Rustica Sourdough

We write this as part of our Febfast where we gave up on added sugars! Rustica Sourdough is a bakery in Melbourne and here they are really popular with the locals in Fitzroy. So much so that there is another store in Melbourne central. This store would suit International students and locals just fine asContinue reading “Rustica Sourdough”


David Jones opens a new Food Hall

The new Food Hall is open in South Yarra at the Capitol and its a foodie’s delight. Here you can buy a wide variety of things including wine. We took the time to try it out during the week. This place is a stone’s throw away from South Yarra station on the busy Chapel st.Continue reading “David Jones opens a new Food Hall”

Australian Sports nutrition

We talk about the chain store here. Australian Sports Nutrition is a chain store that serves runners and avid gym goers alike. They have quite a few stores in Australia and one in the city. They sell protein powders and supplements from the major brands as well fun snacks which have a lot of proteinContinue reading “Australian Sports nutrition”

Cheaper Buy miles

Guys, would you like to buy your groceries for cheaper? Are you worried about not being able to buy enough food for the month? Well, you need not be with a cheap place that sells the same quality items as Woolies and Coles for a lot less. These days not everyone can afford food, especiallyContinue reading “Cheaper Buy miles”

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