Poked is a franchise which offers only just poke bowls. Here the staff are super friendly and you can find a poke shop on every street corner.

What are poke bowls you might ask and why are they the craze?


These days everyone is looking to get healthy and fit. A poke bowl is one of Hawaii’s most healthy dishes and it includes brown rice or salad, a protein and three other toppings. You can have more but they cost extra.

You order and pay at one of these poke stores and then they will fill your order for you fast

It is like the Japanese sushi bowl of chirashi except the poke bowl has pineapple and fried wonton crisps. It also has those edamame in it.WP_20170711_12_50_40_Pro

People say its like the acai bowl, but I say because of the fish and meat content it is more like a Japanese chirashi don.

Do visit Poked when you are in Melbourne as it is popping up everywhere in the city.