Gumtree Goodfood

Gumtree Goodfood is a boutique place in South Yarra, Middle Park, and Albert Park. Here they sell the best items and before the Covid19 they used to let everyone taste stuff. We loved tasting the wines and now when restrictions are lifted I would love to go back there and buy a bottle just for myself at home.

Here they sell the freshest food and the nicest cheeses. Pre Covid19 they let everyone try the cheeses and the wines. The wines were really lovely and are all local

They not only sell fresh food but they sell pantry goods and ready made meals. I loved buying snacks and other sundries from there.

Do support them as they need your support. They only stock the best food around and they support local producers,.

The Happy Apple

The Happy Apple is a grocery store in Union Road Ascot Vale where they sell lots of unique items that I cannot find in supermarkets.

Photo by John Finkelstein on

During these crazy weeks of Covid19 I have been making some small trips there to buy my snacks and drinks at the end of my runs. Exercise is an essential activity that can be done outside and the Government has allowed this. So I have been ramping up my marathon training this way.

Here I once bought a mango lassi and it was low fat and very nice. Other times I have bought a protein ice cream and orange juice made by the Happy Apple. This juice has no added sugar to it.

Do come by the Happy Apple when you can. Do support small business. They also have another store in Seddon for those that live out west.

The Mylk Bar

The Mylk Bar is a vegan food truck which is based in Moonee Ponds. During recent times I have seen it at Aberfeldie dog park during the weekends and saw people lining up getting a coffee post walk. People were saying how good their coffees and food are from this truck. So one day I went there and wanted to check it out. For now during the Covid times they are taking card only. But after the restrictions were lifted they started taking cash

The people that served me are lovely and are knowledgeable about what the customer wants and needs. They know the customers by name.

All the food is freshly made on site with the exception of the sweets and biscuits. They do jaffles and they have all sorts of flavours. I had the pesto vegetarian jaffle and it was really nice, except they might have put a bit too much cheese in there. I think the cheese is vegan though so it is good for those that are lactose intolerant.

Then another day I tried their homemade Apricot and Macadamia ball. This was nice and it was not too sweet. It was very filling. That day it was very busy with lots of people lined up waiting for their coffees.

Do come by for your coffee and your treats!

Ella in Melbourne Central

During the Covid19 pandemic its important to support these places. They are either closed or doing just takeaway now

Ella in Melbourne central is an awesome place to hang if you want to chill. I have enjoyed the pretzel and some of the food that is on offer there. Its an awesome place to hang if you want to just enjoy the night out.

Melbourne Central is in the city and all the train lines from the suburbs serve it. Also all the trams from the suburbs and Melbourne Uni go there. Ella is just above the station on the Elizabeth street side.

They have live music every Friday night and they have a bottleshop called “Blackhearts and Sparrows” which is cool and it has a lot of wine and beer in there

The retailers at Ella in Melbourne Central often use paper or plastic packaging for when their customers want to dine in. With the exception of the sushi club and Ajisen Ramen which have eat in dishes. Byrdi is a sit restaurant but its more of a bar and Reverie is a coffee place. Son in Law used these takeaway bowls and they would have wasted all that plastic. Emporium has their own eat in bowls and dishes which customers can return to the eateries or put it where they drop off the trays.

Byrdi is a Australian bar but they do awesome brunch. Here I enjoyed their eggs on toast. They use all natural Australian ingredients.

I tried Pretzel and love their awesome pretzels. They were enough to fill me up.

Do come by Ella when you can

Rustica Sourdough

We write this as part of our Febfast where we gave up on added sugars!

Rustica Sourdough is a bakery in Melbourne and here they are really popular with the locals in Fitzroy. So much so that there is another store in Melbourne central. This store would suit International students and locals just fine as it is a healthy eating cafe.

The staff are lovely and down to earth and at 3:30pm when we went last time they were happy to serve us even though they have worked a long and tiring day. It’s always busy with people

I really liked their vegan breakfast bar as it is a good way to start the morning and they were Instagram worthy. Here they were not too sweet and aimed at 160-200 calories this bar is a must for those that want to lose the weight.

Also I love their teas and relaxed environment! It is in a shopping centre and it has some seating outside its store as well as inside. They also have a great range of coffees and I enjoy their cold brew.

If you are in Melbourne central do come by and check out their awesome coffees on Level 2 where all the clothing stores are.

David Jones opens a new Food Hall

The new Food Hall is open in South Yarra at the Capitol and its a foodie’s delight. Here you can buy a wide variety of things including wine. We took the time to try it out during the week. This place is a stone’s throw away from South Yarra station on the busy Chapel st. There is a tram stop right in front of it and it’s about a 15 minute walk from my gym.

Ever since they opened it has been quite busy with people coming and going for their goods. The cashiers are knowledgeable about the deals that they have going and they have the $25 one which is two salads, a main dish to share and a bottle of wine.

I loved the David Jones food hall in the city, so I had high expectations for this place. They are a smallish place with no pizzeria, wine bar, seafood bar and Japanese area. The city has both. But what it does have is a wine section where you buy a bottle of wine, pantry goods and ready made food. It also has a coffee section where people can get takeaway food and plants.

They have a small seating area outside. And people bring their dogs and park them outside.

Here I had the barbeque pasta salad and a rainbow salad and both are really nice. The barbeque pasta salad was drenched in a lot of sauce though.

The rainbow salad has a whole range of vegetables and I love the sweet potato and the legumes in there to give it that protein. I also added some Sirena tuna that I got from my gym to the mix.

Do come by for your foodie fix that is healthy.

You can find them at: Shop 19-22 Capitol Grand, 625 Chapel Street, South Yarra, VIC 3141, Australia

Australian Sports nutrition

We talk about the chain store here.

Australian Sports Nutrition is a chain store that serves runners and avid gym goers alike. They have quite a few stores in Australia and one in the city.

They sell protein powders and supplements from the major brands as well fun snacks which have a lot of protein in them such as the cake pops.

We bought the scan and the shake deal online. It was a $29 Groupon deal. I picked Richmond as that one is close to the gym and the staff are always friendly.

And we enjoy dealing with them in Richmond. Here the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. I have bought many things from them before. The staff explain the scan results after you have had your scan. And they recommend certain things too such as protein.

This store is always busy. The staff are happy to help you with whatever problems you may have.

The scan went for a few minutes but it’s important to get scanned as you’ll want to know about your muscle and water levels as well as your body fat. You’ll want to know which areas of your health that you’d want to work on.

And then they recommend you coming in for a scan every four to six weeks free of charge. Then that way you can see how well you are doing.

Do come by if you want some advice and a scan at: 161 Swan Street, Richmond Victoria 3121

You can have a look at their supplements here.

Cheaper Buy miles

Guys, would you like to buy your groceries for cheaper? Are you worried about not being able to buy enough food for the month? Well, you need not be with a cheap place that sells the same quality items as Woolies and Coles for a lot less.


These days not everyone can afford food, especially those that are struggling to make ends meet after the exorbitant rents and minimum wages.

Cheaper Buy Miles is a place in Newmarket which is right where the restaurant precinct is. Here you can take tram number 57 from the city.  Or it’s just a short stroll from Newmarket station. They also do have parking around the place and at the station and during the week is the best time to visit as the street is not so busy.

If you don’t want to go to Newmarket there are stores in Footscray and Sunshine west and details are on their website.

Everything there is close to expiring or just after the best before the date and is still good. That is good for our nonwaste selves who love to not waste food. It’s also good for those on Centrelink as everything there is very cheap.


You can buy everything in bulk at cheaper than supermarket prices. One time we bought granola from Be Natural which turned out to be lovely. Be natural cereal was not too sweet and did not have any added sugar which was great for Febfast.

Another time we bought this French cheese which was a hit at the dinner party. Here we had it with crudites and dips.

One time we bought this lobster bisque and it was quite creamy and easy to do soup. Normally lobster bisque would cost a lot of money to eat outside but the can was about $2. Buy a few cans and it was about $6

Another time we bought this Greens cake mix and it was yum, albeit a bit sweet. We made these easy small Angel food cakes with the pie machine and they were nice. The first time we did it with lemonade and it was way too sweet.

And then we had 5 for $2 chips. The coconut rings that we had was sweet and addictive.

Do go to Cheaper Buy miles for their cheap grocery items. You can make many snacks out of these cheap items. Its better than going to Coles and Woolworth’s anyway. City folk and folk that live on the other side of town, it is worth the drive or the train ride in.