Sugar Free September 2020

This is partly a sponsored post from Snack Proud who have given us some items to try.

We are doing Sugar free September to learn more about living a sugar free life with COVID 19 restrictions. Meyer (2020) reports that fewer Americans are going sugar free with 74% of them are trying to quit sugar.  COVID19 restrictions means that we are housebound for most of the day. In Victoria we are in Stage four until the middle of September. Also some of the food processing plants would be significantly reduced at this time meaning that people cannot rely on processed foods.

We can have natural and free form sugars such as sugars found in fruits as that does give you some energy. Stevia is also allowed as that is a natural sugar. So too is Rice malt, Dextrose, and maltodextrin.

We tried the sugar free chocolate ball and enjoyed that as an after-dinner treat. It had no added sugar in it but stevia. 

We also tried Snack Proud’s bars which have about 9g of protein and are good for a hump day treat. The kombucha from the box was an awesome alternative to soft drink! It was a peach flavoured drink which had stevia in there. The keto cookie was really good

We supported a few cafes and things but most of the ones that are open have a lot of processed foods in there. When I went to the Boathouse I had their crossaint and their iced teas which are sugar free.

During the month we had homemade chicken roulade and burritos which are awesome.

What could cafes do promote sugar free behaviour and choices?

Now that we are outside more often, cafes are serving ice cream and iced lattes and other drinks which have sugar in them. Most of the salads at cafes have too much dressing in them.

What they could do is put the dressing on the side and the customer puts as much as they want in there.

Cafes could promote sugarless drinks and snacks that have stevia in them. They could sell plain fruit. 

Most supermarkets promote free fruit for kids which is a great option. Cafes too could do this at the end of the day to get rid of the fruits as well as promote healthy eating.

Our 100 days of less sugar Part 10

We’ve come to the end of that and have learned lots about added sugar and why it is bad for you. Moreover I have not gotten any of those PMS issues and can sleep better now.

Day 90

Today I had a milo flavoured yoghurt that was really sweet. But still I enjoyed it. For dinner we had hotpot and loads of seafood.

Day 91

I had no sugary treats which is good. But I love my Liddells yoghurt that has no added sugar to it.

Day 92

Today I went into the city and treated myself to a donut to say thanks for staying home and staying the course of the pandemic and helping others. It felt great to be treated.

Day 93

Today was Biggest Morning tea so I had a bit of cake. Afterwards I was all good

Day 94

Today I had a cookie for the Red Shield Appeal and to promote it in hopes that people raise some money

Day 95

Today I tried a few squares of the Green Black’s chocolate and it was enough to satisfy me. I was feeling PMSY this time.

Day 96

Today I had a snickers bar for Red Shield Appeal. It was $1 from 7/11 so I thought why not?

Day 97

No sugar as per usual but I did have a bliss ball.

Day 98

Went out for greek lunch but other than that there was no sugar in the house. Also enjoyed a beer after three months of not going out due to the lockdowns.

Day 99

I had a sugarless chocolate chip cake from Woolworths which was alright the day that it was bought which is today. But then a few days afterwards my flatmate had it and said that it was dry.

Day 100

I tried Dairy farmer’s milk- the no sugar version of this and I got to say that I like this version better. It does have 275 calories and 21g of sugar but most of that sugar is lactose

Coming to the end of this I have to say that I learnt a lot whilst doing the experiment. I learned not to trust my flatmates in buying things and instead rely on myself. I learnt that I’m a lot happier and sleep much better without sugar.

Our 100 days of less sugar part 9

This time I bought my own snacks instead of relying on my flatmate to buy them.

Day 80

Today I was at home and I bought a protein bar and enjoyed no other sweet things except for the Oh Sparkling drink which had a lot of sugar in there

Day 81

Went to my sisters place and enjoyed her homemade cinnamon bun which has minimal sugar in there. Her husband is a diabetic so everything she makes has not a lot of sugar in there

Day 82

Today I finished the cake which my flatmate left in the container and didn’t want. I hate food waste

Day 83

Today I had no added sugar and it felt good. Next time I have to know not to trust my flatmates in buying snacks for me and instead just do it myself. He often buys the wrong thing and we are too polite to tell him that.

And I avoided the cake in the fridge and had a peanut butter sandwich instead for a snack.

I researched “elderly and nutrition” online and it is said that they should not consume too many foods with added sugars in them.

I also found out that the average American eats waaay too much added sugar.

Day 84

I still don’t trust him to make the right food choices for me and I do it myself. But still they brought home a cinnamon scroll and I only had a little bit and it was quite enough for me. Oh and I had two sickly sweet ginger snaps

Day 85

Today we had lamb for dinner yummy with all the vegetables. This time he gave me more. He normally doesn’t give much.

Day 86

Today I had a small mini sized chocolate and my Aussie Bodies protein bar

Day 87

Today we had Chicken Kiev which was homemade and very nice for dinner. It was filling.

Day 88

Today there were no sweets in the house which was awesome. Apart from the Ginger cookies and the homemade Apple Pie there really wasn’t much.

Day 89

Today I had no sweets except for the Chewy museli bar. I have been pretty good about swapping the sweet snacks for the more savoury ones. Instead of the ginger snap cookies I went for the sweet potato.

Our 100 days on less sugar part 8

This week my flatmate brought home too many sugary items for snacks. I had to accept them just to be kind to him.

Day 70

Today we had zhong (or Chinese sticky rice as they call it). Love eating zhong. Other than the raisin toast that my flatmate bought there were no sweets had

Day 71

Today I finally tried the vegan drumstick and gosh it was sweet. Last night we had waffles which have no added sugar to them and this morning I had half a one for breakfast.

Today I had toast and beans and cheese for lunch. The English way.

Day 72

Was at home and had the chewy museli bar and Breadtop. The coconut bun was super sweet. My flatmate brought it home for me and I could not resist.

Day 73

Was at home and had both the oat slice and the museli bar because there were no snacks and I wanted both. Dinner was a hamburger with sweet tomato sauce

Day 74

It was mothers day and there was cake and high tea. So I had some cake. But then for dinner I had sashimi and curry fried rice

Day 75

I had the same sweet sugary cake again and I had the chewy museli bar which might have led to cramps and PMS feelings.

Day 76

Had my period today and was barfing. I found out that have too much sugar increases PMS levels and vomiting during a period

Day 77

Today I had no sweets which is good. I had a peanut butter and cheese sandwich for lunch and spaghetti for dinner with kidney beans.

Day 78

Today I had no sweets but just leftovers which is great

Day 79

Today my housemate went to Cheaper Buy Miles and bought two different teacakes. I was obliged to try one of them and it did not have a lot of sugar in there. My housemate always buys sweet snacks or processed foods as snacks. Next week I should just get my own

How should I turn down a flatmate’s offer for snacks?

Slurpee and why it is bad for you

We talk about the 7/11 slurpee and why its not good for you.

I used to buy one slurpee a week. In coronavirus isolation, I rethought the slurpee thing.

It is too sweet and it tastes like Wiz Fizz. For $2.60 I got a cup of nothingness but sugar. You go in, get your cup and then fill it up yourself with whatever flavour you want. The regular sized cups are $1. And then you take your cup to the counter to pay. They also do MYKI’s and other things. There is usually one or two people there.

For the average joe that would be $18.20 a week or put simply $946.40 a year if they were to buy this every day. Some people do.

The 7-11 workers are paid very badly too. Here they are paid about $8-10 per hour and many of them are students. Last year there was a huge news report about this scam.

But as runners it is ok for that energy boost. And now 7/11 has the sugar free slurpee which I often get when I’m there. I usually buy a small cup once a week and then I’m happy. You often get a brain freeze on your first sip.

Too much sugar is bad for your teeth not to mention your waistline. With most of the slurpees they usually have some sort of artificial flavouring in there.

But if you were to have a slurpee go for the sugar free ones. And just have it once in a blue moon.

Our 100 days of less sugar part 7

Here are our 100 days of less sugar Part 7. In this part we did indulge a little bit in sugar but it wasn’t too bad. We slept really well during this part which took the hunger games and sugar cravings away.

Day 60

Today I had one chocolate biscuit bar and the rest were all healthy foods. I was ovulating at the time so I did not feel like much. In fact I had spatzle for dinner with chicken as well as cheesy cauliflower.

Day 61

Today I was in a bit of pain from the ovulation so no sweets for me

Day 62

Today I had a protein bar which is not full of sugar thanks to Coles and Rewards central. People are literally starving every day yet the price of food goes up.

Coles and Woolworths should let people that can’t afford food have it for free.

Day 63

Had three pieces of raisin toast. It was a hell of a rainy day so I felt like two pieces of toast for afternoon tea. My flatmate told me off for having two but I couldn’t help that. And I also got another protein bar thanks to the Salvos.

Day 64

Today I had the Bulla Murray valley ice cream because I was way too tempted and I had PMS symptoms

Day 65

Today I had no sugary things except for another protein bar.

Day 66

I only had a very small piece of chocolate brownie brought home by my flatmate. A small piece was just enough

Day 67

Today I cried in bed due to the stresses of staying at home and not going out

Today I had a chocolate as a small treat for staying indoors and staying the whole ride out.

Day 68

Today I had homemade sticky rice for lunch and an oat slice from Mother Earth which my flatmate has bought for me. Gosh it was a bit sweet

Day 69

Today I had the museli bar. My flatmate really should not buy foods that have added sugar in them. He also bought ice cream which has the Gelato Messina flavours in them. I know how sweet they are.

The Sweet Swap

The Sweet Swap is a health campaign started in London which asks people to give up sweets for the month of May. Eating sugar has been a problem in the past.

But we would like to do our own sweet swap for the month of May since we are all in lockdown. Eating too much sugar has led to a tonne of problems such as tooth decay, weight gain, sleep problems etc.

For the month of May we encourage everyone to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and post a picture of their sweet swap ideas and tag us. Do use #sweetswapmay as a tag. You should give up anything with added sugars in them. Anything with natural sugars is ok as your body needs them to function properly.

What would you swap your sweets with? For me that would be with fruit. Or you can try a homemade cake with stevia. Or you could do a chocolate milkshake with cacao and no sugar instead of the sickly sweet chocolate powder.

Our month on no added sugar

This month we had no added sugar. We were allowed fruits but that was it. And also homemade cakes were allowed.

People that had too much sugar ended up having those crash and burns and lots of PMS symptoms. Some people felt the 3pm crash in the office

We wanted to save our sugary treats until Christmas time. When we had too much sugar, I vomitted on the days that I had my period and the nausea was quite bad. The ladies can relate to this. I also felt that I had too much energy when I had sugar.

So what were the effects of this?

  • Better energy so that we can do more things
  • No more PMS
  • No more sugar cravings- although the first few days were quite tough.
  • Some of my pimples were gone and had decreased significantly.
  • No more 3pm energy crashes

So how did we do it?

  • For every sugary item, we replaced it with vegetables or a savory snack such as eggs on toast
  • For drinks, we tried to look for the sugar-free ones or we had tea. There was a sugar-free Slurpee so we had that
  • When there were free sugary treats, we avoided them and the long queues. People don’t understand that these free sugary treats all the time can cause damage to your teeth and waistline.
  • Instead of commercial cakes, we enjoyed the homemade ones. The homemade ones were so much nicer.
  • We also visited cafes that have lots of savory items on display and ordered just savory stuff

We still have a lot to learn as we occasionally did forget about the challenge and had a sugary treat or two. We would definitely do this challenge again

Why added sugar is bad for you

As part of Sugar-free September we talk about why too much sugar is bad for you!


We have added sugars in most of our products. There are 42 sugars in our everyday diet, most of them we don’t need. And there always new ones on the rise.

What are they most added in?

  • Soft drinks
  • Cakes
  • Yogurts
  • Cereals
  • Some kinds of milk such as Big M and other flavored milk
  • Sauces
  • Biscuits
  • Lollies
  • Juices

What are the effects of having too much sugar?

Too much sugar can lead to weight gain and tooth decay if you eat too much for too long.

I used to have over 100 mg of sugar a day and that was pretty awful. I had gained a bit of weight and had some sleep and PMS problems.

Whilst we get that dopamine hit from eating sugar, in the long run, we just crash and burn.

Most of us lead sedentary lifestyles. Hence we don’t need all that much sugar.

It’s bad for the gut. It increases our risk for disease.

In the long run, it causes weight gain.

It can also cause sleep problems for some people.

It causes more PMS for the women as well as a side of vomiting every period.

So how do we get rid of the added sugars from our diet?

It’s not possible to get rid of all the sugar as fruit has natural sugar

  • Replace fizzy drinks with water or tea
  • When you’re out at a restaurant or market and you want to order a cake or a sweet snack, ask if they have any added sugar or ask for the ingredients list.
  • If you are at a restaurant or cafe, ask if you can put the sauce on the side. Most people will be obliged to do so
  • At home cook your meals without sauce if you can
  • Replace the sugary snacks with fruit, popcorn, cheese, vegetable sticks, eggs, etc
  • At a cafe go for the savory options as a snack.
  • Make your own sugar free cakes and snacks at home
  • Most protein bar companies now have hump day snacks which are sugar-free
  • Make your own juices at home.

What are some of your favorite no-sugar treats? Tell us here!

Sugarfree ways to enjoy hump day treats

Guys want to try and go sugarfree and stay off sugar for a while? Well, many of your sugary treats can be sugarfree. Here’s how.

Many people in the world today cannot have sugar for various reasons. The number one most common one is diabetes.

Most people have too much-processed sugar which is not good for them. Processed sugars are found in your every day processed items such as cereal, sauces, some canned foods etc.

Enjoy fruit and natural sugars

Natural sugars are all fine and your body needs sugar for energy. But it does not need a lot of sugar. Lactose is a natural sugar as well as fruit.

Make it yourself

You can make or bake sweets such as cakes and biscuits at home on your days off and the bring it to work. Here at the Health bloggers community, they have a whole of sugar-free recipes. You could try Granola, a watermelon smoothie, gluten-free cinnamon streusel, carrot cake donuts, smoothies, vegan cheesecake tart.

Look for the word sugarfree on the products

Many of the supermarkets stock sugarfree products as they are aware of consumers health. Look for these in the health aisle at the supermarket. Most protein companies such as ON (Optimum Nutrition) do sugarfree snacks such as the donut protein bar and the cake bites.

You can also visit some health stores as they have a lot of things that are sugar-free. Staff are knowledgeable and will be able to guide you into making the right decisions.

There are also many health food expos in Melbourne and all over the world where you can sample everything before you buy.

Also take a look at the ingredients list. If the first line says some sort of sugar that you don’t understand (there are 42 categories and counting for sugar), don’t buy it.

Ask if anything has added sugar in there

Next time when you’re at the cafe ask if a product has added sugars in there. Most people will be happy to tell you. Most food places should have an ingredients list.

If they don’t tell you, you should complain to the manager or not buy their products.

For some places, you can ask for less sugar such as a bubble tea place. Chattime in the city does have a less sugar option and so does Gong Cha

Try out some vegan places

Melbourne has many vegan places which have raw desserts that use Agave. Agave is a natural sweetener. Think places like Lentils as Anything or Vegie bar. Realfoods in the city has lovely cakes that you can enjoy, but they are only open during the semester.

Hopefully, these sugar-free tips will help you enjoy that hump day treats in peace.