The Pantry Challenge

Food wastage costs us about $30 billion each and so as a part of the Sustainable Living festival we did the Pantry Challenge in January. We had so much leftover food from last year at Christmas time and November when we catered for a wedding. During this challenge we managed to use up most ofContinue reading “The Pantry Challenge”


The South Melbourne Grocer

The South Melbourne Grocer is at South Melbourne Market. This grocer sells most of the things that other stores cannot sell for lower prices. I love coming here for snacks and drinks. This is good as we always talk about giving food a second life and not wasting it. These days South Melbourne has aContinue reading “The South Melbourne Grocer”

The shocking truth to food waste

We throw away lots of food. We waste about 10% of this. The average American wastes $2000 on food each year. About 40 million people in America live in food poverty. The average Canadian wastes about $31 million as shown here. Olio will help us with this. You get to share your food with others.Continue reading “The shocking truth to food waste”


This is a cheap supermarket chain which is all over Melbourne and Australia. Hailed from Germany this is not a self service supermarket. This is good as it gives people a job. These supermarkets are huge and they also have homewares and clothing as well as food. One time I bought a coffee machine fromContinue reading “Aldi”

How to earn some extra money for 2020 Christmas season

We talk about earning extra money as people always look for ways to earn extra money in time for Christmas on Google. So many people are getting into debt this holiday season due to all the gifts and things that they have bought. Most people use their credit cards to buy purchases not realizing thatContinue reading “How to earn some extra money for 2020 Christmas season”

Woolworths Rewards Program

We talk about the Woolworths rewards program as it is a good way of saving money. I work near a Woolworths so it is easy for me to get to. Here I really enjoyed spending money and earning points. It is like a bank where you spend some and you save some. For every 2000Continue reading “Woolworths Rewards Program”

Expensive runners vs cheap runners

Do you have to buy the most expensive shoes? Or can you go cheaper and save your buck on runners? I usually buy Sketchers or shoes that are usually on special such as the new year sales. Runners from the big brand stores such as New Balance is about $200-$300 but many people cannot affordContinue reading “Expensive runners vs cheap runners”

6 essential stores that students should know about

Students need to go shopping but want to do it on a budget? Here’s where you can find low prices in the city! Daiso This store is all over the city and in all major shopping centres in Melbourne. We love them for their cheap household goods and foods. Here you can find their cheapContinue reading “6 essential stores that students should know about”

How to get rid of debt

People want to know how to get rid of debt without the hassle? Here’s how. People are in debt for various reasons. This causes for many of us to stress and worry each night. People on welfare would find it hard not to pay off all their debt. I am a member of such aContinue reading “How to get rid of debt”

Movie snacks that does not break the bank

Need to buy some snacks before the movie? Don’t have the cash to buy anything? We have just some ideas for you! And no it does not involve the candy bar. Instead, it involves the supermarket, your pantry and yourself. You might have to make some these snacks and drinks but you’ll be saving money.Continue reading “Movie snacks that does not break the bank”

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