Why carbs are not the enemy

I got the idea for this article from Snap Fitness Airport West’s Facebook page who says that not all carbs are bad for you. People seem to think that carbs are the enemy and that to lose weight you must eliminate all carbs. We see it all the time at the gym where people talkContinue reading “Why carbs are not the enemy”


Our 100 days of less sugar part 9

This time I bought my own snacks instead of relying on my flatmate to buy them. Day 80 Today I was at home and I bought a protein bar and enjoyed no other sweet things except for the Oh Sparkling drink which had a lot of sugar in there Day 81 Went to my sistersContinue reading “Our 100 days of less sugar part 9”

Why processed foods are bad for you

We talk about why processed foods are bad for you In the US and UK obesity is at all time high. Earlier this week I watched a new report about people in Melbourne’s low income suburbs buying all these junk food as the supermarkets price them pretty cheap. It is the same in 7/11. AllContinue reading “Why processed foods are bad for you”

Metabolic health

Healthline writes about this topic as its one of importance. Here we are getting fatter and fatter by the year. Obesity and weight issues carries a risk for bad metabolic health. With more of us staying at home due to the Covid our metabolic health may have declined. What is metabolic health? There is aContinue reading “Metabolic health”

Our 100 days on less sugar part 8

This week my flatmate brought home too many sugary items for snacks. I had to accept them just to be kind to him. Day 70 Today we had zhong (or Chinese sticky rice as they call it). Love eating zhong. Other than the raisin toast that my flatmate bought there were no sweets had DayContinue reading “Our 100 days on less sugar part 8”

International No Diet Day

International No Diet day was on the 7th of May. Whilst we are all in lockdown we celebrated that week by eating a whole bunch of yummy things at home. I first heard about International No diet day from RUSU when they invited me along to their celebrations. From there I found out that thisContinue reading “International No Diet Day”

Our 100 days of less sugar part 7

Here are our 100 days of less sugar Part 7. In this part we did indulge a little bit in sugar but it wasn’t too bad. We slept really well during this part which took the hunger games and sugar cravings away. Day 60 Today I had one chocolate biscuit bar and the rest wereContinue reading “Our 100 days of less sugar part 7”

Healthy food swaps during the Coronavirus

Want to not put on weight during the Coronavirus? During the Coronavirus people have put on some weight and now Turkey, the US and other countries are going through the pandemic. Australia might have gotten over the worst of pandemic. In many parts of the world, gyms have closed and outdoor exercise is limited. SoContinue reading “Healthy food swaps during the Coronavirus”

Healthy fats and oils- how much should we eating

These are tough times that we can help each other. We should help each other out during this time. This is the question that I get asked a lot. This topic is brought to you by Dietician Connection. Our Australian dietary guidelines are a bit out of date. The Australian olive oil industry is lobbyingContinue reading “Healthy fats and oils- how much should we eating”

Emotional eating and how to combat this

When Women Inspire had a great post on this so I thought that I would write about it too since everyone is locked inside of their houses due to the virus. At Christmas many people overeat due to stress and boredom. But during the Covid times this has been happening a lot due to theContinue reading “Emotional eating and how to combat this”

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