The Bloody Long Walk 2020

The Bloody Long Walk is an annual event to raise funds for Mito. The funds will be used in researching a cure for this disease. In previous years it used to start at Fairfield at the Boathouse and then finish in St Kilda. Walkers would go past the city and Southbank before going into St Kilda.

What is Mito?

“Mitochondria are the power houses of the cell providing the body with over 90% of the energy it needs to sustain life. Mitochondria take in sugars and proteins from the food we eat and produce energy called ATP that our bodies use to function properly. Mitochondrial disease (mito) is a debilitating and potentially fatal disease that reduces the ability of the mitochondria to produce this energy. When the mitochondria are not working properly, cells begin to die until eventually whole organ systems fail and the patient’s life itself is compromised.” (definition from the Mito site)

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, The Bloody Long Walk has gone virtual! This year its taking place on August 1-10th. It is a 35 km walk and is a lot of fun to do. In past years people ran that 35km. You can do it anywhere and record your walk with a Garmin or a Fitbit. I have a Garmin.

Over that week I ran 35km but over a few days due to the Government’s Stage 4 restrictions for Metropolitan Melbourne saying that we can’t go out for more than one hour per day.

If it is run again next year they should organise it just like they did in previous years but with a charity sausage sizzle at the end for people that did not partake in the walk so that they can raise even more funds for Mito.

From now until the next time they run the event they could organise some bake sales and cooking competitions to help spread the word and for them to raise more money towards finding a cure for Mito.

Boston Marathon and Coronavirus

This has been a hot topic for some time and Runners World reports that they have cancelled the race this year due to Coronavirus. They don’t know whether they will run in 2021 due to social distancing rules.

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What is Boston Marathon?

For those of you that don’t know- its a prestigious race where runners who wish to run that race have to run a qualifying time or even better. With other races being cancelled they say that you can use the 2018 or 2019 time to enter. Runners enter in September and then if they are accepted train really hard for a money can’t buy experience.

But what about those charities

At a minimum runners had to have raised $10000 or more to enter. Those charities would have lost their place and the reality is most of them do not know if there will be any bibs allocated to them in 2021. Those runners that raise the money would lose all and would have to do it all again next year.

We just don’t know whether that or any other races will go ahead in 2020. Lets for now keep our fingers crossed that Melbourne Marathon and other races in Melbourne don’t get cancelled and that the states will allow them to go ahead.

Watch out for marathon racing scams

The Melbourne Marathon has sold out pretty fast and people are now looking for tickets. There are some that are the most desperate.

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People have been scammed this season and have been asked to provide their Paypal details or buy gift cards to purchase race entries. Some people might receive fake or no entries at all.

Usually the organisers don’t allow these sorts of race entries to be sold because of all the contact details not being yours. If you have an accident during the race and you bought this it would be hard for them to contact your loved ones and let them know that you are in the hospital.

How to protect yourself from this scam?

Always ask to meet them in person and bring the cash with you. They also have to bring the tickets. Always meet in a public place.

Refuse to pay for things via Paypal. Always pay by cash or deposit money into their bank account via your banking app. People can claim the payments via their number or account. If you do that and get into a dispute your bank can sort it out pretty quickly.

Always ask that they provide the ticket first and then pay them using the email address that they sent the ticket with. If they can’t then its usually a scam

And email the race organizers advising them of this. Hopefully they will take some disciplinary action

If you want to cancel your race entry

You should email the race organisers advising them of this. They do have a process in place with cancellations. If you don’t and you sold the race entry on to someone else and they don’t allow it, they might disqualify you and the other person.

Running Etiquette in Australia

Guys here are some tips on how to run well in Australia. It’s surprising how many people don’t share the pathways among other things whilst running. 

We run on all sorts of different terrains but for many occasions, we run on shared paths or streets.

Do not chat to your fellow runner

Sometimes they just don’t want it and want to be left alone. Or they may be trying to do a new PB.

Stop for cars

Yes, and there are just some people that don’t do that at the lights. But if there’s no car coming and the light is green it’s usually ok.

At races, there are things known as slip lanes to allow residents to go in out of their houses and it is up to the runners to watch out for cars

Give way to bikes and other pedestrians

If the other people are walking too slow you can overtake them. It is perfectly alright. Most people shouldn’t be walking on the streets listening to their iPod or being distracted. They should be able to hear you coming and move.

Most walkers should stay on the left and runners should be able to pass them without saying “Excuse me”.

Give way to bikes as we share the path with bikes. And bikes usually have the right of way.

Don’t listen to your iPod or other listening devices

Instead, just enjoy nature and its surroundings. When you listen to your iPod or phone you can’t hear what is going on. You can’t hear the sirens when it’s an emergency. You cannot hear if there is a car coming.

More importantly, many races don’t allow participants to listen to music for that reason.

Listen and obey race marshalls

Race marshalls are there at every race for participants safety and are there to enforce the rules. If you don’t listen to the marshall you can be disqualified.

Give way to emergency vehicles

And when they are there, just walk around them. Don’t try and run, as that could be disrespectful and they are there to help someone out. You never know what is going on.

It’s one of the pet peeves of mine that people keep running when there is an emergency vehicle approaching.

Do not litter

It is one thing in a race to dump your trash everywhere but not in a training run. In training, run and find a bin. No one wants to clean up after you and keep Australia beautiful.

Triathlon training week 36

Monday’s run was of 12km. It was around the Maribyrnong river. Afterwards, I had a farro and mixed grain salad and juice at the Boathouse.

Then on Tuesday, it was the first day of my period and I lost so much blood. So much so that my run of 12km was great but my bike of 20.7km was not soo great. I burnt 380 calories that day.

Then on Wednesday since it was the second day of my period I sagged a bit. I did a very slow run and on the bike burned 392 calories.

Thursday’s night run around St Kilda was a bit on the slow side as I was very hungry at times. It was the third day of my period and I bled a lot. I ran 16km during that time. But it was fun to run at night time in St Kilda. It was interesting seeing all the cars going into the city.

Friday’s ride of 20km in 50 mins was a bit on the slack side. This run was also a little bit on the weak side.

Then Sunday run of 29km from the city to St Kilda and Elwood and back was just fine. I had a good heart rate of 162 bpm. Not bad for a comeback run although I do need to work on my stretching and eating around 1900 calories in a day.

I vomitted afterwards. My body was not used to running this much after a break.

Oh and I watched my friend run their 100km trail run in the Tan to see that they gave up around the 75km mark. I think it may have been too hard for him. One day I’d like to give that a go just this once.

Sri Chinmoy race and a disappointing result

I entered another Sri Chinmoy race for the 10th of December. Raced that on a 16C- 25C day and it started at 8am. It was $25 to enter.


It started in a new place for me and that is Cherry Lake. Cherry Lake is in beautiful Altona which is half an hour from the city. I entered the 10.5 km and was expecting to finish in 70 mins. Instead, I finished in 80 minutes and out of breath. I woke up late and then didn’t have breakfast until after I got to Flinders St. And then skipped my usual molasses thing until after the race.

Hence the lack of energy to complete the race. I was walking most of the time. This time there were no relay teams rather solo runners and so on the third lap, I was on my own. By the time I had finished they had started to pack up.

But I still got my pancakes in. And this time it’s with molasses. Hence there was no sugar.

Many thanks to the Sri Chinmoy Races for the invite.

Triathlon training week 9

Tuesday’s run was an easy 8km.

But Wednesday it was 36C during the day and then at night, it became 33C. I ran in the twilight hours where it was cooler. That is when I saw the Run Party at Albert Park and gosh it was busy. The music was pumping and there was a good vibe to it.

My flatmate says “Are you crazy to run in this heat?” I say “NO”. In fact, it was 35C when I got to Albert Park and I have known for Ironman to be held in 35C heat. Of course, the race organizers for that event couldn’t cancel it even if they wanted to. And that is because they have paid for the permits, stall holders etc. To get a permit at Albert park would be expensive and it would be expensive for Sole Motive to cancel it.

Hence they had more water and mist for their runners as well as free chobani and nuts. Some people excelled in the heat. I have known for a 5k runner to do their run within 19mins.

I got my Bicycle Network card this week and my letter. Well, now that will mean that I will need to learn how to ride in the new year. With it comes free membership from RACV. So far Melbourne has some amazing bike paths but it isn’t widely communicated to tourists and international students. In the new year, I would love to see that they are widely promoted as well as some of the bike rules for students.

Then Sunday’s long run of 35km was really good. This time I remembered to have my iron supplements in the morning and not leave it until after the race. Also, I ovulated, so bring on the luteal phase. Which means that I can do longer races with not much walking. Here I went from Maribynong park, Haymarket, City, Swan st in Richmond, Chapel St, St Kilda and then back to the city.

Lunch was always at Lentils and this time I tried a gluten-free cookie. Which is not bad until it crumbled.


At Flinders st, there was free Bulla yogurt. I treated this like an aid station where it is up and go. And slow down at the station.

At Point Ormond, it was really windy and my hat kept on falling off. Now I will need to find a way to stop this. Any ideas?

Sri Chinmoy 12km race and an extra 25km run.

Sri Chinmoy is on every month and this month’s one was at the Tan. There were 14 teams running and some solo people as well. A few people did the marathon but I thought that since the marathon closes in four hours I thought better leave it to another time when I run much better.

On the morning of the race there were lots of showers. I had to wake up at 4:30am just to get there in time and get my registration sorted. You can register online and they post out the pack to you but I registered late. So I had to collect mine.  It was $25 to register online or $30 on the day.

I was really nervous at the start because I did not know what to expect.

The concept of the race is that it is social and friendly and it is shared on the same path as the walkers and other joggers. But the chute is just for us. At the end of the run, there are pancakes and electrolyte.

I ran three laps around the Tan. It was amazing except for the Anderson St hill. That was a bit of a climb. But the rest was well organized. And I was the first 12km person to finish in a time of 1 hr and 25 mins. That’s a first for me. And I survived the odd thunderstorm. I was really worried about surviving it.

It was really fun watching all the relay teams run after I finished. And the pancakes at the end were lovely. I enjoyed that with a bit of maple syrup and half a banana.

After a while, I was feeling a bit energetic so I ran to St Kilda, Port Melbourne and then back to the city. It was drizzly but starting to clear up. For lunch, it was a lentil curry and a fastish run from there back to the city.

I had a coffee during the run. It kept me energised.

Many thanks to Sri Chinmoy Races for having me.

Cheating in races: is it ok?

No it is not ok.

We paid and trained hard for races. Ok we may have cheated a little bit but only by a few to get to the finish line.


What is race cheating?

Race cheating is about taking away another person’s medal/time or entry into Boston. It is about falsifying results by various means.

I write about this issue as I have read in articles that this sort of thing is big in the US especially for Boston. Actually I read online that some people cheated in this year’s Melbourne Marathon. Whilst I technically did not complete all the race others found their way to cheat it as I saw in the results.

Earlier that year Jane SEO cheated in her half Marathon at Fort Lauderdale. In the end though she admitted her guilt and was stripped of her medal. It was the same for the guy that took the bus for the last six miles in Wales and took the third place. Well it should have been awarded to the other guy. The other guy missed his chance and was disappointed.

Some people course cutted their way deliberately and others used someone else’s bib to race. Course cutting happens when people miss a section of the course and intention course cutting is cheating. Melbourne Marathon is an International race hence they have strict rules about race transfers and swapping bibs. They also have rules about unauthorized selling online and the officials monitor Gumtree. After the race officials monitor the results and if you miss a timing mat they would likely think that you cheated. According to Marathoninvestigation, the results are monitored with a very close eye.

Why I don’t post photos of my bib online is because there are people that will copy the bib and wear it themselves. Plus my bib has my ID on it. These people have not paid for the resources nor the law enforcement. And they don’t deserve to be on the course.


What happens if you cheat?

If you cheat you will be banned from all races. You will have to give the medal back. If you cheat you will be caught. But if you course cutted (misdirection) by accident as I did then just email the officials and no penalty will be awarded.

Should I cheat in races? The answer is clearly no