Embracing change both professionally and personally

Salespop.net talks about Embracing change. In these trying times we need to embrace change both professionally and personally. We need to set goals for the future but we also need to embrace the uncertainty of it all.

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The pandemic is a good time to be creative. For the fitness industry that means that should think about ways to embrace the “Black Lives Matter” philosophy into your club. You could try and employ some black people as staff members whether as a Personal trainer or in management. This is also a good time to embrace diversity and welcome people with disabilities into the gym.

For Fitness instructors we can embrace personally and think about delivering most of your trainings online as many people might not want to come back to the gym straightaway. This is a time to develop new skills and learn more about yourself. For new instructors now would be a good time to develop your marketing plan for clients.

Gyms need to accept the new reality of not many people will want to go back straight away after it is open. Many people will still be working from home and will be happy about not having to commute. So they might have to stick with online for a while. Even then they would have to offer their sessions casually or at a lower cost as many people would have lost their job.

Food, family and culture

Coronavirus has made us rethink our food habits and our love for food. I was inspired by Josh Hillis post in saying that we should eat for love not hate. We should eat because we want to not because we have to.

cooked ramen
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Eating should be enjoyable in line with your goals. The aim here is to be healthy and happy and not have a skinny body. We should use food as a time to bond with people. But of course being socially isolated means that we can only do that on Instagram or Facebook. But still food should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

I love all kinds of food and I always love to try some new foods. I am Asian so I love all sorts of Asian food. I love to eat all the different kinds of Chinese food and love celebrating the New year with people over Yee Sang and noodles. I also love dumplings.

Some questions to ask yourself

  1. How many times do I eat this meal?
  2. Do I enjoy eating this meal?
  3. Does it connect me to my culture?
  4. Is this a special occassion?
  5. What areas of my life other than eating matter to me?

Other areas other than eating to focus on

The goal here is to be healthy and happy. If you’re not healthy and happy, then why bother living? Social connection is just as equally as important to wellbeing as food is. Culture and learning the history of it is also good for our wellbeing.

So my point is you should be flexible in what you eat and try new foods sometimes. Learn as much as you can about your culture as that will help you connect with your family and friends. Your culture is partly what defines you as a person.

Staying connected

During the coronavirus staying connected is important for mental health and wellbeing. We are social beings that love to talk and stay connected. Staying isolated is not our thing.

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You might be lucky to be living with people. But for some of us we are isolated from everyone.

Ring your friend

Many phone companies offer free minutes if your friend is with the same company as you are.

Going out

Just check your states restrictions on going out and being socially distant. Don’t go out if you do not need to. Also check your states restrictions on visiting people.


It could via What’s app or Instagram, Wechat, Facebook etc. Or you can start a blog and write about stuff each and every day. This way you can connect with people all around the world.

On Facebook you can video call them.

On Instagram you can tell stories and people reply to your stories. Pre Covid19 I never needed to take photos of myself. But now due to the restrictions in place I did that just to let people know that I am ok. There is Tiktok but I haven’t tried that.

You can also volunteer in many charities online. Many of them are asking for donations to help their Covid19 causes. And some of them have some sort of challenge (ie cooking challenge) that you can do to pass the time.

Four simple ways to reduce anxiety

We all have anxiety sometimes. We all need time to unwind and we should reduce anxiety. If we have too much anxiety we gain weight and we don’t sleep well. Too much anxiety can affect our way of life including our relationships with people.

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Reconnect yourself

If you reconnect yourself you can feel when you are hurting and comfort yourself. Comforting yourself might be journalling or cooking, whatever you like to do. Or it can be talking to a friend.

Have some downtime each day where you do nothing.

For me I love to watch Youtube or go outside for a walk. I love to watch those WWYD videos as they give people hope and give me some hope too. It inspires me to help other people.

Having downtime is important for relaxing the mind and the body. Without it we do not function well and we run like a well oiled machine but with a part or two missing.

Start a gratitude journal

Journaling your thoughts is a great idea and can help you express your feelings. You can know yourself a bit better. You can do it electronically or in a physical book. A physical book though is a lot more fun and there are some nice books that you can buy at Typo.

Learn mindfulness and befriend the mind

Mindfulness is about being in the present and not dwelling on the past. The mind can do wonderful things for us. The mind can think of wonderful things rather than negative thoughts. Here we can meditate and just relax. Just focus on your breathing.

We feel much happier if we don’t dwell on the past.

An open letter to councils

Here is a letter to the council should you wish to start up your own pantry for the homeless. Homelessness is growing more and more each day and its about time that we put an open food pantry in most councils and cities. So here is a sample of a letter that you can use to help you get started

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Dear Council (insert the name here),

My name is (insert name here) and I work with homeless people. I have an idea about having an open food pantry where people can put their unwanted food stuffs in there. Homeless people can just help themselves to the pantry.

The benefits for you would be reducing the cost of homelessness and mental health issues that happen in your area. The pantry is not that expensive to set up as you can buy most of the stuff from your local hardware store and there are volunteers that can help you. Once it is run you can donate food and toiletries

All the pantry needs is just your approval on your land and in your council,

Hope to hear from you soon,

We hope that this letter helps you to open your own pantry which is not that hard to do. You just need a small space, some volunteers, a permit and some materials from the hardware store.

Why you should join this year’s Melbourne Marathon

Melbourne Marathon is an iconic running event where it attracts thousands of people. Each year all the universities participate in this and there are teams. There are prizes for the best team and the best team player. There are also cash prizes for the fastest runner in each category.


You do have to be committed to training and not give up when the study gets in the way. You will need to organise your training times and sacrifice some of your free time. Most people can expect to spend about 4-5 hours during the weekends for their long runs.

The best part of it is that you get to see Melbourne for free during your training and when you train at night you can see lots of the night life for free. Eg: the Crown casino fire balls which happen nightly.

If you join your uni’s team there might be free food for you as well as massages and other giveaways.


Joining your university’s team also gives you a chance to contribute to their score and will help them to win a prize. This is a great chance to meet some new people outside of your course. Most of the people you meet might become your running buddies for a long time.

Registering for this year’s Melbourne Marathon is between $50- $200 depending on how far you want to run. You can register here. If you register it is a lot of fun and you’ll get some goodies at the end, plus a free ticket to a couple of events like the Taste of Melbourne which you can enjoy with friends.

ASEAN Games and why you should join next year’s one

The ASEAN games is on every year at MSAC and it costs about $50-$60 AUD to play. Some of that  money goes towards cash prizes and paying the venue. However participants had to buy their own food as they did not have enough money to cover that. However that being said there was a goody bag full of Malaysian delights. These delights were yummy and many like the Julie biscuits were really addictive.

I went to the café later on at around about 3pm and gosh the salads were so expensive. But the wedges were priced reasonably but they lacked a lot of salt. You order and pay at the counter and they will call your order out.

There are about nine different sports for you and in  August when you register you can pick your sport.

Here it was fun to watch the teams playing basketball and badminton. There was a lot of roaring going on and the volunteer Dan did a great job refereeing the team.

In basketball the dark coloured team was the best one. The older referee was really great. This referee had good manners and some great stamina. At first I thought he worked for MSAC as in past years there has been a lot of Asian referees.

On a more sour note there were people eating inside the sports stadiums and halls which is not allowed. Perhaps for next year they might want to monitor that and kick people out as I know that MSAC has a strict no eating policy.

And also I’d like there to be a long distance race say 15km, 21km and 42 km and students race all over Melbourne and the Yarra trail. At the end they do one big loop at Albert park lake and it ends with a BBQ if its a nice day. At e BBQ I’d like to have skewers, nasi lemak, soto, biryani, bee hoon and tomato rice. They could do the cooking the day before at Malaysia Hall.

Do sign up for next year’s race.

What healthy habits that students neglect during studies

Students in the lead up to exams you might neglect some good habits in order to study. These are some of them which will assist you with a healthy mind and body. After all you would not want to be run down just before the exam.

Exercise or lack of movement


Atthe gym. Image courtesy of chiukatherine on Instagram


Fitness gurus say that 20% of your day should be made up of exercise and that is true. Exercise does not have to be boring or expensive. It could be a jog around the block or a fitclub.


You would need about 7-9 hours of sleep per night so if you are staying up late to revise then your body will pay for this later. Can’t sleep? Maybe not moving enough or having too much caffeine or a very full stomach might be why. Or you might be stressing too much about something. Proper sleep hygiene is important so make sure that you have plenty of time to relax before bed.

A healthy diet


During exam time many students neglect this as they don’t have the time or the money to cook. A healthy diet is a must for a healthy and clear mind.

This is a must for any student. Is buying from the supermarket not your thing? What is your budget like?  Here in Melbourne we have the markets, organic shops, cafes you name it. There is something to suit everyone’s budget.

Social interactions

How many friends do you have? Have you joined a club or society? Do you have friends in the same course as you? If so you might want to have a few study groups where you can exchange ideas and test each other.

This is a great way to clear the head

What are some more good habits for students to take? Do leave some comments below