve breakfast and lunch as well as Vietnamese classics. All without meat of course, but instead mock meat. They have BLT with mock meat. And because it is a vegetarian place there are no egg dishes.

The music is calming and relaxing- it is just like what I hear during a meditation class.

The service was friendly and down to earth. But a bit slow. And there are no toilets here- you have to go across the road to the bus terminal where they are.

Since everything is cheap, they are a cash only place. All the food is under $15 and they make their own sweets.

Seeing as I’m trying a high fiber diet and am on the Sugar-free September, I went for a homemade orange juice and scrambled tofu on toast with avocado. Fans of Here’s the veg will like this place. The Annoyed thyroid will also like this joint as it is right up their alleyway.

The juice was freshly squeezed and was not too sweet.

The scrambled tofu with turmeric was a little bit spicy but I enjoyed the spicy kick. I made a mess of it- I’m sorry.  Fans of Consider the Sauce will love this dish. The bread was from Bakers delight across the road.

At least this place fares better than the place next door which I have to say looks a little bit old and outdated. Oh, and they sell junk food which I’m not a fan of.

Where they are at: 637 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds