Sugar and income

We wonder about sugar and income and we talk about the relationship between both. In America, a lot of people are on the food stamp program. This is the food welfare program that is provided to low-income families and individuals by the Government. In Australia that is called Centrelink. The lower the income the more healthy foods that you cannot afford.

same bottles full of soft drink
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The poorer you are the more likely that you’ll want a sugary drink. In America the poorest people can only afford a sugary drink. Thus there are a lot of health inequalities there and the Coronavirus pandemic has made it worse. Thus we call upon a sugar tax that would have massive health benefits and economic benefits for the government. The UK already has a soda tax which was implemented in 2018

I wonder if it is similiar in Australia. Already we have seen some markups in sugary items at the supermarket. But the chocolate at my local Coles is about $1 for a bar.

We know what sugar can do to your health and your teeth. Too much sugar is bad for you. The government should introduce a sugar tax and free fruit for people that are most in need.

Governments need to step up their efforts in providing more healthier foods at affordable prices for people. That might not happen anytime soon due to the shortages of fresh food. During this Coronavirus pandemic, many of their workers have Coronavirus and so the supply chain has been cut short.

But food banks might be able to procure some fresh fruit and vegetables if people can donate money to them.

Growing your own might be a better option for all of us. If you grow your own you can supply those that need some fresh food for free.

Our 100 days of less sugar Part 10

We’ve come to the end of that and have learned lots about added sugar and why it is bad for you. Moreover I have not gotten any of those PMS issues and can sleep better now.

Day 90

Today I had a milo flavoured yoghurt that was really sweet. But still I enjoyed it. For dinner we had hotpot and loads of seafood.

Day 91

I had no sugary treats which is good. But I love my Liddells yoghurt that has no added sugar to it.

Day 92

Today I went into the city and treated myself to a donut to say thanks for staying home and staying the course of the pandemic and helping others. It felt great to be treated.

Day 93

Today was Biggest Morning tea so I had a bit of cake. Afterwards I was all good

Day 94

Today I had a cookie for the Red Shield Appeal and to promote it in hopes that people raise some money

Day 95

Today I tried a few squares of the Green Black’s chocolate and it was enough to satisfy me. I was feeling PMSY this time.

Day 96

Today I had a snickers bar for Red Shield Appeal. It was $1 from 7/11 so I thought why not?

Day 97

No sugar as per usual but I did have a bliss ball.

Day 98

Went out for greek lunch but other than that there was no sugar in the house. Also enjoyed a beer after three months of not going out due to the lockdowns.

Day 99

I had a sugarless chocolate chip cake from Woolworths which was alright the day that it was bought which is today. But then a few days afterwards my flatmate had it and said that it was dry.

Day 100

I tried Dairy farmer’s milk- the no sugar version of this and I got to say that I like this version better. It does have 275 calories and 21g of sugar but most of that sugar is lactose

Coming to the end of this I have to say that I learnt a lot whilst doing the experiment. I learned not to trust my flatmates in buying things and instead rely on myself. I learnt that I’m a lot happier and sleep much better without sugar.

Our 100 days on less sugar part 8

This week my flatmate brought home too many sugary items for snacks. I had to accept them just to be kind to him.

Day 70

Today we had zhong (or Chinese sticky rice as they call it). Love eating zhong. Other than the raisin toast that my flatmate bought there were no sweets had

Day 71

Today I finally tried the vegan drumstick and gosh it was sweet. Last night we had waffles which have no added sugar to them and this morning I had half a one for breakfast.

Today I had toast and beans and cheese for lunch. The English way.

Day 72

Was at home and had the chewy museli bar and Breadtop. The coconut bun was super sweet. My flatmate brought it home for me and I could not resist.

Day 73

Was at home and had both the oat slice and the museli bar because there were no snacks and I wanted both. Dinner was a hamburger with sweet tomato sauce

Day 74

It was mothers day and there was cake and high tea. So I had some cake. But then for dinner I had sashimi and curry fried rice

Day 75

I had the same sweet sugary cake again and I had the chewy museli bar which might have led to cramps and PMS feelings.

Day 76

Had my period today and was barfing. I found out that have too much sugar increases PMS levels and vomiting during a period

Day 77

Today I had no sweets which is good. I had a peanut butter and cheese sandwich for lunch and spaghetti for dinner with kidney beans.

Day 78

Today I had no sweets but just leftovers which is great

Day 79

Today my housemate went to Cheaper Buy Miles and bought two different teacakes. I was obliged to try one of them and it did not have a lot of sugar in there. My housemate always buys sweet snacks or processed foods as snacks. Next week I should just get my own

How should I turn down a flatmate’s offer for snacks?

Slurpee and why it is bad for you

We talk about the 7/11 slurpee and why its not good for you.

I used to buy one slurpee a week. In coronavirus isolation, I rethought the slurpee thing.

It is too sweet and it tastes like Wiz Fizz. For $2.60 I got a cup of nothingness but sugar. You go in, get your cup and then fill it up yourself with whatever flavour you want. The regular sized cups are $1. And then you take your cup to the counter to pay. They also do MYKI’s and other things. There is usually one or two people there.

For the average joe that would be $18.20 a week or put simply $946.40 a year if they were to buy this every day. Some people do.

The 7-11 workers are paid very badly too. Here they are paid about $8-10 per hour and many of them are students. Last year there was a huge news report about this scam.

But as runners it is ok for that energy boost. And now 7/11 has the sugar free slurpee which I often get when I’m there. I usually buy a small cup once a week and then I’m happy. You often get a brain freeze on your first sip.

Too much sugar is bad for your teeth not to mention your waistline. With most of the slurpees they usually have some sort of artificial flavouring in there.

But if you were to have a slurpee go for the sugar free ones. And just have it once in a blue moon.

Our 100 days of less sugar part 5

So far am doing well. But I still have a bit of a long way to go. Staying home has made quitting the sugar a little bit easier.

Day 40

Shows about chocolate cooking and sugar don’t really interest me. Usually these shows encourage people to eat waaay too much sugar and be really obsessed with it. I lost all taste in very sugary items and too much sugary items is no good for us.

Today I had a YOMG burger and it was awesome.

Day 41

Watched a little bit of the cake show and it was enough for me. Too much cake decorating puts me off. And people in Britain eat the cake at the end- partly why the huge obesity rate

Day 42

Today I enjoyed a homemade apple cake which did not have a lot of sugar in there. That and a sugarless mango lassi from the Happy Apple.

Day 43

Today I enjoyed some raisin toast and homemade duck curry for lunch. After that I went for a run and I enjoyed a juice and a yoghurt afterwards.

Day 44

Just got a Keri juice after a run and packed my own snacks

Day 45

Spent the day at home and we didn’t have any dessert or hot cross buns over Easter. Am enjoying Easter and lockdown this way

Day 46

Went for my usual long run and consumed a really sweet Easter egg. But I didn’t feel guilty afterwards. I just enjoyed it as a treat. Also enjoyed a pork belly dinner as well as a simple lunch and a good kefir yoghurt.

Day 47

Today had a homemade soup for lunch and I did not have any sweets.

Day 48

Got my period today and it was really heavy. Normally when I eat too many sweets I tend to throw up. I didn’t throw up and this is a good sign that the program is working

Day 49

Today I enjoyed a yoghurt and a salad plate at lunch. After dinner I enjoyed a bounce ball. Today I had a homemade shepherd’s pie.

Fake Nutritionists and how to spot them: our tips

We talk about spotting the fake nutritionist as this is a huge topic on Instagram

In the online world, there is no regulation about giving people nutrition advice without a degree. So anyone can be a nutritionist. Nutracheck says that there are lots of untested advice online from wellness gurus and other people. They use Emma as an example of someone who is a real one. They say that the problem isn’t a choice but the quality of choice. Pretty much everyone can do a course they said but its where they do the course at.

We did our own search on Google of nutrition advice and it came back with 55,000,000 results. We could not tell who is fake and who is real. Nutrition society says that there is no legal protection over the title Nutritionist which means that anyone can call themselves a nutritionist if they want to. talks about how fake nutrition can hurt us all. Here they say that it can cost us a lot of money and time to fix a person.

In our school at Precision nutrition, it costs us $700 AUD or thereabouts and we would complete the course within six months. But there are people out there who complete the course within two to three weeks. It takes time for concepts to be learned.

A real nutritionist degree is about four years and they have a license to practice afterward

So here are some things to look out for:

  • If they cut out entire food groups

This can cause an eating disorder in many people. For women, it can cause hormonal dysfunction. Remember Sarah from “I Quit Sugar” program? It turns out that she hurt many people from her no sugar advice.

  • If they sell diet supplements without the proper knowledge

These dietary supplements can hurt someone. There are too many out there that do sell these supplements without prior knowledge.

  •  If they sell a gluten-free diet when you don’t need it

Going gluten-free is not for everyone. It’s only for those that cannot eat or tolerate wheat at all.

  • If they sell nutribullet diets and only those online.

It’s worth steering clear of them. They do nothing for you.

Remember this, its calories in versus calories out that will help you lose the weight. Nothing else will. Not even a shake or a diet tea.

Remember that a real nutritionist will have their degree as Bsc or Msc in Nutrition/Human nutrition.

Australian bee honey straws

We got these easy straws at the Diabetes Expo free of charge.


These straws are easy to use and are not as sweet as the commercial straws as they are meant to be for people with diabetes that cannot have a lot of sugar. This has natural sugar from the bees

You open it at one end and suck on it or put it in things. Sometimes you may need scissors to do this.

We put it in yogurt and it was nice.

You can also eat them on your own just before a workout just to give you that nice small sugar hit.

I love to put with oats in the morning to give it that nice sugar hit! As runners, we need a lot of energy and this does give it.

Do get these at all major health food stores.

Sugarfree ways to enjoy hump day treats

Guys want to try and go sugarfree and stay off sugar for a while? Well, many of your sugary treats can be sugarfree. Here’s how.

Many people in the world today cannot have sugar for various reasons. The number one most common one is diabetes.

Most people have too much-processed sugar which is not good for them. Processed sugars are found in your every day processed items such as cereal, sauces, some canned foods etc.

Enjoy fruit and natural sugars

Natural sugars are all fine and your body needs sugar for energy. But it does not need a lot of sugar. Lactose is a natural sugar as well as fruit.

Make it yourself

You can make or bake sweets such as cakes and biscuits at home on your days off and the bring it to work. Here at the Health bloggers community, they have a whole of sugar-free recipes. You could try Granola, a watermelon smoothie, gluten-free cinnamon streusel, carrot cake donuts, smoothies, vegan cheesecake tart.

Look for the word sugarfree on the products

Many of the supermarkets stock sugarfree products as they are aware of consumers health. Look for these in the health aisle at the supermarket. Most protein companies such as ON (Optimum Nutrition) do sugarfree snacks such as the donut protein bar and the cake bites.

You can also visit some health stores as they have a lot of things that are sugar-free. Staff are knowledgeable and will be able to guide you into making the right decisions.

There are also many health food expos in Melbourne and all over the world where you can sample everything before you buy.

Also take a look at the ingredients list. If the first line says some sort of sugar that you don’t understand (there are 42 categories and counting for sugar), don’t buy it.

Ask if anything has added sugar in there

Next time when you’re at the cafe ask if a product has added sugars in there. Most people will be happy to tell you. Most food places should have an ingredients list.

If they don’t tell you, you should complain to the manager or not buy their products.

For some places, you can ask for less sugar such as a bubble tea place. Chattime in the city does have a less sugar option and so does Gong Cha

Try out some vegan places

Melbourne has many vegan places which have raw desserts that use Agave. Agave is a natural sweetener. Think places like Lentils as Anything or Vegie bar. Realfoods in the city has lovely cakes that you can enjoy, but they are only open during the semester.

Hopefully, these sugar-free tips will help you enjoy that hump day treats in peace.


How to kick sugar cravings

Guys, sugar is one of the reasons why we put on weight. As an adult, according to the Australian dietary guidelines we can have between 40-90 g of sugar a day. That is according to Myfitnesspal.  This sugar includes your natural fruits.


“People that eat too much sugar can have a risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease” (The Conversation, 2018). Medical news today supports this idea by saying that too much sugar can cause obesity which puts people at risk of cancer and diseases such as high cholesterol

I have that odd sugar craving. Throughout the months of doing sugar-free, I have learned that added sugars are bad for you every day. On the odd occasion, it’s ok.

And its usually for cake at the Big Umbrella or chocolate Nutella pancakes. But over a few visits, I have gotten better. After all, they decided to serve hot food from their van and that’s when I got better. I’m a woman I know and as women, we get cravings around our period time.

Too much sugar can lead to an energy overdose which then if that energy is not used, can turn into fat. Because I am a runner, training for a marathon I can have a little bit more sugar but not too much.

Some tips for kicking sugar to the curb

If you want sugar grab a piece of fruit instead. Fruit has natural sugar which is good for the brain. As adults, we should be having 2 or more serves of fruit a day.

I drink apple cider vinegar daily and that helps to get rid of sugar cravings. You can buy them in Woolworths for about $5 and it will last about a month and a half.

Eat a good breakfast. A good breakfast has fiber, protein, and carbs, all of which we need for our body to perform well. I love oats in the morning

Eat regularly. Don’t wait until lunchtime or dinnertime to eat. By that time you will be ravenous. So include some small snacks at your desk such as nuts and fruits or some cottage cheese. Or you could have your shake.

Earn your sugar. By that I mean do some activity that requires lots of energy. Such as running marathons or cycling.

A little bit of sweets is ok but eating too much is bad for you. It’s better to just eat fruit and exercise or enjoy a savory snack. Leave the sweet treats for a special occasion.

Oh and if you need to lose you should kick the added sugar habit now and replace it with fruits and other savory snacks.

Why too much sugar is bad for you and protein shakes are good for you

Over the spring and summer season, people want to lose weight for various reasons. Over winter people have put on weight. One way of doing that is trying to cut down on sugar. A way to cut down on the sugar is to have your coffees without sugar. Or it can be not eating a lot of sweet biscuits, chocolates and cake.


On average we eat about 40-60 grams of sugar a day. Now this can come from your normal soft drinks like coke or it can be an added sugar. Eg: what is supposed to be a healthy drink might have about 30g of sugar.

A little bit of sugar in food is ok so long as its in moderation. Sugar gives us energy. And homemade food is best.

Most of the sugar in today’s junk food is just empty calories and then afterward we crash and burn.


There is no added sugar in shakes. It’s only just protein powder, water, and some fruits. Some protein helps aid your weight loss journey as they keep you full for a while.

Too much sugar is bad for you because it gives you a really big high and it is linked to weight problems as talked about in the sugar movie. Its the same too for teeth. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes. For a woman, too much sugar can lead to PMS, cramps and bloating.

As a person, you are supposed to have 20-40 teaspoons of sugar a day. Really active people can afford to have more sugar. But it is advised for them to watch their sugar intake.