Why you should donate to the Salvos online Red Shield Appeal

The Salvos do their Red Shield Appeal in May and it ends at the end of June. They normally get volunteers to donate their time using the red tins and people put money in them.

This year things will be a little bit different where there is an online Red Shield Appeal. This is a digital doorknock where people can donate online. In the last few years people have been donating on the streets and I have been volunteering and liked it. This is due to the coronavirus that is taking place

During the last few months many people have lost their jobs and might have lost their homes due to the Coronavirus pandemic. During this time there is a lot of family violence.

Our aim is to help them raise $500000 collectively by the end of the appeal. We also hope that companies like Woolies and Coles are generous at this time with their support. The total is now $94,666 and that is the national total. This initiative launched about 2-3 weeks ago whilst everything was shut.

During this time I will post many pictures on Instagram of my runs and some foods that the Salvos does for people in hopes that you will donate to this cause.

You can give generously here.

The shocking truth to food waste

We throw away lots of food. We waste about 10% of this. The average American wastes $2000 on food each year. About 40 million people in America live in food poverty. The average Canadian wastes about $31 million as shown here.

Olio will help us with this. You get to share your food with others. You get to connect with people. People offer their food and you can opt to receive it. So far there’s about 30 Olioers in the whole of Melbourne. But we have been trying to get the word out about this new free service which you can download as an app.

Sometimes they’ll offer a non food item.

Instead supermarkets all over the world should offer free food items after a certain time to those that are poor. What they could do is have those people show some sort of low income card to be able to access these. We see too many poor people in Melbourne that could benefit from some food. I know that Foodbank gets some of these donations but I think its about half of them.

Olio is a good chance for those people that have food to spare to offer it up to those that are homeless. Do sign up to Olio today if you would like to join the revolution.

Bushfire relief and what we can do

Its summertime which means lots of hot days and bush fires. The town of Mallacoota as well as some parts of NSW and Qld have been the hardest hit. Residents there have had to evacuate their homes and have lost everything. Local businesses there are doing it tough.

The Salvation Army needs your help now as the fires are massive. The Age has lots of articles on the bush fires every day.

What you can do to help the Salvation Army?

  • Buy an entertainment book off us
  • Donate online or at Woolworths
  • Clean out your cupboards and pantry and you could donate your unwanted items.
  • Spread the word about bushfires. The more people know about this the better.

Why you should donate to the Salvos XMAS appeal

Every year the Salvos need your support. There are thousands of people who go without during Christmas. During this time the Salvos are busy with those who cannot afford the Christmas festivities. Christmas can be a very lonely and vulnerable time for those with no means.


In Australia it is summer and as such homeless people don’t have access to showers. They come to the library smelling of all sorts. On the tram, they smell. On the tram, they cannot pay for the days travel. The big Umbrella sees about 200 people in any one given day.

In the summer they find it hard to survive and many of them end up dehydrated.

The Salvos Xmas Appeal is on again this year and there are a few ways to donate. One of them is by the KMART wishing tree appeal.


Or another way is to donate $10 for a meal for someone in need. This year they are doing 100,000 meals program where every $10 you give is one meal for someone who is homeless. You can pick how many meals you would like to donate.

Or you can volunteer your time at any of the Salvos stores or one of their programs. You can also volunteer at the cafe if you like. On any given weekday, the cafe sees around 200-300 people.

Also, the Salvation Army will be out in the city collecting donations and wrapping gifts. So if you have any spare change to give that would be awesome.

And if you want discount offers to use all year around you can purchase an Entertainment book from us.

Do donate in the many meaningful ways that you can

Help us raise money for the Salvos

Hi there we are raising some much needed funds for the Salvos (in long: the Salvation Army) here in Melbourne and we would love your support. We are both doing the Melbourne Marathon and I am tackling the 21km course. If I win the money then $12000 of the prize money will be donated to the Salvos.

Why might you ask that we are helping the Salvos?


Homelessness is a big issue and it has increased dramatically over the past year. Many International students as well as locals are becoming homeless or in danger of it and the government is not doing a lot to get people off the streets.

“There was an election earlier and not one party promised to help the homeless.” Brendan Nottle

In fact Flinders st and Collins st are filled with homeless people and it is hurting business and tourism in Melbourne.

Due to housing rates going up and up many International students are unable to afford the high rent. Some of us come from third world countries such as India and parts of Malaysia. There are many International students and locals that come to Hamodava café just for a meal. In fact Hamodava café is always busy which means that not many people can afford good healthy food.

Right now the Salvos are in much dire need of support and funds to help get people of the streets and help them with their treatment.

What ae you waiting for?? Do sign up for the race! And also support us here.