Our September stats

We had two weeks break in the first half of the month, hence our blog stats have not been so great then. But in the second half of the month, it started to pick up as mental health challenges arose. Restrictions in Melbourne have lifted and we predict that by the end of next year 2 billion people around the world will be affected by the lockdowns and deaths that COVID 19 had.

Our stats

Our WordPress only got 2 more followers. During that month, although we were quiet on the posting front we got 282 views. Most of the time we shared stuff that was written previously. 115 viewers come from America where it is the hardest hit there.

Our Instagram didn’t do a lot as we had three weeks break from it. We had a couple of campaigns run on Instagram such as Save Hospitality and allow dine in. This got a bit of traction. The one from Platform270 got 14 likes. Dlish’s burger photo got 18 likes. The Japanese sweets got 18 likes. One of the lockdown videos got 36 views. The mental health one saying that you were fine yesterday got 41 views. Eco challenge got 48 views. Our protest one got 110 views. Nicolosi’s Pizzeria got 39 views. The body combat videos have from 30-40 views.  That means that most people are sick of the lockdowns and cannot wait to dine out again. Mental health is really important here.

Our Twitter followers have not changed by much. By the end, I got sick of it so I hadn’t really used it much. I used to go every single day but not anymore

What we hope for this month

  •  For a significant opening-up and for no more money to be lost throughout this pandemic
  • That people with mental health problems are being treated properly and are able to be seen by a mental health professional
  • That people wear masks the right way and not below the nose


Our August Stats

Our August has been okay. In Victoria, we are in Stage four which means no going out of the house except for essential reasons. That month we only had 282 visitors on our site. 111 people were from the United States of America where they had a lot of cases.

This month we wrote quite a few articles on mental health and we’ll have plenty more to say come September. September is women’s health month and stress less month, so there will be lots to come then.

On Instagram we got about 20 new followers. Most of these people were just as bored of the lockdowns as we were. Before the 14 day reset we were posing on average 10 photos in a day. Some of them were reposted from other people as we wanted to support them. The Remedy and Eimiele video had 38 views. I think people were wanting to be healthier at home as Les Mills Body combat video got 31 views. Another two of my Les Mills body combat got 20 and 27 views. Yoga with Adrienne got 16 views.

The pizza post got 18 likes and the cheese post got 13 likes. The cake one got 17 likes. The picture of Flinders st station got 15 likes. Karen the witch got 31 views. I think people are sick of being in lockdown. This view is supported by the 112 views that the police video got. That one was reposted from some activist before my 14 day reset.

On Twitter it got quite heated between me and the anti maskers before the 14 day reset and get rid of social media addictions. After that it might not have gotten that bad.

Our blog stats

We talk about our blog stats which has taken a small tumble from the last month.

Our WordPress views are 75 views down from last month where they were 426. Most people were from the COVID hit U.S. Most people looked for ways to save their money and mental health as we have a COVID recession. Many people were looking at frugal living and DIY.

With the COVID cases high in Victoria, many people looked for ways to cure their mental health. Mental health has really taken its toll on people.

We got about 30 followers on Instagram which is good. Most people were being bored with staying at home. With the treasurer’s announcement of Jobkeeper and Jobseeker staying for a while and the economy looking bleak many people took to Instagram DIY ideas. We started reposting and sharing business posts which seemed to get a lot of traction. Not sure about the business though. The businesses have been on the slow side of this pandemic no matter how many times we repost. Your “Diet is a bank account” picture got 88 likes. The burger picture got 14 likes. The two Les mills body combat videoes got 36 views. The Philippines Les Mills Body Combat video got 25 views. The iced coffee video got 34 views. The run around Essendon and Strathmore got 11 likes. The satay picture got 18 likes. The breakfast bowl got 24 likes. The pink high tea got 17 likes. The big burger from Pattysmiths got 25 likes.

Twitter has been ok. People on Twitter blasted Daniel Andrews about not having stage 4 sooner.

What are our hopes are for next month?

We hope to see Coronavirus cases decline and everyone doing the right thing.We hope that there no more COVID fines. Hopefully the money from those fines will go to something more useful ie: a foodbank of some sort as people are doing it tough.

Our stats for June

We talk about our stats for June.

We got about 426 views on our website and 426 visitors which is great. Here everyone is impacted in some way or another by the virus so they look to us for inspiration. Most of our visitors come from the US where it is the worst hit. Most people are bored and frustrated by the lockdown. We got about 2 more followers for the site. The most popular posts are the losing weight ones.

Hence it’s also why we have 40 new followers for Instagram. It is a really big number so we thank you for following us on Instagram. The spanakopita got 20 likes as people wanted to dine out again. The Garmin watch got 15 likes as people wanted to exercise again. The Carosello picture with the calamari got 12 likes. The social distancing video in the park got 22 views. The Little Mylk Bar video got 41 views. Fitness first video got 26 views as people needed to be able to exercise. Another Body Attack one of mine got 40 views.

Mental health has been a really big issue for everyone as the numbers in Coronavirus cases surge. As such Black lives matter was really popular during June and the video from 7news on Instagram got 29 views.

Hopefully during July things will pick up again and we might be able to live normal lives. Hopefully the hospitality and fitness industry will be able to recover from this small setback (yes, we are in lockdown again!) soon. With all the reposting online that’s going on, the hospitality industry may be able to reclaim some of their lost profits and return to normal by the end of the month. But who knows.

Our May stats

May is has been a busy month both in the Covid world and in the blog world. It has been a weird time for us all. Our WordPress site got more views with 330 views for May. Most of the people were from the US and the US is the country with the most Coronavirus cases. And now they have Minneapolis riots to deal with.

Mental health was one of the biggest challenges for us bloggers who are dealing with the Coronavirus cases and seeing the number of deaths surge. May was Mental Health Month and we did a lot for that month alone.

Instagram got about 30 new followers. People were being bored with being at home. That month some restrictions on lockdowns were eased and we’ll see more of those in June and July. People will be allowed to go out for dinner and stuff. The reshare from Achieve Performance gym got 17 likes. People just don’t care that much about the right techniques at the gym as they used to during pre covid. The carbonara one got 10 likes as people got stuck into eating at home. The work at home video got 32 views as people were concerned about working at home being the new normal. The prime minister’s and the Premier’s video posts got 25-30 views as people wanted to know if the restrictions are being lifted!

What now?

In June we hope that riots will decrease and everyone will treat each other fairly as “Black Lives Matter”. We hope that the racial tensions will end in the US as well as elsewhere in the world.

We hope that more people recover from the Coronavirus and that there will be no new cases. So far in Melbourne there are none.

We hope to get a lot of new followers on Instagram as the economy tries to come back from the pandemic. We realise though just how tough it may be. Hopefully everyone will pull through and support the economy as much as they can.

As for the Government stimulus we don’t know how much longer that will last as many people are out of work and the Government needs to support everyone as much as they can. Hence the need for food will arise. Homelessness is also on the rise and we hope that the Government will find housing for everyone soon.

Our blog stats for April

As April was the height of the coronavirus, there wasn’t as much activity on the blog compared to March where there were nearly 300 views. It is Autumn in Melbourne but not many people ventured out due to coronavirus restrictions. Moreso many people were super bored at home.

Most of the views were from the US which had the highest death rate. India was next as they too had just started the pandemic. The busiest day and time was Saturday.

April was a rather depressing month where the rates of depression increased and the numbers of calls made to Lifeline doubled. As a result there were only a couple of new followers.

As people got bored we got about 15 new followers on Instagram. Many people liked our pictures and some even responded to our posts. Our breakfast bowl with Chia got 7 likes, followed by the new runners which got 6 likes. Free pho got 5 likes. Our run in the city also got 5 likes as well as the one at Middle Child. Our Les mills body combat video got 19 views. Our RPM one got 23 views.

The video with Scomo got 49 views. It was the one where he considered places of worship a workplace. People wanted to know about the lockdowns.

April was national Autism month so the Tilly.the.bug running photo got 11 likes. My run around Ascot Vale got 9 likes. Everybody is into the running and Les Mills bug since the gyms are closed. The one about 51.4kg weight got 10 likes as people are obsessed with weight.

Lets hope that with this month we get more views and likes as people are in lockdown and are looking for happiness and recipes. And low cost living.

Our March stats

March was a very busy month with the Covid19 going on. The death rate was going up and up.

So this time I got about ten new followers on WordPress. People were in lockdown and they got really bored at home. They also wanted quick fixes to their problems. And we got about 351 views that month as people were interested in the Covid19 and how the bloggers are dealing with the pandemic

On Instagram we got about 7 new followers. People were into the Covid19. The video about the Richmond party got 56 views. The video about the clapping got 33 views. The video with the lunge band got 25 views. At that time the gyms in Australia had closed and people were left out of options for home exercise. At that time people are serious about Coronavirus. The Chinese meals got the most likes.

On Twitter there was heaps of activity going on during the pandemic and Daniel Andrews has a lot of tweets each day which I seem to follow. Got no new followers there.

Our hopes for next month:

  • We hope that the community has a better understanding of what social distancing is. There are videos and things about it but many people still don’t practice this in public places.
  • We predict that the pandemic will get worse, so we hope that people look after their mental health and practice self care
  • Also it is announced in the news that there will be a stage 4 and we hope that everyone will abide by it
  • We hope that the gyms will open early so that people can look after themselves through exercise

Our February stats

This month we supported the Chinatown businesses as well as doing Febfast. This month has been quite busy for us with RPM instructor trainings. I one day hope to be a great RPM instructor who does all their classes online and post videos of it. I also one day hope to do the American Health Coach exam which has 150 questions on it next year

Also our site has been busy and the views have surpassed from the last month. We had 270 views this month. In January we had 246 views. In February, most of customers came from the United States. Over there it is winter and people are concerned about their health. The most popular time that people accessed information was 8pm AEST which in the states would be 4AM. During February there was the Better Life Summit with AJ where people listened in because they wanted to improve their health. People wanted information on How to reduce anxiety. Meditation was another post that they looked at. Our digital marketing post is still popular too.

Our Instagram hasn’t got as many followers as we’d like as we hadn’t posted as much as we wanted. The suburbs post got about 10 likes and the St Kilda festival video post got 18 views. The Midsummer pub post got nine likes. Also the post about fat shaming got nine likes as people like to love themselves. These days fat shaming is frowned upon.

Twitter didn’t have much activity that month except to talk about the Coronavirus and the Seymour line disruptions.

So what do we hope for this month?

  • People to love themselves
  • Debt collectors to stop stressing out the people that are poor to pay their debt
  • For the toilet roll panic buying to stop.
  • For people to visit Chinatown again. Just last month people started revisiting this place
  • For cafes and restaurants to sell non alcohol beer and no sugar soft drinks

Our January stats

We talk about our January stats.

In January the bushfire season worsened and then the Coronavirus hit. Like many businesses in Melbourne our blog was impacted a bit from these effects. That month we were involved in the bushfire efforts and promoting that people donate to them

Views on WordPress blog was 246 which was not great. That was down by 100 despite January being a busy month for the gyms. 71 people came from India. This might mean that Indians want to find some ways to live healthily and happily. The time that most people visited was between 12am-7am AEST.

Our Instagram followers were down by 30 people as most people liked to diet and lose weight fast. The picture with the detox juice got 10 likes and was regrammed from somewhere else. That someone else on Instagram got a lot of blasting for their picture and their diet. Most people agreed with us as this was not a good way to diet. In fact we reported them but they were never taken down on Instagram. Things like this we report as it is a danger to everyone’s health.

Our Twitter stayed the same as Coronavirus became the new hit. In fact we have about 393 followers. Some people left and others stayed on.

Goals for February

In February we’d like to have more views on our WordPress blog. We also would like to have more views and likes on Instagram as that says that people value their health.

We’d also like for people to donate as much as they can to the bushfire efforts. We’d like to see more visitors from other countries except for China to come and visit Australia as much as they can to help boost Australia’s economy. At the moment tourism is suffering.

Our December Stats

This December was a bit quiet on the WordPress front. Here people were thinking about Christmas and the stress of it all.

The bushfire season in NSW and Qld had hit home for many and some people donated via various means. Also homelessness was a huge issue around about this time.

Some people were also a bit stressed about eating and exercising over Christmas. For us its all about having fun. One post that got 5 likes was the WordPress Business plan which suggests that people are thinking about starting a online business in the new year.

On our Twitter front there was not much going for it. A few tweets were liked and retweeted but that was it.

Our Instagram saw us lose about 20 followers but that is because we changed our perspective on health to focus on the non diet culture and doing gym and running just because it keeps us happy. Not for weight loss. So that saw some people bugger off. The one where I had 35C got 6 likes. The cheese toastie post got 7 likes as people love to eat healthy. The calm before the storm got 23 views. The golf one at Crown got 20 views.

Some of my photos got zero likes especially the hydration ones. Hopefully in January we would love to see lots more likes and love on Instagram. We would love to see a huge change in ditching diets and exercise just for weight loss but for health.

We would love to see people donating to the bushfire emergency and we might also do so as well.