balancing social media and Covid19 life

We got the idea from Creative Impact Group. They are based in the UK where they are going through a massive second wave. Whilst other places in Australia are starting to open up and Melbourne is not (in fact we are in Stage four lockdown). We wonder how people adapt to the social media posts about how lovely life is on the outside of Melbourne.

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There is a report by the UK government on Mental health which was published in 2018 that is useful for COVID19. They say that too much time on it can lead to cyber bullying and depression, even suicide.

We know that seeing posts about Sydney and other happy places without the masks can be quite damaging to people’s mental health. I know we all like to be there one day but we just can’t. We feel envy of those in Sydney posting their lovely life. We can’t stop them from doing that.

One way to do this is just to ignore them and only post things about Melbourne and stay at home which is what we do.

We did the 14 day challenge.

At first, it was really hard to ignore all those texts and notifications from Facebook. But in the end, it was worth it. My flatmate took my laptop for the two weeks to see how far I would go. For the project, I used an old camera phone to take photos as the current one was also taken from me. During that time we learned that it is ok not to be on social media all the time.

Before the challenge I used to go on there quite a lot and I used to be really obsessed with those anti maskers tweets and Instagram. Now we feel much more liberated and at ease. We can be kinder to people now. In today’s world too many people look down at their phones and not where they are going. They are not there in the present moment.

Before the challenge I used to play Mahjong solitare quite a lot and listened to the premiers press conference every day. But now I am glad that I am rid of those things. Those things were a time waster and compulsion of mine.

At the end of the project I lost some followers but gained some knowledge and am able to be kinder to people.

How not to drive each other mad

In these crazy times we all at each other’s back for 24/7 due to strict lockdowns and curfews. Most of us are living in the family home. So here’s some ways not to drive each mad.

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Practice patience with other people

We all are going through the same thing and so its ok to not be ok. Its also ok to be left alone.

Don’t get mad if the other person doesn’t do what you want them to do.

Again this ties in with practicing patience. Maybe they might have their own reason for it and that’s cool

Have a family meeting and talk about what you expect from each other.

From there you can set up some boundaries in which we need to live by to get along. Make sure that you agree on what things need to be done and when they can be done each week. You should work out who is doing what too. If you work from home let your family members know which days and times so that they don’t disturb you.

Tell your family how you feel when they do certain things especially the things that you don’t like. Its ok to voice your opinion. Some may not take it too well but its ok.

Routine is crucial to not going with bonkers with each other.

As soon as we don’t do the routine for a few days then we can start to get really mad for no reason. Don’t forget to schedule a time for work, play, exercise, household chores, eating and sleeping.

Stay connected to the people from the outside world.

Technology is our friend here. Here you can use Whatsapp, Facebook etc to connect. But don’t spend too long on social media as that will just drive you bonkers.

Spend some time together if you can

Sometimes you can’t because of the restrictions ie going out for a walk. But if you can maybe watch a movie together or bake together? Or why not have a games night?

Insomnia and why its not good for us

We talk about insomnia and why it is not good for us. In the COVID world, we are not always sleeping so well due to stress with job, money, and family life. We are living at home 24/7 with not much reason to leave home unless it’s for the essential work, groceries, caregiving, medical appointments, and exercise. Even then we have a time limit for outings.

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What is insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep condition where your sleep is less than ideal for quite a few days. It could be where you wake up in the middle of the night all the time or you toss and turn a lot. It could be due to stress and anxiety, particularly around Covid19. Many people are stressed about their jobs and family and staying home all the time

We are supposed to have 7-9 hours of sleep time each night but not many people can achieve that all the time.

Why this is not good for us?

It would cause you more stress, weight gain, hormonal imbalance etc. This is partly the reason why iso weight gain happens. Its also partly to blame for the increase in domestic violence

What to do about this?

  • talk to your doctor about some options. Don’t put off going to the doctor due to COVID19
  • you might have to change your diet if that’s what causing the problem. Having too many heavy meals before bed is not good for you
  • If you don’t do exercise start doing it. I find that this works for me to have a better night’s sleep
  • Find some stress management techniques like mindfulness and yoga to do

Meditation talks throughout Coronavirus times

We talk about why meditation is so important. Meditation is a stress-relieving activity that takes about ten minutes throughout your day.

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During isolation people have had some self doubts and negative feelings. I myself included. But with meditation, it helped relieve me of some of that worry. There are a lot of meditation videos on Youtube and I plan to get through them all. They last anywhere between 10-20 minutes.

So far I love them and they are soothing. The voice always soothing. Here you sit in a relaxed posed and you close your eyes and just breathe and relax. At the conference that I went last week on mindfulness they talked about meditation and finding inner peace. When you are more mindful you are at peace within yourself and you can sleep much better.

During meditation, I imagine a blue, clear sky full of happiness and I’m in a lovely green park with kids and flying kites as well as a picnic. I know that during Stage four we can’t have a picnic and be carefree but it’s just a feeling that I have. One sunny day I’d love to go to the beach and just relax.

Do you have same feelings of happiness and calmness in your mind? I’d love to know! Let us know in the comments!

Meditation and Creativity

Meditation is useful during Coronavirus times as many people are stressing about everything. But of course many of the yoga studios are closed in Melbourne due to Stage four restrictions so people go online to find some meditation videos.

Just one example of meditation that you can do at home.

Meditation is always fun and there is this new place called A-Space in Collingwood. It is peaceful and you can find your inner peace.

Meditation is for everyone not just those select few.

Many people do not meditate because they can’t find the time, subject or place to meditate in. You can meditate in whatever way is comfortable for you. And whatever time. Just let your mind flow. The meditations usually take about 10-15 mins of your day.

I just do it in my room with my door closed at the best time. There are many guided meditations online and your gym might offer some free ones on their site for their members.

You don’t need material things to keep you happy

As the Coronavirus pandemic goes on and finances dries up we should stop and think about the material goods that we buy. Everytime we buy something and we only wear it (or use it) once, it either goes to the op shop or dumped when you move house.

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Therefore it is money wasted.

As soon as the lockdown restrictions eased last time in Melbourne people went crazy at Chadstone and went on a huge shopping spree. Not only did they waste money on items they also put the worker’s lives at risk.

So I ask the question, do you need material things to keep you happy? The answer is no. You need money for some part of your happiness but most of it is free. We did do the 31 day of Buddha challenge and Tiny Buddha shows that if we do a little thing or two to brighten someone’s day that is much better. It could be complimenting someone on their mask or outfit or helping a charity. We rely too much on material goods and not on emotional needs. A compliment to someone doesn’t go astray. Nor does patting other people’s dogs outside. If you pat someone’s dogs outside it shows them you care about them and it would brighten their day. Their dogs would be happy and so would you. Seeing dogs is therapeutic for some people

Next time you go to the shops, think about this: do I really need that item? If not just walk out. That item can wait.

Learning to embrace uncertainty

I got this idea from Psychology Central who said that we are living in uncertain times. What might happen today might not happen tomorrow. In Melbourne, Victoria our case numbers are getting worse.

As an autistic person, we find that uncertainty can be a challenge. Even as ordinary people facing the coronavirus pandemic is a challenge as you don’t know what’s coming around the corner.

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We can either avoid the feeling of uncertainty or we can embrace. We can pretend that the virus is all over and go back to living our normal lives. Then people will get sicker and sicker and our hospital system will be overrun

Or we can find a COVID normal within ourselves and follow the rules and embrace the uncertainty.

Acknowledge how you are feeling

It could be writing in your journal everyday. Or it can be talking to someone, whether it would be online or face to face. YOu would notice these sensations and would be in touch with your inner self. For example I feel anxious about these high numbers today. When I feel anxious I tend to shake inside.

These feelings come and go but some days it stays for a while. Like for example being confined to our hood. We can’t control it but we can accept it.


This could be meditation or yoga or something. Breathe in and out slowly. This will help you to relax and allow some space for uncertainty.

We have to learn to allow uncertainty in our life and there needs to be room for that. You don’t have to like uncertainty because its unpleasant, but we must learn to live with it. You can’t change people’s mind or what they do or the news, but you can change how you respond to things.

Engage in what matters most

By that we mean doing what you really need to do to keep yourself safe and happy. You can’t change the world but you can change your outlook of the world and make it a better place to be in.

Do your part. Stay at home if you have a stay at home order! We are all in this together!

Taking a mental health day

Stay Fit Australia talks about how important it is to take one. Now that we are in the Covid crisis it is important to take some time out for just you. It is not easy taking that mental health day (after all we are yes people, doing what others want of us and not looking after ourselves). Now that we are all working from home its more than important to take a mental health day or two.

We shouldn’t feel guilty about taking a mental day or two if you need it. We are after all human beings.

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What is a mental health day?

It is a day where you just do nothing and relax. This is to prevent burnout. In a survey done by SEEK it said that 72% of Australians work in a workplace which has negatively impacted their mental health. 83% of them said that they should be allowed to take that day off.

It is normal to take that day off and depending on that person it could be a day where you seek some clarity around your mental health issues and how to move forward. Or it could be a day where you do some physical activity or rest and rejuvenate.

How to get the most out of your day off.

You could enjoy that bath or that movie day at home. Or you can go out and exercise and just have fun.

Or you can do Gardening.

You could catch up on sleep

We can’t really see family members but you could talk to them online

Do some crafting at home

Read a book

Taking that mental health day is an important step in prioritizing your health and needs and working out what is causing that stress. This is not a quick fix for long term mental health issues but its the right step.

101 days of writing

I got this idea from Considering Out Loud. Whilst we are in some sort of a state of emergency and been stuck at home, writing is a great idea. It’s frugal at its best and you can write about anything you like.

Its’s a weird and stressful time to be in right now. People are dying and just barely surviving lockdown around the world. People in the world that we live in now are doing their best to try and help us to survive the crisis. SO it’s only fair that we play our part and stay home.

Each day you post something on your blog, anything you like. It can be about any topic. Even it can be about what you feel during the day. It’s nice to write about that. Or you can make some lists of stuff, just random stuff.

Don’t a have blog?

Starting one is easy. With most blog creating sites it is free. WordPress is a great site. They have tonnes of stuff for free for you to use.

Are you a Good Friend to yourself

Dr Eric Perry wrote about this topic and I asked the question about to myself about being a good friend. This topic often overlooked as we seem to be pleasing other people and not ourselves.

What is a good friend?

A good friend is someone who accepts you for who you are no matter what. They are there when times are tough and are there for you when you are happy. These days due to the Coronavirus pandemic times are very tough and it can be hard to fathom and accept yourself.

You stress about finance and wanting to be the best, so much so that you forget to care about yourself.

Being a friend to yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have. If you are not a good friend to yourself what are you? Being a good friend to yourself means that you can discover yourself in lots of ways.

How to be a good friend?

Just accept yourself for who you are and not what you look like. Good friends are there no matter what life brings at them. During these times we learned that what you look like doesn’t matter. Its who you are. Do something that you like

What are five things you like about yourself? Ask yourself this question.

Write them down. They could be that I like that I’m motivated to work.