Four foods to ease PMS

Ladies, it is that time of the month where PMS can be severe for some people. So here are some lifestyle remedies that worked for me and it might work for you too.

What is PMS?

This is the premenstrual syndrome normally felt a few days to 14 days before your period. It can be anything from mood swings to bloating. Even insomnia is classified as PMS. Some people get acne around this time. 


Well technically this is not a food but a supplement but you can find it in foods like cacao and most vegetables. It can also be taken in a supplement form such as a tablet. Here it helps to relieve muscle aches and some period pain.

Some magnesium-rich foods are fish, sardines, mackerel, broccoli, nuts (such as walnuts), cauliflower, carrots, etc.

Dark Chocolate

I love dark chocolate without sugar. Two pieces of keeps me happy. This is a mood busting food. When we eat it, it releases serotonin which is the happy hormone.


Fruits are full of Vitamin C and fiber as well as other minerals like potassium. Do eat plenty of them around this time and other times. You should get about 2-3 serves a day.


Ginger helps to relax you and you can buy most ginger at the supermarket. It helps to ease PMS symptoms such as bloating. You can add it to tea, soups, some stir-fries,  sauces, noodle dishes. Or you can eat it raw.


We should be getting in enough calcium from our foods and milk is the easiest way to enjoy that. Milk has vitamin D in there which is good for bones. You can enjoy lactose-free milk if you are sensitive to lactose. 

Lets Move 365: PMS and Boxing

Today I have PMS and pain, but I still went boxing as I was feeling OK. PMS for me like many others is painful cramps, sometimes followed by vomiting. According to the Better Health Channel, this is quite normal. They say that about 75% of women experience symptoms each month with 20-30% of women experience severe symptoms. Obesity is partly to blame. If you have a BMI that is higher than 30 you’re more likely to suffer.

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But there are ways around avoiding PMS such as exercise and eating enough proteins. You should be having 1-2 g of protein per every kilo that you weigh plus a little bit more if you go to the gym. You should eat enough proteins each day.

You should also eat enough vegetables in a day and most of the time we don’t. The Heart Foundation says that about 50% of women meet the requirements for vegetables and fruit which is five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit a day. Only 10.9% of women meet the requirements for vegetables. About 93% of the population doesn’t meet the vegetable requirements every day. We definitely don’t meet the 31g of fiber a day as a nation.

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But sometimes though we don’t get enough proteins through wholefoods so you might need a protein shake or two and that is where Herbalife Healthy shakes comes in. Good proteins include fish and meat and eggs. We shouldn’t be having too much of the processed foods such as junk food or sweetened cereals. Oh, and we should only be having about 40 teaspoons of sugar a day. Many people (myself sometimes included) go way over the limit. Hence this leads to really bad PMS symptoms.

That day I didn’t do much which might have made my PMS worse.

Later on that day I went to free Box fit and boxed my heart out.  Here I was with one guy who was taller than me. Here he really worked my guts out but after a while, I got better at this. I really liked the punches and the squats though. And then I was hungry afterwards for a shake.

Exercise releases endorphins that bring about a happy mood. When you are happy you don’t think about pain. As women, we should be getting a few strength sessions at the gym or at home. Boxing with someone can be really fun. In Richmond gym, I box on my own using the boxing bag. At first, I was a little bit clueless but now I’m ok.

Sweat is always good for us!


PMS Symptoms and how to get rid of them

Every woman has PMS symptoms just before her period. I know I get them really bad if I don’t do something right for that month. We all know that we can’t eliminate them entirely so here are some suggestions on living with them.


You need about 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I tried that but sometimes I cannot sleep well. You cannot sleep so well without your exercise and some people find it hard to sleep with alcohol and caffeine. Find what works for you.

I love sleeping in a darkened room with no TV or mobile phone.


Some women find that having a small nap in the afternoon may help alleviate symptoms. Some women also like to meditate and do yoga. Do whatever works for you.

Cut back on caffeine

Caffeine increases the cortisol levels, meaning that for some people it increases the stress and anxiety levels. Like I would do that! I love my coffee. But I stick to one coffee a day and all is fine.


Exercise brings out the happy and healthy endorphins within us. You should incorporate some strength and cardio workouts each week.

What sort of exercise do you like to do? Do you like to run or are you more of a walker? Doing some events can help you be motivated to exercise all the time even when you don’t feel like it.


You should get rid of most sugary things as well as eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I try to but sometimes I get a few blogger invites to things and its hard to.

Do you eat enough vegetables? If not why not? Are you bored of having the same vegetables day in day out? If so head over to my Instagram account and see how you can best use vegetables both at home and outside.

Drink lots

Stay hydrated. Drink lots and lots of water. Not a water person? Then try this. You could have some herbal teas or x50 green tea or Herbalife tea and aloe.

Get used to drinking lots especially in summer.

Why too much sugar is bad for you and protein shakes are good for you

Over the spring and summer season, people want to lose weight for various reasons. Over winter people have put on weight. One way of doing that is trying to cut down on sugar. A way to cut down on the sugar is to have your coffees without sugar. Or it can be not eating a lot of sweet biscuits, chocolates and cake.


On average we eat about 40-60 grams of sugar a day. Now this can come from your normal soft drinks like coke or it can be an added sugar. Eg: what is supposed to be a healthy drink might have about 30g of sugar.

A little bit of sugar in food is ok so long as its in moderation. Sugar gives us energy. And homemade food is best.

Most of the sugar in today’s junk food is just empty calories and then afterward we crash and burn.


There is no added sugar in shakes. It’s only just protein powder, water, and some fruits. Some protein helps aid your weight loss journey as they keep you full for a while.

Too much sugar is bad for you because it gives you a really big high and it is linked to weight problems as talked about in the sugar movie. Its the same too for teeth. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes. For a woman, too much sugar can lead to PMS, cramps and bloating.

As a person, you are supposed to have 20-40 teaspoons of sugar a day. Really active people can afford to have more sugar. But it is advised for them to watch their sugar intake.

Women’s health week


IMG_20180708_143236This week is about celebrating being a woman. Being a woman is hard enough as it is with all the responsibilities but you should take some time to take care of yourself too. Here we look at how to live healthy lifestyles as a woman and open up some discussions on touchy subjects such as PMS, getting good rest and PCOS. Part of that is to do with diet.

I am a moderated worrier. During the winter I did not have enough sleep and I hate going on holidays as I worry about all the work and running that I’ll leave behind. I have a little bit of anxiety. But I don’t let that get in the way of life. I’m anxious about the fact that is the problem.

I slept well this past week. Its been quite warm and I think the exercise has helped a lot. Sleeping well helps get rid of the stress in life as well as manage PMS symptoms better. In the end, I lost about 1kg and that was just pure body fat that I have accumulated over the winter.

My physical health has been just fine. I do suffer a little bit of PMS from time to time but that has not taken me away from the joys of life. I eat at home a lot rather than going out for dinner. And I don’t binge eat. I am happy just the way that I am.

During that week there were a lot of runs and fun things at my gym. I love RPM and doing strength work. Running has calmed the mind a bit.

Week 32 of Triathlon training

This week I had PMS and did not want to get up. I was sore and felt fat. And then only burned 640 calories. What’s wrong with me?

Last week I got a cold so I might still be recovering from that.

Then Wednesday’s ride was one the hardest rides and I burnt 431 calories riding 22km in 55 mins.

Due to my new diet of transitioning to a vegetarian, I recovered fast on Thursday. It was also one of the heaviest days of my period. I rode 23km and burnt 445 calories within 57 mins. This was a new record for me as I have never done that.

As a transitioning vegetarian, I am learning a lot about the benefits of being one. The benefits of being one mean that there are faster recovery times and I can do more in the long run.

Friday’s run of 6km was not that good. It was after the day that I lost the most blood and iron. Hopefully, as a newbie, I can learn heaps of ways about iron.

Then on Sunday, I ran about 29km. I started at Flinders St, then went past a quiet MCG, up Swan St, Chapel St, High St, Fitzroy St, Point Ormond, Beaconsfield Parade and then back to the city. The run felt really good thanks to the nutrition. On my run, I found that I had to go to the bathroom heaps and farted a bit. The vegetarian diet will take some time to get used to.

On the way, there were the Salvos getting their donations at the intersections.

Lunch was as per usual at Lentils and I had their soup. I really did enjoy their soup.

Week 25 of Marathon Training

This week my skin looked bad and I ate too many sweet things in order to increase potassium. That is not good and as a result my skin dried out. I found out that the more potassium we as runners have the better our hydration and skin gets. Also I have quite a bit of acne.

I have sensitive skin and so I try not to use anything with alcohol in it.

The nights are getting colder as we get into winter. It is growing dark by 6:30pm. Tried out the new light this week. It was about $16 and I got this when Kathmandu had their New year sale as I knew that I would need a light in the cooler months. The light is just awesome. I clipped it around my middle and it fell off. When I clipped it a second time, it didn’t come off as I clipped it on my Fitbit around my wrist.  I can see really well with it, but it does need charging once in a while.


Ran on my first day of my period and it was not too bad except for the coughing and wheezing from all the iron being lost. Oh and the going slow parts. But in the end though according to myfitnesspal I got about 117% of my daily recommended iron needs. Most days I have been a bit on the low side. Ate a lot of fish that day which really helps too.

Ran again on the third day and it was not too bad but of course I was a bit slower. Need to work on that iron and potassium which is hard for us females. On that day my period was a lot heavier.

Ran some hills on Friday- barely survived the big hills.

The long run was just ok. I ran about 19km on a sunny Sunday around Port Melbourne and St Kilda. It was warm and I had lost a lot of potassium through my period and sweat. I was puffing. Thank god for the cross training on Wednesday or otherwise I would have lost my sanity.

Cross training this week was not too bad but not great yet.

Trail report number 2: Barwon River trail again by Katherine

Yes we went to Barwon River again. This time it was a lot cooler and it was easier to find

This one was on a slower pace as I had my most heaviest day of bleeding and was not quite feeling up to it. I walked for most of the way. I lost Akira halfway as he ran faster. I also had to change my pad in the bush as there were no toilets nearby. But I took all my rubbish back with me. It felt embarrassing but I’m sure many do it by the bush. But I managed to find a private spot where no one was looking. In the city there are many bathrooms. On the trail not so many.


I have read about the Diva Cup but I am not too sure about it because I don’t feel comfortable with a tampon. I know its not expensive but its getting it down there that I’m worried about

This time I remembered the compression bandage and a protein bar. But there were no snakes.

Do you feel sluggish everytime you have a period and you do your runs?

Week eight of the Melbourne Marathon by Akira

This week we have done 12-13 kms of 21kms and am finding it hard now.

This week my friend Katherine found it really hard to get her period. In kms 9-12 she found it really hard to maintain good fat levels hence the maybe skipped period (acutally it came on Sunday- the 37th day)  On myfitness pal it said that she had been having 50-83 g most days a bit on the low side. She found it hard to get warm.

Then it was cold one night and she could not sleep. The next day she burnt 700 calories and so did I. We both had pasta that night- I had the pollo and she had ratoutuille  with olive oil, salami and prawns. We had it at this place called Vapiano where they give you a card and then you swipe it everytime you order a meal. Our meals were free ( we have both joined the  club- this is a foodies club at Vapiano where new specials come and go) except for the extras and her red wine which she wanted to go with her pasta. It actually brought out the best in her pasta.

Then on Sunday she ran really slow due to her period and found it hard to catch up. In the end we went to St Kilda Esplanade market where there lots of dogs and goods.