Our 100 days on less sugar part 8

This week my flatmate brought home too many sugary items for snacks. I had to accept them just to be kind to him. Day 70 Today we had zhong (or Chinese sticky rice as they call it). Love eating zhong. Other than the raisin toast that my flatmate bought there were no sweets had DayContinue reading “Our 100 days on less sugar part 8”


Slurpee and why it is bad for you

We talk about the 7/11 slurpee and why its not good for you. I used to buy one slurpee a week. In coronavirus isolation, I rethought the slurpee thing. It is too sweet and it tastes like Wiz Fizz. For $2.60 I got a cup of nothingness but sugar. You go in, get your cupContinue reading “Slurpee and why it is bad for you”

Our 100 days of less sugar part 7

Here are our 100 days of less sugar Part 7. In this part we did indulge a little bit in sugar but it wasn’t too bad. We slept really well during this part which took the hunger games and sugar cravings away. Day 60 Today I had one chocolate biscuit bar and the rest wereContinue reading “Our 100 days of less sugar part 7”

The Sweet Swap

The Sweet Swap is a health campaign started in London which asks people to give up sweets for the month of May. Eating sugar has been a problem in the past. But we would like to do our own sweet swap for the month of May since we are all in lockdown. Eating too muchContinue reading “The Sweet Swap”

Our month on no added sugar

This month we had no added sugar. We were allowed fruits but that was it. And also homemade cakes were allowed. People that had too much sugar ended up having those crash and burns and lots of PMS symptoms. Some people felt the 3pm crash in the office We wanted to save our sugary treatsContinue reading “Our month on no added sugar”

Why added sugar is bad for you

As part of Sugar-free September we talk about why too much sugar is bad for you! We have added sugars in most of our products. There are 42 sugars in our everyday diet, most of them we don’t need. And there always new ones on the rise. What are they most added in? Soft drinksContinue reading “Why added sugar is bad for you”

Sugarfree ways to enjoy hump day treats

Guys want to try and go sugarfree and stay off sugar for a while? Well, many of your sugary treats can be sugarfree. Here’s how. Many people in the world today cannot have sugar for various reasons. The number one most common one is diabetes. Most people have too much-processed sugar which is not goodContinue reading “Sugarfree ways to enjoy hump day treats”

Organ foods

We review Orgran’s foods as they are widely available in supermarkets. I tried these foods at the Free From show and bought the showbag for $20. In it were two boxes of cereals (matcha and berry flavored), chia and beetroot water-thin crackers, three bags of snack foods (chips), lemon shortbread and a vegan easy egg.Continue reading “Organ foods”

Febfast this year

Healthyintstudents did not have to pay the full price for their Febfast experience. Febfast is the one time of the year where everyone is encouraged to give up something to live a healthy, active lifestyle. For some, it’s about losing the weight. Febfast this year has been good. It is normally $35 and you canContinue reading “Febfast this year”

Sugar free September 2017

I went Sugar free for a whole month. Going sugar free meant giving up on coke, soft drinks, chocolates and other commercial sweets. I also could not have the commercially made sauces and biscuits for a month. At first I had withdrawal symptoms and then after a few days I was fine. I loved eatingContinue reading “Sugar free September 2017”

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