Dry shampoo in times of need

It is the season of the Coronavirus and shelves at the supermarket are empty each day or you may be in a lockdown. So dry shampoo might be your best friend. Dry shampoo is just a spray on one. Also people have just lost their jobs so saving water and money might be the wayContinue reading “Dry shampoo in times of need”


Live below the Line Challenge

We wanted to do this Live below the Line challenge this year because of the Coronavirus pandemic and the fact that most people have lost their jobs. The foodbanks are pretty darn busy and are trying to ask for your support during these trying times. As health bloggers we don’t just deal with weight lossContinue reading “Live below the Line Challenge”

How to utilize the pantry and freezer in a lockdown

Right now we are in the Coronavirus situation where most if not all of Australia is in lockdown. In Australia it is Autumn and we will be in wintertime in two months. Our winters are cold. Many people are working from home and we can’t leave the house unless its for food, exercise, medical appointmentsContinue reading “How to utilize the pantry and freezer in a lockdown”

Eat club-the cheap way to save

Eat Club is an app where you can save money! Here you download it and you can redeem deals! There are 50% off deals, free food deals and other things. I have enjoyed their free food deals at many places including Co Hanh (a vietnamese place in the city) The app works on all smartphones.Continue reading “Eat club-the cheap way to save”

Our month on $120 for food

In Feburary we did a month of $120 on food. This was because of all the bushfire victims and people on low welfare having to just get by without much for food. This question was posted in one of the Centrelink Facebook groups that I’m in. At the time the Ascot Vale Little pantry hasContinue reading “Our month on $120 for food”

What snacks to have at the footy that won’t break the bank balance.

Buying food and water at the match is expensive let along the long queues at the food stalls. Water is about $5 there and soft drinks are about $4.50. Bring your own water in your reusable bottle. It will save the environment.  Instead of soft drink have your lift off drinks as they have aContinue reading “What snacks to have at the footy that won’t break the bank balance.”

The Pantry Challenge

Food wastage costs us about $30 billion each and so as a part of the Sustainable Living festival we did the Pantry Challenge in January. We had so much leftover food from last year at Christmas time and November when we catered for a wedding. During this challenge we managed to use up most ofContinue reading “The Pantry Challenge”

The South Melbourne Grocer

The South Melbourne Grocer is at South Melbourne Market. This grocer sells most of the things that other stores cannot sell for lower prices. I love coming here for snacks and drinks. This is good as we always talk about giving food a second life and not wasting it. These days South Melbourne has aContinue reading “The South Melbourne Grocer”

The shocking truth to food waste

We throw away lots of food. We waste about 10% of this. The average American wastes $2000 on food each year. About 40 million people in America live in food poverty. The average Canadian wastes about $31 million as shown here. Olio will help us with this. You get to share your food with others.Continue reading “The shocking truth to food waste”


This is a cheap supermarket chain which is all over Melbourne and Australia. Hailed from Germany this is not a self service supermarket. This is good as it gives people a job. These supermarkets are huge and they also have homewares and clothing as well as food. One time I bought a coffee machine fromContinue reading “Aldi”

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