Now that Coronavirus is here: has the Internet usage gone up

The Coronavirus has kept many people indoors and people are bored. So we wanted to see if the Internet usage has gone up at home.

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According to the latest 2019 report about 9000000 people use Instagram and more use Facebook and We Chat. Now we want to see if people are using the Internet more for social media and other things now that the Coronavirus is here. According to CRN the data usage has surged and the most popular time is around 6pm-8pm. They say that the majority of people use it for online gaming and video streaming.

During the Coronavirus pandemic more and more people are being laid off or being asked to work from home. So people may have gotten a bit bored like myself at times and want to play MSN games. Now that social distancing is here are more and more people using We Chat and Facebook for chatting?

The Internet bills have gone up but people can’t afford them due to job losses and businesses closing doors. The speed of the Internet is down sometimes due to so many people logging on.

With the Internet usage on the rise it means that a number of hackers has also increased. So people need to be more vilgilant, especially children

So what are companies doing to make people’s lives a bit easier?

We really don’t know yet as it is early days. But hopefully the companies will make the Internet a bit cheaper and some might have deals on it.

It’s best not to spend all your time on the Internet. Just use it for your working, banking, shopping, Youtube and social needs. Don’t play too many games on it as its not healthy. You can however download some exercise videos if you want.

If children want to go online its a good idea for a parent to supervise them. Make sure that they don’t download anything without permission and that they don’t go onto any sites which you don’t trust.

Google Analytics

We write about why it’s important to know your stats. Some of your stats comes from Google Analytics. But other stats are on your blog or website itself. You can install the code on to your website for easy tracking.

Signing up to Google Analytics is easy. All it needs is a Gmail account or a Google account and that is free to sign up

The metrics

Knowing the metrics is important

You would want to know where your website traffic is coming from. Is it from Google, social media or other search engines.

You would want to know as you’d want to know where your audience is coming from. You would want to know what time zone they are in as you don’t want to publish posts at the wrong time and then they are not at the top of someone’s bucket list. You can also see which days that most people visited the site and then you can publish on those days.

You want know the average time that a user took to view your site. Was it slow or fast? First good impressions of your site matters.

You’d also want to know what they searched for what posts they looked at so that you know what to write. You’d want to write tailored content to suit your audience.

You can see how many new users you had in a month or a in year. This is important for businesses that are doing online activity such as sales and marketing. The number of return visits is important as it equals happy customers. How long do you retain users? Is it for more than one week? If so that means that you are doing really well.

You should also know how they searched whether it was by mobile or desktop as they can be an important clue as to how to present your posts and site. Is it mobile/iPad friendly?

How to self monitor your exercises

We talk about self monitoring your exercises

Self monitoring your exercises is important as it allows you to track your progress and when you have bad and good days. For females it’s more important because you have your periods and when you are on your periods you can lose a bit of energy. It’s also important to know which days you don’t feel your best so that you can schedule easier exercises that day.

For females its important to track your exercise so that you also know what nutrition works for you. Everyone is different.

You can do this online or in a book. I prefer online as I can edit as I go. And I can come back to my data!

What gets measured gets done every time and that’s how you stay accountable for your goals.

How to keep the journal:

  • Write down what you did for each exercise and for how long
  • Also write down how you felt.
  • If you are a female track your periods and the energy levels at different times. Everyone is different with these.
  • Always track how you are feeling pre and post exercise and do it as soon as you finish the exercise.
  • If you ate any foods and vommited that during the exercise you should note what you ate and what you vommited.

The WordPress business plan and why its awesome

The WordPress business plan is awesome for most fitness and health professionals as it allows us to do lots of things to attract clients. It is only $396 per year but they have a lot of stuff including free domain in the first year that you sign up. This is great for online businesses as you are found more easily on Google and other search engines.

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WordPress are quite helpful for online businesses as they give out lots of tips and advice to get started.

The SEO feature is awesome in that you get to add in your own search terms for items. Here you’ll get noticed even more on search engines such as Google. Within one week of signing up to this awesome plan I got more site views. From there on it keeps growing day by day. There has not been a day where I have not been busy with views. One day I got 65 views. There are some tutorials on SEO but I haven’t done any of them yet.

With the business plan you can do e-commerce. On the free plan you could not do that. As such personal trainers and health professionals can now sell plans to clients.

Another feature is the video thing. You can add lots of videos with this plan. I enjoyed doing this. Here I uploaded one of the Salvos and it got a few hits.

Now that I have my WordPress business plan, in the new year I plan to analyse my results more closely and tailor my articles more towards my customer needs and wants. For now I am learning about SEO and analytics and once I have that sorted I can tailor my results more closely.

Do get the business plan for Christmas. Its an awesome way to start the new year!

Instagram is now getting rid of diet product posts

We talk about this important change and what it would mean for users.


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Instagram is now getting rid of those diet product posts in order for users to become more body positive. Under Instagram’s new rules miracle health claims will not be allowed as this encourages disordered eating

This is good for us as we have been fighting this for a while. This was one of our goals. Used to want to sell Herbalife but after we saw some of the damage we got to say that it’s not great for us and our users.

This week on Precision Nutrition we have been learning about disordered eating and how bad it is for us human beings. We sometimes see clients at the gym with this sort of eating. They want to lose the weight fast because they see these really thin people on Instagram and they want to be just like them.

Instagram has called out on Kim Kardashian’s lollypops saying that under the new rule it would be banned. This is a huge win for the mental health and real health industry as we want to take a stance against such behavior.

So far this week we reported quite a few and they got rid of one. So don’t be scared of reporting a few that you think are quite fake. You can just right-click on their posts on your phone to report them. Instagram is great at responding. Here’s how to look for the fake ones.

  • If they are posting just about their diet products or cosmetic surgery without real proof
  • If they are posting really skinny people and how they lost weight so fast
  • If they are cutting out whole food groups. As a rule we should aim to have about five food groups a day and a little bit of sugar.
  • If they have some sort of miracle claims. If you’re not sure just ask your healthcare team.
  • If they have more followers than postings, ie. 10000 followers over 100 posts. Its likely that they bought their followers somewhere.

People under 18 years old

They will restrict these sorts of advertising to these people.

But what about those that want to promote this stuff?

Once they hear of the news, they will panic. We don’t feel any sympathy for them whatsoever. They will always find new ways of doing this and might use Instagram less often.

Instagram has removed my likes

Instagram has removed the number of likes and we are quite happy about it and here’s why!

In the modern world, Instagram is the most addictive of social platforms.


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Instagram has started removing the number of likes ever since the beginning of June.  The idea was trialed in Canada and then became successful. The aim was for followers to focus on what a user shares and not the number of likes that a post gets. It did that to minimize online bullying and fat-shaming in some cases.

For us, the idea took some time to adjust to but once after we adjusted our mental health was a bit better.

It’s good for mental health because you’re not comparing yourself to other people and are not worried about how many likes you’ll get. According to SBS the age of users with mental health issues is 14-24 years. Moreover, you don’t have to compare yourself to others. And you wouldn’t have to delete the posts on your profile that didn’t get many likes. Royal Society of Public Health says that Instagram is detrimental to young people’s mental health and they backed the idea of removing the number of likes on a post.

There’s no pressure now! Before there was lots of pressure for likes and now we can happily focus on the content! We all can rejoice meaning that all the fakes would have gone! There is no unhealthy obsession now and its one way of making the world a better place for all.

But people and businesses might find other ways to find us such as direct and spammy messaging! Luckily I avoid all the spammy messages.

But for some businesses and brands, it means that they would have to try harder to engage with potential clientele. Venture says that brands will have to be a little bit more creative to engage with people.  And they would have to click on the Insights to get the number of likes or visit Instagram on the desktop.

Businesses worry about losing income especially when they are just online and not a bricks and mortars store. says that when Facebook changed its algorithm many businesses lost a lot of money and followers overnight.

As for us, we did lose a few followers but not many. And we don’t mind that our posts are not based purely on likes but what we want to share and that’s information.

You should post things on Instagram that you want to post and not worry about likes.

Ritual Co app

We tried this app and we talk about our likes and dislikes with the app.

Ritual Co is a takeout app that is popular in Toronto and now its come to Melbourne and Sydney. Here we enjoyed $1 food as well as $5 discounts and other perks.

I heard about it from Ozbargain on their Instagram and then the guys promoted it in the Southern Cross-lane.

There were horrendous reviews from users online saying they were scammed. And that’s in the US. In Melbourne, there was no such problem as I knew where everything is.

Signing up online is easy. And what’s good about the app is that its only pickup food which means that you have to walk to get it. It’s not like Uber where the drivers deliver to you and they get paid a shoddy fee for it. They have many perks available to users such as the $1 food fest and if you earn enough points you’ll get some sort of discount or credit that you can use on your next meal.

You order and pay and then your food is ready within about 5-10 mins. You have to be in walking distance though. There is no need to wait in line- although there were huge queues at the Gozleme cafe when I went during their lunch hour.


We enjoyed Roll’d and keeping with our vegetarian theme we enjoyed Roll’d’s rice paper rolls and vegetarian spring rolls which set us back by 600 calories. We refused the sauce. Out of 2000 calories in a daily diet, we would have 1400 calories left. At first, they forgot the spring rolls until I gently reminded them.

And then we enjoyed the Gozleme which was fresh. It was at the Gozleme cafe, a place that I always wanted to go to. It was a vegetarian one. Here the Gozleme cafe was really busy as it was a small one and most people grabbed a takeaway. The guys were working their hardest in the line trying to remember who ordered what and when. The buzzer kept going.

The pie from Dmarco espresso was good but a bit overcooked. It was on the $1 day. The place was not very busy that day.

And then we tried Gloria Jeans for World Chocolate day. Here they seemed to be alright but not busy for a Friday afternoon.

Do get the app and you can get it free on GooglePlay and iTunes. I hope all goes well and that these tiny glitches are fixed soon. Its a pity that there is no Facebook page for the Melbourne and Sydney app.

Technology and mental health

In this article, we talk about the overuse of technology and the damages it does to our mental health. The Internet and digital technology will always be around but we should know about the risks.

apps blur button close up

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We rely on technology for everything from finding out what friends are up to on Facebook, Instagram or finding information online. We can even pay online using contactless technology via our banking apps.

Technology is always evolving and people are continually checking smartphones on the tram and wherever they go. I had learned that in the two weeks that I took off social media that it is ok to not check your phone every time or every hour. Every few hours is ok.

I have had the pleasure of bumping into these guys whilst running and walking and fair to say they did not even look up and say sorry. Now the Government is cracking down on them by issuing $200 fines which are a great idea.

In the very last job that I had I was constantly involved with technology and did not know how to take regular breaks from technology. Nor did I know that it was bad for my health. Nowadays I run, talk to my family about things and move around.

This technology checking is not great for mental health. It can be suicidal. Not only that users can be distracted by things and not focus on the task at hand. For example on the tram people look down at their phones and they don’t see the elderly lady wanting a seat.

When you use too much technology you can lose your self-esteem. People that use technology reported a loss of self-esteem and social deficits according to Digital responsibility. A study done by a team of Australian researchers found that lots of Internet use can lead to poorer mental health. They call it Internet Addiction Disorder. Volpi (2012) says that too much Internet use can lead to sleep disorders and add stress to users lives.

Some ways of enjoying technology responsibly

  • In moderation, technology should be enjoyed. You should only check your phone at designated times and stick to them
  • Have regular breaks where you can just enjoy each others company.
  • Never use your mobile phone whilst walking and in public places. You have to be able to hear what is going on around you.
  • Have a day where you leave the expensive phone at home and just use the cheaper one.
  • Don’t use your phone in the gym or when you are out running. Instead, just enjoy the atmosphere.

Our two weeks of limiting social media

Social media can cause a lot of anxiety for people and as such these days too many people are spending a lot of time on social media.

We decided to try out this experiment of, “Is it really possible to live on social media for one hour a day for two weeks?” The project coincides with Mental health week. This is a week that looks at Mental health and depression.

Too much stress causes digestive issues which will cause you to poop too much.

The day before the project I broke my phone in a pub. I was really drunk and then I thought that I should start the project.

The easiest way to start the project was to use an old phone. I used my old Windows phone which has no notifications allowed, except for email.

At first, I thought it was really not that possible and it took me a few tries to get there. I was really stressed out about not receiving messages and likes from people. But after a while, it was all good. I was able to focus a lot better on the tram and would give up my seat for an elderly or disabled passenger rather than focus on my phone. On the tram, everyone was on their phones. On the train, people loved to talk rather than focussing on their phone.

Most people when they walk, they look at their phone and its easier to bump into them. As for me I just walk and run.

At Lentils talking to people was easy without the phone. I got play with a baby and enjoy my food a lot more. Oh, and I learned to eat mindfully.


I felt better knowing that you would save a lot more money. You would save about $300 per year for not using that much data. Too much data uses up your phone battery as well.

My friend on Facebook who is autistic needs me to be there for him 24/7. He always thinks that it’s about me, me, me all the time. This guy always shares the autism quotes just so that others should treat him special. In Health we work with different people and are not there 24/7. I’m glad I got that reprieve from him as it was not good for my mental health and productivity.

But the downside is that some people decided to unfollow me because I hadn’t posted enough and that was only 37 followers. But the 1290 followers decided to stick around and that was all great. I told people at the start that I was going to do it


In the end, I learned that it didn’t really matter whether people liked your post or not. Likes and Instagram can wait until you get home and be alone. What’s more important outside is being in the moment and appreciating it. Oh, and enjoying other people’s company.

I felt better about being able to help those that need it the most.

At least now I feel better about not being connected to this friend 24/7 and am able to concentrate on other things.

Tech Inclusion Conference

This was a part of Melbourne Knowledge Week and I was invited to participate. Normally it is about $100 to attend for the day and drinks. This conference is for people that work in technology and how they can learn to be more inclusive and equitable to people who are multicultural, refugees, Aboriginals, women and people with disabilities.


This years theme was inclusion, equity, and diversity and how companies can be more diverse and include everyone in there. A big theme of this was disability and mental health. There was also talk about the Aboriginal community and how they can be included in everyday society.

So how does a company employ Inclusion in their policies?

Inclusion is about making everyone feel welcome in society and in the workforce. And its about making ideas be heard. Its also about starting with everyone in mind and getting rid of the rulebook.

In Australia, we are crap at listening and learning about other people and cultures.

We need money to make ideas work and be accessible for all. Women, in particular, invest about $2000. You need to get grants and you must have a good design and purpose when applying for the grant. You should surround yourself with some good advice.

Oh, and you should take care of yourself in whatever means possible.

So how can business work with people who have a disability?

They need to uphold their reputation and they need to include everyone in. Processes and systems are changing all the time. They may have to bring in a specialist or employ some specialist technology.

You have to realize that we don’t know everything and it is normal as we are human after all.

They also need to have those difficult conversations with people and create awareness so that there is no racism and everyone belongs. They also need to have more understanding and recognize the values that people with a disability can offer such as less sick days and being more productive.

People with disabilities should be treated equally. Also, people who are transgender should be able to find jobs easily.

People with disabilities have rights and you may not be able to see their disability. These people have a hard time finding jobs. In Melbourne, there is a company called Accessibility OZ who employs people with disabilities and helps them to find jobs in the workforce.  They have been around for 8 years. They work with large corporations on creating awareness and change. At Vic Uni there are people with disabilities working there.

And those more vulnerable people

The more vulnerable people would be Aboriginals and those from another country such as Asia who are racially abused in everyday society. How do we go about educating those people that we are all just human beings?

There is a misconception that Aboriginals are the people that drink the most and that is portrayed by the media. So, of course, no one wants to employ them. There is an Aboriginal community that talks about these issues.

There is a Victoria University app which includes information for people from all sorts of different backgrounds. The team made the app with people with disabilities in mind. At Vic Uni physical signage was a challenge as not everyone can read it.

Many thanks to the organizers of the conference for inviting me. I had a lot of fun learning about stuff.