The TGA crackdown on supplements

The TGA has proposed a crackdown on supplements as they are unlicensed and unsafe. The supplement industry is worth $1.1 billion dollars If the TGA goes ahead with this then eventually jobs will go and business will be forced to close down. The process of removing and banning supplements would take a long time ThereContinue reading “The TGA crackdown on supplements”


Red Tractor Protein review

I got these Red Tractor Protein from Coles and had wanted to try them. They are $3 a packet. You open the packet and you pour it into a shaker. You then add water and then stir it. These sachets have 20g of protein and no added sugars. They include oats and flaxseeds which areContinue reading “Red Tractor Protein review”

What’s in your protein powder?

If you really want to lose weight then knowing what’s in your protein powder is important. After all we need protein for amino acids among other muscle building nutrients. But knowing which ones to buy is a great idea. So we talk about some of the more common ingredients in protein powders Whey/Casein This isContinue reading “What’s in your protein powder?”

Optifast diet

This diet is recommended by Diabetes Australia as one of the best diets. Why? OPTIFAST is a weight loss program which is a very low energy diet. It is recommended for patients with a BMI of more than 27. This is a no-gimmick, no-nonsense program. In their meal plans, they say that you should eatContinue reading “Optifast diet”

Muscle Milk

Muscle Milk is a protein drink which has about 25g of protein and 300mg of potassium. In sport we need a lot of protein to recover. I got the protein powder at Cheaper Buy miles but if you want the drink on the go you can buy them at Coles and Woolworths. The lid wasContinue reading “Muscle Milk”

Yopro range

Yopro are the sponsors of this year’s Fitness show. Hence I got these products free along with everyone else. This range of goodies are awesome. Here I tried all their yoghurts and their protein drinks and they filled me up quite well. Each product has about 15-30g of protein in there. Something a bodybuilder orContinue reading “Yopro range”

Mayver’s peanut butter

We talk about Mayver’s peanut butter and the benefits of eating it I enjoy peanut butter as it has good fats as well as a good source of potassium which we all need, especially runners. Runners need potassium to run great races and training runs. Without it we crash and burn. Potassium is great forContinue reading “Mayver’s peanut butter”

Be natural’s Protein bars

Are they a gimmick? We find out here! We bought a pack of these on special at Woolworths! Here they were $3 for just 5 bars. Normally it is $6. It has 8g of protein in there which is not bad for a snack bar to tide you over to the next meal. I canContinue reading “Be natural’s Protein bars”

Vegan Protein Multi fiber

Here we talk about this Vegan Protein and why it is great! I got this protein at Aussie Health Products for $31. Here they don’t have any dairy in it which is great for those that have an intolerance to dairy. They have about 16 servings in there. For me, it’s about two weeks worthContinue reading “Vegan Protein Multi fiber”

The slendier blend

We got this Protein World Blend at Chemist Warehouse for $34. It’s a 2kg jar with about two months worth of protein shake in there. They give you a little scooper just so that you don’t have to measure out the scoops yourself. The tin is a little bit hard to open at times. YouContinue reading “The slendier blend”

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