National nutrition month

March is National nutrition month. This is a month that happens in America and not so much in Australia. I was hoping to do this month in order to promote national nutritional standards in Australia. Standards in Australia are quite low. We don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables and hydrate properly. Hence the obesity rateContinue reading “National nutrition month”


Our 100 days of less sugar part 2

Here is our 100 days of sugar Part 2. We did eat a little bit of sugar but not much. Day 11 Today was International Women’s day and here it was impossible not to have that treat. So I picked a custard bombolini and my Musashi rocky road bar as my chocolate. Women’s day isContinue reading “Our 100 days of less sugar part 2”

Immune system and how to keep it great

Your immune system is the one thing that is keeping you alive and healthy. During times of Covid19 having a healthy immune system is important. What is a healthy immune system? It is a system where you get rid of all waste easily and it wards off most diseases. You should be free of anyContinue reading “Immune system and how to keep it great”

Food guilt is toxic to our health.

City Women and Co wrote about this topic and we decided we should too. Amy Lee Giannotti talks about this a lot in her Instagram posts. Amy Lee says that if we have too much food guilt and restriction it can lead to missed periods for a woman. We here this all the time; itsContinue reading “Food guilt is toxic to our health.”

Our 100 days of less sugar Part 1

This week we started the challenge after reading The Baking Nutritionist post. It is mad but very exciting and can be quite doable. In Australia and the US we eat too much sugar. Too much sugar leads to obesity and some cancers. Day 1. Today instead of my WW chocolate bar I had potato andContinue reading “Our 100 days of less sugar Part 1”

American Heart Health month

This month is Heart Health month. Over 70% of people have heart disease or some other diseases. This month is all about making good food and lifestyle choices and talk about which ones are the bad ones. It is an American initiative because about 1 in 4 deaths is due to heart disease. Heart diseaseContinue reading “American Heart Health month”

The importance of nutrition and hydration in the workplace and uni

We got the idea from Creative impact co who suggests eating three meals a day and breakfast. They say that so many of us eat on the run rather than taking the time to eat your food. What does your day look like? For many people they get up around 6:30am and then they startContinue reading “The importance of nutrition and hydration in the workplace and uni”

The difference between sugary drinks and non sugary ones

This article was written for Febfast- a month in which we ditch added sugar. Ditching added sugar is a great idea and soft drink companies should make sugarless soft drinks to combat the ever growing rate of obesity as cited in Medical News today. By that we mean soft drinks and juices. There are quiteContinue reading “The difference between sugary drinks and non sugary ones”

Is Butter a Carb?

“Is Butter a Carb?” is an iconic quote from Mean Girls and I had been thinking about it ever since, pondering over this question. I guess it is one in today’s society that we must all answer at some point. We have been taught to think critically about some of the information that we seeContinue reading “Is Butter a Carb?”

Lets move 365: Don’t forget your vitamins

Many people don’t get enough vitamins and minerals from their everyday diet. We explain what happens when people don’t get enough from their diet. Food is not everything. In order to maintain good health students need to have some vitamins in their daily intake. We need vitamin A, B12, C and other vitamins. We canContinue reading “Lets move 365: Don’t forget your vitamins”

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