Coronavirus stress and bruxing

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the stay at home orders, more dentists in the US have been seeing patients with cracked teeth. And they have been in their 20-40’s. In the US, dentists have seen twice as many patients for cracked teeth. They used to treat one or two cracked teeth, but now they see up to five cases.

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But Kennedy says it’s not always the case. She says that it could also be the constant snacking, which leads to weight gain and sleep problems at night.

Now that dentists in Melbourne are allowed to reopen, it is predicted that they would see up to four patients a day for cracked teeth.

What is bruxing?

It’s the grinding of the teeth at night when you sleep. When you sleep, you don’t know that you are grinding your teeth. It’s usually your partner or another family member who tells you that you are bruxing. Or you wake up in the morning with very sore teeth.

How to stop the bruxing

You can buy a special mouthguard from the chemist, or your dentist will prescribe you one to temporarily stop the bruxing. You would have to mold it to fit your teeth, but you can ask your health professional how to do this.

Mainly you do need to relax. Meditate, do yoga, drink tea, go for walks or a run. In Melbourne, you can now go to the outdoor pools and do some retail therapy. But spare a thought for your friends who are in lockdown at the moment in other countries.


Dear Daniel Andrews

Dear Dan Andrews,

We are health bloggers who see about 10-30 visits a day all for mental health from this Coronavirus pandemic. Some of them are from Victoria. They beg for you to please ease the restrictions and consider opening up gyms and sports shops now that the case numbers are very low. These people need their social interactions. Or otherwise, we all die from suicide. And they also request that you lift the 5km rule.

I love how you have mentioned the fitted mask thingy but have you ever considered increasing the littering fine to at least $500? On my walks and runs around my suburb, I see at least 4-6 masks being left on the ground. Sometimes I nearly step on them and then there is a 50% chance of me and others getting the virus. This is partly why we haven’t seen much of a decrease in cases.

In Maribyrnong park, there are no police around to check to see if people are doing the right thing. This is infuriating for me and other people who do wear the masks and exercise within our 5km.

Also, the park always is very busy as everyone wants to get out of the house and is sick of the 5km restriction.

I really want to plead with you to open up our gyms and sports shops as we can do so in a safe manner. It’s great that you have personal trainers out there doing the boot camps and the pools open but its time. I have heard on social media as to how busy the pools are with all the bookings as many people are suffering from fatigue.

Please address these issues before things get worse,

Yours sincerely,

Healthyintstudents blog


Mental Health and Wellbeing in the UK

We write this during the times of the coronavirus where in the UK the death rate is high. The infection rate is quite high. We hope to learn a lot from the UK. The NHS has produced this 405-page long report and you can read it here.

Although the report was written in 2014 some of the statistics and factors are relevant to today.

Now the UK is known for its poor diet of fatty foods and puddings. But they have their fair share of problems such as disabilities which are mental and psychological. One of the factors listed in the report was changes to the economy in 2007. Again the rest of the world is going through a recession due to the global pandemic. And now we have another one: Coronavirus. Mental illness has increased in women and stayed stable in men. Young women are more likely to have mental health problems.

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The unemployed, people who have a disability or care for someone that does are the worst affected. People on the Autism spectrum, Attention deficit disorder are some of the higher people affected mentally and they would be during the pandemic due to the fact that carers wouldn’t be allowed to come to their house (that’s if you are under Stage four).

Suicidal is one of the main mental health factors in this pandemic.  This problem affects people that live alone or are unemployed. Most of the people that tried to self-harm were women in their mid to late forties. What we mean by self-harm is: cutting yourself, burn yourself, swallow something you shouldn’t, or another way to self-harm. About 50% of people tried to self-harm and then they got help from their GP.

Now that the virus has hit.

We need to better look after those that are more vulnerable such as the elderly and those that are without work. We need to be able to provide some safe and suitable employment for all ages. Employers should not discriminate based on age, race, or disability. People with a stable job are those that are happiest.

This is also a good time to think about health coaching. Health coaches are able to teach people about stress management and you might just learn a thing or two from this experience.

We all need to look out for each other. If you see someone in distress do try and reach out to them. They might thank you one day for saving their life. Don’t be afraid to call Lifeline if you cannot help them yourself.

Most businesses are upskilling on mental health to help everyone cope with the aftermath of the pandemic.

Coronavirus and debt worries

Now that we are six months into the pandemic and Melbourne is in Stage four lockdown and Regional Victoria is in Stage 3 lockdown people are starting to worry more about being in debt. We get the Jobkeeper/government stimulus but not all people get this.

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Businesses are worrying about the debt with the stating that many Americans are in limbo about whether or not they can repay that debt. People are constantly stressed about how much debt they owe to the banks due to the lockdowns. As such people will turn to loan sharks to help them repay their debt. I once had that experience of such things and they will never leave you alone.

What would be good is for:

  • All debt companies to leave us alone
  • All phone and internet companies to have reduced rates for usage- now that we are at home more often and using Internet a lot more.
  • All people to get this sort of payment. We know that many more people will join the on dole queue now that more retail businesses will close.

What we could do to help those that are struggling:

  • If its a business support them by buying something that you need. Whilst you’re at it instead of visiting the big supermarket chains why not visit a local grocery store instead?
  • Leave a nice review of them online
  • If its a person that is struggling, offer to help them out if you can. It could be with food or a care package.

Time management

We write about time management as that is important for our mental health and sanity. Most countries are now in their second wave which means that working from home is a must for most people.

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There is never enough time to do everything in a day. Time does go by really fast. And now that we are working from home it’s important to work out the time for you to do your work as well as family obligations. Make sure that family obligations don’t eat into your working time. Don’t forget to factor in exercise each day.

It’s important to stick to deadlines even if you are home. Most people will have a Google calendar in their iDrive that they can use to schedule when tasks are due. Stress is not good for the body. You do not sleep well and eat well when things are due. If work has set you big tasks, break the task down into smaller chunks and do it like that so it does not overwhelm you. When I was doing my research project in my Uni years I did not break that task down and it really overwhelmed me. As such, I failed to finish on time

Make sure you set a time to do work from home and stick to it. Don’t go and play games during this time. Every week we set tasks that have to be done by the end of the week (i.e by Sunday).

If you are really bad at time management and suck at it you can download a few apps to help you with time. Google calendar is just one of them. Don’t forget to take a break from your tasks or otherwise, you will just go mental and you will get overwhelmed.

10 ways to deal with stress during the pandemic

Lets face it! Life can be very challenging during these unprecedented times. We don’t know what the future holds a few months from now and some people are out of a job. In Australia the unemployment rate is set to peak at about 10000 jobs lost.

Psychology Central has listed 10 ways to deal with the stress and we list them here.

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Stick to Routines and Rituals

It’s important to know where you stand. Even though the virus might bring some uncertainty into people’s lives. It’s important to have some sort of structure in your day to day life.

Keep a journal full of thoughts

Its important to write about how you feel each day. You can do this online or in an actual book.

Try something different

For example, you could try making jam or bread. Or you could try a new craft such as sewing. Or you could do what some people do and that’s to renovate their house DIY style.

Talk to people online

Let people know how you’re feeling whether good or bad. You can schedule a video call and usually Facebook and Instagram chats are free as well as What’s App chats.

Play word games and think of ways that the word means something positive to you

What I love to do is play word games with my WW cards and I will let you know of the results soon.

Don’t forget that we are all in this together

Soon we will get out of this and emerge on the other side


Set aside 10-15 mins each day just for meditation to help you relax and clear your mind. There are lots of Youtube videos if you are new to meditation. A lot of your favourite yoga and meditation centres are hosting their own classes online and if you sign up to their email you’ll know.

Set boundaries

Set some boundaries for yourself. You can’t control what others do, but you can set some for yourself in how you will deal with this pandemic.

Be creative with your thoughts

Focus on other things other than the coronavirus and the negative things. Watch some good news or a movie.

Hope these tips help. And remember that if you need some mental health support don’t be afraid to reach out to various mental health support services online.

Mental Health in Victoria

Mental health in Victoria is a lot harder now that we are in this second lockdown. We are not in this all together. We are all going different places and that’s hard for most people to cope with.

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Victoria is the only state with the hardest of restrictions and that is tough for both businesses and individuals.

A recent article says that 100 more people have lost their lives due to mental health issues during the Coronavirus crisis. Last Thursday it was announced that we are in a recession with people on Jobseeker to be hardest hit by this pandemic. Work will be hard to find even after the pandemic. Now we have stage four which is the harshest lockdown ever. We cannot exercise for more than one hour a day and we can only leave the house once.

Mirage News said that about 300000 Young Victorians sought help online from and other services ever since the start of the pandemic.

What we should be doing to combat mental health issues?

  • Look out for each other. Check-in from time to time to see how that person is doing. This can be done online or over the phone.
  • Keep up with the exercise. Just because you’re in lockdown there is no excuse.
  • Do yoga on most days of the week
  • If you have joined a gym pre-pandemic why not see what they are doing for their members.

Crisis Fatigue: are we emotionally overwhelmed

WebMD reports that in the US cases are surging and more and more people are going out in droves. The same thing has happened in Australia and then we have gone into a much harder lockdown in Victoria. In NSW it is similar to all the news reports of overcrowding in some places.

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People are angry at the Government for not controlling the virus. People are pretending that this is all over with 60-155 fines issued per day in Victoria. With the mask law now in place in Victoria, there are about 20-25 people not wearing them every day and are being fined for that.

It is natural to feel some anxiety and grief . But we shouldn’t take it out on staff who are just there to do their job, whether it would be in retail, food and other essential services.

Most of us feel hopeless that we can’t earn enough money let alone lose a family member due to the COVID19.

How do we deal with the mental health struggles on a day to day basis?

First of all you can’t control what happens in the world around you. You can only control what you want to do and how you feel

Practice self-care. That could be reading a book and going out for exercise. Seek support if you need to.

Talk to someone if you can, whether it would be online or face to face.

Remember we are all in this together and we will get through to the other side.

Coronavirus and stress

The coronavirus has brought out the worst in people at times. We have been cooped up at home and working from home. Again Melbourne is in a six week lockdown. This stress brings out the worst in people.

But it doesn’t mean that we can be abusive towards other people. Yes I know we are stressed out staying at home.

We have seen on the news a lot more reports of people being abusive towards frontline workers. They are calling people names and being violent and argumentative. The frontline workers don’t need that abuse from their customers. They too get stressed out and they get traumatized when this sort of behaviour happens. They might be thinking of quitting but they know that there are some good customers out there.

We are all in this together. Think of the frontline workers who work day and night to support you. You should thank them by not being abusive and taking out your stress and frustration on them.

Stress and the immune system

Right now we are all leading stressful lives in a very stressful situation. The situation in Melbourne is quite tense with people being locked up in their flats. So we need to look after our immune system really well even though we are locked up for a while.

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We have talked about stress before and how it raises cortisol levels.

Too much stress can lead to depression and anxiety. Some people cannot sleep well at night. Already we are seeing a lot more mental health cases now that people have lost their jobs and are fighting the Covid pandemic. A lack of social support is partly to blame.

How does the immune system cope with all that stress?

Healthfully says that too much stress can weaken your immune system. Too much stress on it causes you to be run down and more susceptible to illnesses such as the COVID.

Here’s how to stress less

Get plenty of rest

Sleep is an essential part for fighting disease. Without a good night’s sleep we cannot function well and we get run down. This is partly why there are more cases of the COVID and some countries have their second wave

Reduce toxins and keep the home clean as much as possible. Toxins build up a lot of stress and dirty and messy place also make you feel stressed.

Get some fresh air

An hour or two a day keeps the doctor awake. It could be that you go for a walk, bike ride, run, swim, whatever you like to do to keep those endorphins happy.

Make sure that you get some social support

Online during these times is best. But if you live with someone talking about your feelings during the pandemic is a great idea.