How Gardening can help relieve Covid 19 stress

During the Covid19 some people stressed about how they looked like without the gyms. Here is one way to destress: Gardening. Mind Body Green wrote about this issue saying that seeing greenery can help with body positivity. Having access to nature is vital for our mental health and wellbeing. During times in lockdown I haveContinue reading “How Gardening can help relieve Covid 19 stress”


How to overcome limiting beliefs

We all have limiting beliefs in our lives. These are the things that stop you from living your life to the fullest or losing the weight that you were supposed to. But what if you can overcome these beliefs? If you want to do this and live life to the fullest then here’s how. IdentifyContinue reading “How to overcome limiting beliefs”

Why spending time in nature is good for you

We should all spend time in nature each day, especially now that we are all in Coronavirus lockdowns. We should not be cooped up indoors all the time and we explain why. My Best Life Secrets has written about this. The sunlight and how much exposure we have affects our moods. In winter we getContinue reading “Why spending time in nature is good for you”

Lets move 365: Meditation

Meditation is the most relaxing way to distress about your life and think about the happier times. You’ll thank me later when you are happy again. Just take ten minutes out of your day whether it would be morning or night, find a relaxing pose and then close your eyes and relax for ten minutes.Continue reading “Lets move 365: Meditation”

How to handle the holiday stress

Christmas is a busy time for us all. Here we got the shopping and the hosting and the constantly going to parties all the time! It can be quite stressful for some. Take some time out. It is ok to be on your own for once. Do something that you enjoy like going to aContinue reading “How to handle the holiday stress”

Enjoying the little things in life

Its important to enjoy those little things in life whether it would be buying a new pair of shoes or exploring a new trail. Or it could be going to a wedding that is small and country like. That way you’ll avoid feeling overly stressed at work and in the lead up to Christmas weContinue reading “Enjoying the little things in life”

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