Julia and Julie

I really wanted to write about this movie as we are living in Coronavirus times in our own little bubble and we see the same people day in day out. Julie and Julia is a movie about food. It is based on a true story involving two women and their love for cooking and food.Continue reading “Julia and Julie”


World Laughter Day

World Laughter day is on the 5th of May and this year it is incredibly important because we have seen a lot of depression and anxiety during these Coronavirus times. It is important to stress less. What makes you laugh today? Is it a joke that someone says? Or is it someone’s action? Laughter isContinue reading “World Laughter Day”

Cyberbully the movie

In our everyday lives at work and at school we are bullied a lot. People are bullied for all kinds of reasons whether it is a disability or looks or some other reason. We watched Cyberbully on Youtube as this movie is a VHS movie. It stars Emily Osment as a 17 year old girlContinue reading “Cyberbully the movie”

Harry potter movies

We talk about the Harry Potter movies which is about a boy who grows up to be a man and a famous wizard. In the first three movies Harry is just a student at Hogwarts and enjoying his time there and not thinking too much about Voldermort. Then in the fourth movie things began toContinue reading “Harry potter movies”


2012 is a sci fi movie starring John Cusack. Its about the earth ending and climate change. Here they talk about the unsteady globe and the temperatures that are rising. People are forced to evacuate. There is a lot of panic. There’s tsunamis and earthquakes and buildings falling. Its a movie about survival of theContinue reading “2012”

Brittany runs a Marathon

The story is a motivational one and one about why you should take up running even though you are fat or have a disability. It just goes to show that anyone can run. This movie is on Amazon Prime and for new customers they get 30 days free. This movie is based around a woman’sContinue reading “Brittany runs a Marathon”

Ever After

Ever After is one of my favourite movies. I rented it on Youtube which unfortunately is not a part of my phone plan. It is narrated by the great Dame and the Brothers Grimm. The painting of danielle was talked about. Danielles life as Cinderella was told. She wanted a life of freedom. Drew BarrymoreContinue reading “Ever After”

Anne Frank the whole story

Anne Frank the Whole story is based on Anne Frank’s Diary in 1940. It’s a powerful mini series starring Ben Kingsley. The series is on Youtube and it is captivating. The series is about 3 hours altogether. Here it is set in Amsterdam and the performances are powerful as. It started out with Anne beingContinue reading “Anne Frank the whole story”

The Life of Buddha review

This is a true story featuring true people. Here the story is set in India where there is Bollywood dancing. Here it talks about the life of Buddha and how Buddhism came about. Here we learn about pain and suffering and how to be happy. At Christmastime in Melbourne, many people are poor and sadContinue reading “The Life of Buddha review”

Tinker Tailor soldier spy.

We watched this movie on Netflix with a $10 a month subscription. This movie is set after the cold war and the themes of the movie can relate to everyday work life and personal life. We have to put up with moles and people that lie just to get their way! The movie stars ColinContinue reading “Tinker Tailor soldier spy.”

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