Week 14 of the Marathon training

Am looking forward to mentoring the new kids in March sometime.


Training is going good and what I did this week is to wear my Fitbit everywhere to work out how many steps a 42.2 km race is and that is a lot of steps. So far got up to 27.7km so have still got a fair way to go. But am getting there.

Had a few small leg cramps here and there and they have gone away. Also gone are my hives which I got last week. It was thanks to being indoors most of the time and the awesome nutrition from Shape Up that I had. And no I was not allergic to the nutrition. Apparently it was runners rash, that thing that everyone gets in summer from sweating too much


Also had a little bit of diarrhea from what I ate at the Hamodova which is two sausages. I try and get in as much red meat as I can as it is easy to lose iron and not have enough for blood etc. The other day I had a beef pho and the other day I had a pork sausage.

What are your suggestions on dealing with runner rash? Please comment below for the new kids!