Our January stats

We talk about our January stats. In January the bushfire season worsened and then the Coronavirus hit. Like many businesses in Melbourne our blog was impacted a bit from these effects. That month we were involved in the bushfire efforts and promoting that people donate to them Views on WordPress blog was 246 which wasContinue reading “Our January stats”


Our December Stats

This December was a bit quiet on the WordPress front. Here people were thinking about Christmas and the stress of it all. The bushfire season in NSW and Qld had hit home for many and some people donated via various means. Also homelessness was a huge issue around about this time. Some people were alsoContinue reading “Our December Stats”

Our December events

Here are our December events. Our December was relatively busy with quite a few openings. Baby’s aperol bar Baby is a pizzeria place in Richmond. They are popular with the locals. All the aperol between 3-6pm is $5.50 when its normally $17. We enjoyed the music. The bar was really lively at 5pm when iContinue reading “Our December events”

Our Blog stats for November

Oh how time flies when you are having fun. Now its nearly Christmas. So have we set out to achieve what we wanted? We wanted to go sugar free this November which was awesome. But we gained no new followers on Instagram. The run around Richmond got the most likes and the video at theContinue reading “Our Blog stats for November”

Our October Stats

Our October was quite busy with the Spring Racing Carnival and the promotion of it. Here there were quite a few Instagram posts on this. And then we also promoted mental health and it got people talking. Instagram saw not many followers that month but a few likes on posts. The medal post that IContinue reading “Our October Stats”

Our September stats

Our September has been busy as with people looking to lose weight and Instagram’s new rules on diet, it has become busier. For Instagram we got about 19 new followers. One of our posts got about 75 likes and that was the one where we reported someone. For Twitter we did not get many followers.Continue reading “Our September stats”

Our September Events

Here’s our roundup of what happened in September which was jam-packed with events. Vogue Fashion night out This event was on the 29th of August, a few days just before Spring. This event ran from 10am-10pm in the city. The event involved Melbourne Central, Emporium, St Collins Lane and many other places.  Here shoppers wereContinue reading “Our September Events”

Our August stats

We talk about what happened in August on the blog.   August was a quiet month but we did get about 20 new followers and a few more views. Our busiest day was August 13 where we had 38 views. We covered topics like Juice Plus and other scams. Oh, and we also did writeContinue reading “Our August stats”

Our July events

Here is a roundup of what happened in July which was a lot. World Chocolate day This was on the 7th of July and whilst I was out running, the Pontoon in St Kilda had their free churros giveaways for everyone that made a purchase. But I had my chocolates at home the day beforeContinue reading “Our July events”

Our July Stats

We talk about our July stats here. July has been going pretty well for us. It was a busy month for the blog Here Instagram has changed its algorithm and we must change with it good or bad. Our followers for that month has lowered by 40 people and Google has gotten rid of theContinue reading “Our July Stats”

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