Axe the tax on period products

We should be able to manage our periods the way we want. Now more than ever due to the Covid19, people had to choose between paying bills or paying for their period. Periods are not a choice as it happens every month

We go through about 3-4 pads or tampons during the day. Some women go through more because they have had heavy bleeding. So all up in 7 days it would be 21-28 pads and tampons. Some days our period is lighter.

On top of that we also have to pay for pain killers to kill the period pain.

We shouldn’t have to pay for pads or go without them just because we have not got enough money. Pads in Australia are about $4-$8 a pack. And we go through about 1-3 packs per period.

But what about period products?

They are sustainable but they are a huge investment for women, especially those without an income. They are about $30-$60 per cup but some people can’t afford it.

So please if you can, ask your local MP or Government to make period products cheaper (or free for those that can’t afford it).

Or better yet, if you have lots leftover from your panic buying days, why not donate them to charity or a local pantry who needs them?

Too much workout and no period

Warning: this one is for the ladies, men please keep scrolling on

Ladies this one affects you.

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In our case it does not happen as we eat a lot and train a lot.

I had written about this subject before but I mention it again here as its spring and people are looking to lose weight in time for summer so they go to the gym.

Losing your period is not normal, although people think it is. The Health department at Cleveland Clinic says that this issue is quite common among athletes.

When you workout too much and restrict yourself with food and calories, you won’t have enough body fat and eventually you’ll lose your period. It’s happened before to many people and believe me its not nice. Three months down the track and it becomes a serious problem.

In the end you’ll lose bone mass which will then lead to osteoporosis. In the end it can result in stress fractures and can cause you to take time off your sport to rest (Huffington Post)

How that happens

How that can happen is that you have low body fat. By that I mean that it is under 15%. Tinamuir a former elite athlete says that stress and the high intensity exercise is often to blame for the low body fat percentage and no periods.

Low body fat can cause a hormonal imbalance which means that periods can come late or never at all.

” The exact process behind this involves a hitch in the process of the set of hormonal interactions that leads to a period. Sudden changes in weight can cause the hormone leptin, produced by fatty tissue, to drop, which can disrupt the menstrual cycle. Reduced fat stores also reduce thyroid levels but cause an increase of cortisol, which has a knock on effect on the reproductive hormones. Finally, weight loss can cause an increase in the hormone ghrelin, which, like leptin, causes a chain reaction resulting in diminished release of luteinising hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, which are crucial for the menstrual cycle.” (

But what if you want children?

If you don’t have a period, you might not be able to have children due to infertility issues.

So if you want children it’s best to up the food intake and love yourself for who you are not what you look like. And it’s best to not do too much exercise unless you are training for marathons and have eaten the right amount of food for a marathoner.

Periods and sport and how it affects us

We talk about periods and how it affects us as runners!


Ok, us ladies have a thing called periods which happen every month without fail. I have mine and it can affect my performance in training runs. Most of the time I get annoyed about this.

There isn’t a lot of information online about this except to talk about amenorrhea which is the stoppage of periods after excessive training.

The weeks and days before this I get a lot of energy and can run really well. But when it comes to period we often lose a bit of muscle and bone then. Often days 1 to 3 are the heaviest and by day 4 to 6 I have no energy by then. By that week its often the hardest to run

But after that I’m all good.

The Telegraph UK reported that athletes don’t perform as well whilst menstruating. Less than 25% of women have sought medical advice about this.

If we can talk about this issue more freely and often, why wouldn’t we? We should be able to talk to anyone about what we go through without embarrassment.

Periods and running: do we burn more calories whilst on your period

This issue was talked about in Runner’s world and it been talked about a lot by everyone in the running community. For years now I have been wanting to know the answer to this. There are many new runners that will be in the same boat as me, three years ago when I took up marathon running.


Periods affect our running in a few different ways, one being energy and losing iron.

I personally don’t burn more but I run better when I am on my period. I have heaps more energy when I’m on my period as I don’t have to lag around this weight. And I’m usually happier.

During the luteal phase!

The Luteal phase is the days before the period (14 days to be exact)! Here we experience PMS and the hunger games feeling. It sometimes means that we cannot sleep at night due to this hormonal disturbance.

The metabolic rate according to Metro Uk rises by 9% and hence there is an increase in appetite. This can be good for those that need to lose the weight. The BMR can vary during a woman’s period. The BMR rises during the luteal phase and it stays there until the period starts. For runners, this is a good time to get that long run in.

We put on weight mainly due to water retention. Hence we might feel a bit thirstier at times when we train.

This is also where core temperatures rise, hence you might feel much warmer and inclined to do the long run.

Ovulation phase

This is the phase in which estrogen is dominant and where your period comes. This is where the BMR is lowered and also the metabolic rate. On days 1-3, we lose a lot of blood and iron, but after that its all good. We also burn fat around this time and lose all that water weight.

Body temperatures drop and sometimes I’m shivering even though its a warm day.

And I can do more on my period. But sometimes I eat less on it and it can hamper my performance. It all depends on the person.

Those days in between cycles also can vary because sometimes we put on a little bit of muscle or ovulate.


This one is a touchy subject but you do poop a lot more just before your period. And you also urinate more before your period. Its a part of PMS. So make sure that there is a bathroom handy on route or buy some adult pull up pants for times when there is no toilet


We all get them but if you can try and take your painkillers well in advance of your run. Painkillers take about half an hour to two hours to settle down so try going for an easy jog then.

Running and periods


Running with a period is hard as you lose a lot of iron. It affects all women in some ways. I try and have an iron supplement to help with the loss of iron.

Women who run and have periods need a lot more iron than those that don’t. We lose iron through sweat, foot pounding, period and through other things.

And sometimes though I tend to cough and vomit a lot. I think its due to not having a lot of good fats in the diet. When I have a period I don’t eat as much as I should.

In the first few days of it I always feel weak and sometimes I’ll go really slow. That is ok as the body has lost a lot of blood.

If you don’t have enough fat or eat enough calories you can lose your period or have a really late one and that can not be so fun. It means that you have to worry about when your period is coming. I sometimes have to worry about this problem. In the end, mine always comes.

Sometimes ovulation can be painful. It’s no big deal just add a bit more fat to your diet and you’ll be fine.

Week 28 of Triathlon Training

I burnt 631 calories on the bike and went 34km.

Didn’t sleep so well and now my period is here. This month I did not eat as much fat and did lots of strength training. This has really helped me handle the bike well. In the first year of RPM, I felt really tired all the time and I was not balancing it well. I was light-footed and hated the climbs. Now I love the climbs.

I also found that strength training has helped me run well and have more energy for good runs. I also found that I’m not so tired after a long run.

Was watching a webinar on Youtube and found that you need the confidence to do Ironman. I have some in the marathon but not an Ironman.

Five mistakes that an athlete needs to know:

  1. Doing too much too soon- doing too many races in a year
  2. Overtraining- don’t do more than 15 hours a week.
  3. Not enough recovery- what I mean is about one or two days of rest. rest is always needed before the big race. Have a plan.
  4. Rigidness- change it up. You need to be flexible and realistic.
  5. Inconsistency.

Don’t try anything new on race day. Plan everything ahead.

Then on Thursday, I did a night run and it was the second day of my period. I was happy with this run as it was all good and sweaty. And I had lots of energy thanks to my Swisse tablets.

On Sunday I went for a run of 24km which took me around the city, MCG, Chapel St, Fitzroy St, Point Ormond and then back to the city.  Having come early because of no trams I decided to challenge myself.

I burnt 1632 calories and then I did some stretching afterward. I was puffed and sore when I got back to the city.

Lunch, of course, was at Lentils.

Week 16 of the triathlon


Rode 22 km on Tuesday and all was fine. It was the second day of my period and I was bleeding heavily.  Here I was a little bit slower on my run. I bled throughout the night and it was quite a lot.  I was in a bit of pain and needed my painkillers. Luckily for me, there was my Herbalife shakes and I am eating a lot more these days to not even notice my period as much and have just as good performances in my training.

Wednesday’s stretching session was really good. Wednesday’s run was also a bit labored. After all, I lost a lot of blood at night. Luckily it was not warm at all.

Ran a good 9km on Friday and on the fifth day of the period with no vomiting. Rode 20km as I was tired from the last session. Saw the Herbalife family foundation riders start their race today and it gave me some hope for the Salvos.

Painful periods: are they normal?

No they are not normal. I have struggled with painful periods for a while. I dry reached, vomited and they were painful. That is….until…. I ate right. I ate the right amount of iron and magnesium.


Despite all that, many women to this day have severe pain. Some period pain is alright as it is just the uterus getting rid of the blood and tissues. On the second day I have a heavy flow. It can be painful for me at times.

Some women have very heavy periods meaning that they would use two pads at a time or change their pads every hour. That is not normal. It could mean that you have some sort of underlying problem or low levels of iron. I used to have very heavy periods until my iron became great.


If you have very painful periods you should see a doctor and get it checked out. They would do some sort of test to make sure that you are ok and work out underlying problems.

Triathlon week 3

Here we did do boxing in order to strengthen the arms for the swim start. If I was to do Ironman I would inspire many others to do the same thing as me and hopefully, the government will start to see that we need to crack down on obesity. In Melbourne the obesity rate is bad. And there are many reasons why people are obese such as disability among other things. Maybe someone has lost a loved one.

During boxing, I was clumsy for the first time and the second time. But with time my skills will improve.

Did a few short runs this week, mainly to South Melbourne and South Melbourne Market since it has been a while since I last went? Whilst there, I tried some wines in time for Christmas.

On Tuesday I picked up my race gels from this place in South Melbourne that has discount days.

On Wednesday went back to the Hamodava to revisit old roots and remember why I am doing the triathlon. And why I did the Marathon. It wasn’t easy to revisit the old roots as I kept putting this off for a while.

Then Sunday’s long run was around St Kilda and featured the Bloody long walk as a part of it. Here we did our own Bloody long walk which started at Maribyrnong park and ended at Southern cross. Here we went past Docklands and on to this bridge that connects Docklands and Port Melbourne. I had no idea that this bridge existed. Much of Docklands seemed quieter given that it was a sunny Sunday.

But Port Melbourne was really hectic though. Here everyone was going for brunch or to the beach.

The Bloody long walkers were really slow. But I didn’t mind as I was slow also. At times I felt energetic.

Lunch wasn’t at Lentils but was at About Life in Port Melbourne. Lunch was vegetarian as always. Here I had brown rice, potatoes and potato skin and mixed vegetables.

At the end due to my period, I was out of breath. I had forgotten my usual nutritional things so had to buy some and ended up buying this cheeseymite scroll from Woolies.

Periods and running

This post is for the ladies, so if you are not a lady then please click the close button.

Getting your period and running is a very complicated thing and it can take a while to get used to. You’ll have to get used to running with a pad and work out your nutrition

The first day and second day of the period is the heaviest with the third day being one of the lightest. You’ll find that on the first and second day you won’t want to do much.

Most women feel a lot of pain on the first day hence bed rest is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to drink plenty of fluids on that day and the days before. You’ll find that you won’t want to eat much and that’s ok. Some women also vomit.

Some women, I included, won’t have much energy to run on as we lose that due to not eating much and losing it through the shedding.  But then by day 5-10, we are just fine. Then during ovulation, we lose energy again due to the egg being fertilized. For some people after that running can feel a bit heavy.

If you lose too much blood then you can become anemic. And that’s no fun.

One of the things that I found out through myfitnesspal is that I didn’t have enough iron and potassium. This is important for women who run. If you don’t have enough iron you’ll find that you will cough and vomit a lot in the first few days. This is because you are losing a lot of iron which is important for bodily functions.

On the other hand, if you exercise too much and don’t eat enough to meet your daily requirements then you might not have a period at all. This is because your body fat is too low and that places a lot of stress on the body.

Finding the right balance is hard and time-consuming. Therefore I suggest just going with the flow for the first few months and then trying out a lot of things to see what works for you!