You can make waffles as part of Live below the line if it is plain or if its not you can do it as part of the $80 basics box which includes flour and milk. Milk if you buy it for $1 can be a part of your Live below the line. And it alsoContinue reading “Waffles”


Pasta with just tomatoes and salmon

This recipe is for Live Below the line challenge. This recipe can do about 3-4 meals for one person. You need one can of salmon and one tomato as well as one thing of spaghetti. You can buy homebrand spaghetti which is about $1-$2. A can of salmon homebrand is about $1.50 and a tomatoContinue reading “Pasta with just tomatoes and salmon”

Pulled Pork Sliders

They are easy to do at home and the usual bars and clubs charge about $9-$15 per plate of two. Well we bought the pack of eight sliders at Coles for about $4-$5 and the cos lettuce for about $2. The pulled pork mixture was from our freezer. So here’s how to make the slidersContinue reading “Pulled Pork Sliders”

Homemade Shepherd’s Pie

Now that we are in the Covid19 period and people have either lost their jobs or are working from home we talk about a simple Shepherd’s Pie that you can make on a rainy day. We used up the leftover potato mash to make the top. This is really good as a winter comfort food.Continue reading “Homemade Shepherd’s Pie”

Pasta bolognaise

I love having this dish during the colder months. Especially now that we are in Coronavirus lockdown it’s important to have a freezer filled with precooked sauces and other things. For the healthcare workers this is extremely vital after a long hard day at work looking after people. This version has about 300-500 calories andContinue reading “Pasta bolognaise”

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