McDonalds new vegetarian burger

McDonalds has this new vegetarian burger and we review it here. It is American Heart Health Month and for that month I decided to try the new McDonald’s Vegetarian burger thinking that it would be healthier for us. By that I mean that there’s no meat in the burger. Vegetarian means that the food wouldContinue reading “McDonalds new vegetarian burger”


Phillips Airfryer by Akira

I have got mine a little more than a year ago and I have enjoyed the fat free takeaway food that I have made at home. The airfryer costs about $200 at Harvey Norman but it lasts for a while. We can cook many things in it This is a no mess and no fussContinue reading “Phillips Airfryer by Akira”

John west tuna

John West tuna is one of my favourite brands of all time. Here it is really versatile and they can be added to everything savoury from pizza to pasta. They also come in many different varieties and packs. Sometimes you can buy for $4 for a pack of 6 at Woolies and Coles. They areContinue reading “John west tuna”

Melrose essential reds

I bought this on sale from Evelyn faye! Normally its $24.95 but with the 10% discount it is about $21. There is about 30 serves in that tub. Here you mix this with water and it becomes red. It looks like a campari as its dark red. It is meant to be beetroot powder whichContinue reading “Melrose essential reds”

Celebrityslim program Rapid Shake by Akira

I got this at Woolworths for $4.40.  It is a supplementary food which replaces meals. Now as a runner I don’t recommend replacing your meals. Rather I recommend that you have this as a snack after your workout to replace the protein lost. It is like the instant tea with the fat burners in there.Continue reading “Celebrityslim program Rapid Shake by Akira”

BSC's Whey Protein

BSC’s Whey Protein is awesome. Here they only have 138 calories per serve and 11 serves in a tub. The tub was about $24 at Woolworths. I got it for over the holidays and it was fine I got the chocolate flavour which is nice and there is no added sugar. These did fill meContinue reading “BSC's Whey Protein”

What to do with linseed

We talk about Linseed and the benefits of that here! I got this packet of Linseed free from the Fitness show. They normally are about $5 at Chemist Warehouse. With Linseed we can do lots of things. So what is linseed? They are the seeds of the Flax plant which means that it is goodContinue reading “What to do with linseed”

Why I love Tasti balls

Tasti balls have been around for quite some time. They are a New Zealand company so their food would not have to have travelled many miles to get to our shores. They are full of whole food goodness. You can take them everywhere Their balls are flavoursome and have natural sugar in them. The sugarContinue reading “Why I love Tasti balls”

Isowhey’s keto products

Have you ever done keto before? If so we review Isowhey’s keto bites and products. Now I haven’t tried the bars and shakes but had the bites, both in chocolate and strawberry. And they are really good at filling you up. What is keto? Keto is a low carb diet meant for weight loss. ButContinue reading “Isowhey’s keto products”

Blackmores Valerian

We talk about this useful supplement which can help you sleep and stay asleep. I got the Blackmores Valerian online for $20. Like many Australians I have trouble sleeping. I wake in the middle of the night and find it hard to fall asleep again. During the luteal phase of my period I was feelingContinue reading “Blackmores Valerian”

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