How to set up a five year plan for your business and your life

And no it does not mean micromanaging as you would have no idea what the world would be in five years. We could have another few waves of coronavirus or something worse.

But you can plan for how you will be profitable in your first five years so that you won’t lose a lot of money and won’t have to shut up shop. Same as your life. You should plan for this now just in case something unexpected happens.

For example I would want to earn about $20000 in the next year. Due to the Coronavirus people won’t have a lot of money left and some people will have no job. I also want to save about $10000 from my current earnings and Job Keeper to buy shares. I aim to buy about 5-10 shares this year. But I don’t know what the economy will look like and whether or not the share market would collapse. To do that I would need to do some research on shares and that will take a while.

In the second year I would like to buy even more shares. In the second year I hope to be invited to some of the world’s most prestigious health things. I would love to run Boston if I can but I would need a really good qualifying time. But I would need to train really hard and run a few races to get there. And I would also need about $50000 for Boston (for airfares, accomodation, food, race entry not to mention other things). That would mean that I would need to sell a few memberships on my blog and earn enough money from my shares.

Its the finer details of your plan that would make it a success. And then you would have to think about how you would make that goal happen. Be specific. Be accountable for yourself. You could also assign someone to hold you accountable for that goal.

Why you should donate to the Salvos online Red Shield Appeal

The Salvos do their Red Shield Appeal in May and it ends at the end of June. They normally get volunteers to donate their time using the red tins and people put money in them.

This year things will be a little bit different where there is an online Red Shield Appeal. This is a digital doorknock where people can donate online. In the last few years people have been donating on the streets and I have been volunteering and liked it. This is due to the coronavirus that is taking place

During the last few months many people have lost their jobs and might have lost their homes due to the Coronavirus pandemic. During this time there is a lot of family violence.

Our aim is to help them raise $500000 collectively by the end of the appeal. We also hope that companies like Woolies and Coles are generous at this time with their support. The total is now $94,666 and that is the national total. This initiative launched about 2-3 weeks ago whilst everything was shut.

During this time I will post many pictures on Instagram of my runs and some foods that the Salvos does for people in hopes that you will donate to this cause.

You can give generously here.

What we can do to prevent the Great Depression

The Great Depression was a time where people lost their jobs and money was very tight. It affected everyone in the world. Here the Covid is similar. Already many of the shops and non essential businesses are closed. KMART and Aussie Disposals are next in the firing line.

I was reading an article by Small Medium Enterprise where they talk about working together. And we must do that during the lockdown and after its lifted. Already several European countries have lifted their lockdowns. But they are doing it gradually to avoid another public health crisis. We already buy things online these days, but still with the amount of people that have lost their jobs, its simply not enough. This pandemic will be going for some time but we need the money to be able to run our business. The government will give some people money but for some of us that might not be enough

We also promote many things online on Instagram and Facebook so that people will buy when the time is right. There are lots of free advice and classes on Facebook. You just have to join the right groups to get ahead of the pack.

Here are some things that you can do:

  • Buy some online gift vouchers for your favourite business for when they reopen
  • Buy takeaway food and coffees from your local favourite places
  • Promote what you have bought on Instagram and share it with friends. I am a member of many Melbourne groups that promote what they have bought and the experiences with that particular business that they have had
  • If they have a buy a coffee or meal for someone in need and you have the money to do that, do it!

Remember that at the end of the day its all about helping each other out

What happened to the economy now that the Covid19 is here?

We’re not talking about the toilet paper business! Instead we are talking about the rest of the businesses that are impacted by the Coronavirus!

The Coronavirus is getting worse by day. Italy and Spain are in lockdown at the moment. People are scared to go out and eat. The economy has gotten worse due to people not spending as much. Food prices are going up. People are becoming more and more homeless as they lose jobs due to rising costs and not many people going out.

The share market is falling day by day

What can you do?

  • Keep supporting local businesses
  • Give what you can to homeless charities and support those doing it tough. When you do your weekly shop buy more than what you need
  • If you have Instagram or social media- take a photo of what you buy and where you have been and post it for the world to see.
  • Do support Chinese eateries

What can businesses do

  • Keep their employees
  • Let them work from home

What could the Government do?

  • Spend more money on homeless services such as the Salvos and other services.
  • Give more money to those on low incomes so that we can continue to support small business. I don’t mean the $750 once off payment. I mean raise the welfare payments each fortnight to cover costs. People on welfare should be earning more to cover all their costs.
  • The Government should house the homeless so that they don’t get the virus. People that live on the streets has a higher risk of getting coronavirus.

How to earn some extra money for 2020 Christmas season

We talk about earning extra money as people always look for ways to earn extra money in time for Christmas on Google.

So many people are getting into debt this holiday season due to all the gifts and things that they have bought. Most people use their credit cards to buy purchases not realizing that there is a catch. Or they use Afterpay and can’t pay it off. Afterpay is a service where you get the item and pay it off later only that there are late fees for not paying on time.

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So here’s how to earn some money over the year

Teach and be involved in extra curricular activities

Is there something that you like to do? Maybe you can help new members at your gym and get paid to teach a few classes. Of course you would have to do the training but it would be worth it.

Do surveys

You can do surveys from Rewards Central and every time you do earn 1000 points you can get a gift card

Write blog posts for people

Maybe there’s somebody you like to guest post for! You might not earn a lot of money but you might earn the experience! Some pay as little as about $100 per article. Freelancer has a few jobs going at the moment. People post jobs to that site.

Do odd jobs for people

Airtasker and fiver have lots of odd jobs for people! You can do something for as little as $5 per task.

Our August stats

We talk about what happened in August on the blog.



August was a quiet month but we did get about 20 new followers and a few more views. Our busiest day was August 13 where we had 38 views. We covered topics like Juice Plus and other scams. Oh, and we also did write about giving up coffee. That post has nine likes since this topic is important to health and weight loss.

We are in the weight loss business so people matter. We want to hear what you’d like for us to write on the blog for the end of the year! We want to hear about the things that you liked and what you disliked. We also want to hear about how we can do better.

We would love to move forward.

On Instagram, there weren’t many followers since the new rules came into effect. And there weren’t many likes too. We didn’t post a lot but what we did post was about health and eating out. We posted at times when people would be awake like in the afternoon on Australian time. The free one-day guest pass got about six likes as well as the free food one. We think people like free stuff as we are in a recession at the moment and people can’t afford the most expensive things.

The regram from Hannah Littler got 8 likes. Nine people liked the pasta post from Wallington.

Twitter has also been a bit on the quiet front too! We only had 388 followers! But a few people retweeted posts and liked them. In August health hasn’t been a lot on the agenda but homelessness has been. The issue about Newstart has been on the rise for some time.

This is also the time that we discovered how popular the Little Pantry is. It signals a greater need for more money from our Government.

So where did we go wrong and what can we do to make things right on Instagram?

Hopefully, this month will pick up and we’ll see lots more people wanting to lose weight. There are some initiatives this month that will help us to get more followers.

We hope that the Government will ramp up the amount of Newstart for people. If they do that, more and more people will be able to afford the healthy fruit and vegetables that they need as well as other things that they need to live on.

We’re on Pinterest too but not much is going on there.

How to get rid of debt

People want to know how to get rid of debt without the hassle? Here’s how.

People are in debt for various reasons. This causes for many of us to stress and worry each night. People on welfare would find it hard not to pay off all their debt. I am a member of such a Facebook group and already people are finding it hard to pay it all off.

It can be really hard to pay a bank loan when you don’t earn much. Applying for them is harder as you have to go through many just to be accepted.

This is my debt here.

Like many low-income earners, I need to learn a lot so that I can grow as a professional. My dream is to help people become a much happier and healthier version of themselves

In order to do that I would need to learn a lot. So I would be about $5900 in debt for three years. All that money I would use to pay my education fees. Here’s a breakdown of them

  • Miyagi- $2000
  • Les Mills for RPM- $700
  • Precision Nutrition- $700
  • AIPT- $2500 (for their TAFE course)

Heres how I worked it out. Altogether it costs $5900. Divide that by 36 months and its $163.88 per month that I would have to pay.

Well, then I would have to give up my outside coffees which are $20 per fortnight, my happy hour drinks which are $12 per fortnight and my outside lunches which are $20 per fortnight.

Or if people started paying us health bloggers to look after them I would be able to pay all that back really easily. And also pay my other expenses.

I could get a bank loan but that would be really expensive and not worth the hassle unless I have a stable full-time job. I have gotten a few short term loans but like many find it hard to pay it back.

I would not want to go through a debt collector. In the movie, Confessions of Shopaholic Rebecca Bloomwood went through all that and it was a nightmare. She had to sell off most of her clothes just to pay. And then she went to the Shopaholics group meetings and they got a little bit judgemental.

Doing surveys are far and few to come by. They offer about $50-$100 per survey and sometimes it might not be enough to cover the debt.

Getting a great paying job can be hard for some people but it can be done. It requires some patience and dedication.

The message is: don’t spend what you can’t afford and don’t apply for loans unless you really need them.


Gambling and how much Australia spent on it

Gambling is a serious problem in Australia and it affects our mental health.

man at neon lit game

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According to the Sydney Morning Herald, $24 billion is lost each year on gambling.  Dopamine hit is what the gamblers feel when they gamble all the time. We are the world’s biggest gamblers in Australia as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald in 2015.

But why do we gamble so much?

Gambling is a huge addiction. When we gamble we are happy and when we hear the bells sounding a win we are happier. Dopamine is that pleasure sensor which equates to happiness. People gamble to ignore problems at home or sometimes at work. Or they gamble because they’re lonely.

Normally though it is those without money such as those on welfare that gamble because they want more money.

What are the consequences of gambling too much?

  • You can lose your house
  • You may lose your Centrelink benefits- your welfare is not meant to be spent on gambling
  • You can lose your family and friends
  • You lose too much money. In 2016-2017 alone Australians lost about $208 according to this savings report.

How should we identify someone with a gambling problem?

Ways in which to do this:

  • If they are being argumentative all the time
  • If they ask for money and they lie about why they need huge amounts to family and friends
  • If their bank account is overdrawn by millions
  • If they are sad all the time

What the Government should do?

The government should limit the pokies to the casinos and also limit the number of bets that a person can place at each casino.

There should be tighter laws and regulations with gambling and they should not allow any place to have pokies. In Western Australia, the only place to have pokies is in a casino.

In Melbourne, there are lots of pokie places everywhere and one Crown Casino.

What should we do

People should walk away from a gambling place if they are addicted to gambling and are trying to stop. If you live near a gambling place you could think about moving house.

Get another hobby or a part-time job as these will take up your time.

Those on low incomes should think about other ways to earn money so that they can get off Centrelink. For example, health coaching or community work is a great way to meet people.

For those that need help, there is Gamblers helpline where all information is confidential and it’s free to call them. There may be some gamblers support groups in Australia that can help you deal with your problem.

Money and mental health

Does having no money make you a happier person?


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You need money to pay for things but can you afford to do without some of the things. And can having no money lead to mental health problems?

Money and Mental Health is a UK website aimed at helping those with no money to avoid depression. Many people in the UK attempt suicide due to all the debt threats that they had and this company is campaigning for them to stop. I heard about them from a blog called Mental Health @ home which was in my feed. And I thought the same thing can be applied to the Australians who are living in Centrelink and having to deal with their various issues.

Australians too have had debt threat which has resorted to debt assistance services. Some of them could not sleep for weeks worrying that they will lose everything including their home. According to, these debt services are not regulated and many of them have hidden fees. They prey on the vulnerable. When we searched debt collection on Bing there were 41,800,000 results some of which are not regulated.

So we hope by this federal election on May 18th that there will be new laws regarding the collection of debt and debt assistance!


And no money doesn’t equate to happiness although its a thing we need! We can find inner peace within ourselves and in nature such as the beach. In fact I find inner peace at a place called “Lentils as anything” where you can eat as much as you want for a small cost. It is a pay as you feel place. And you can volunteer there which makes you happy. Seeing the beach makes me happy.

We live in a world where money is everything and everything costs too dearly for some. Some people cannot afford food. Hence this is why we fundraise with the Salvos every year.

Help us raise money for the Salvos

Hi there we are raising some much needed funds for the Salvos (in long: the Salvation Army) here in Melbourne and we would love your support. We are both doing the Melbourne Marathon and I am tackling the 21km course. If I win the money then $12000 of the prize money will be donated to the Salvos.

Why might you ask that we are helping the Salvos?


Homelessness is a big issue and it has increased dramatically over the past year. Many International students as well as locals are becoming homeless or in danger of it and the government is not doing a lot to get people off the streets.

“There was an election earlier and not one party promised to help the homeless.” Brendan Nottle

In fact Flinders st and Collins st are filled with homeless people and it is hurting business and tourism in Melbourne.

Due to housing rates going up and up many International students are unable to afford the high rent. Some of us come from third world countries such as India and parts of Malaysia. There are many International students and locals that come to Hamodava café just for a meal. In fact Hamodava café is always busy which means that not many people can afford good healthy food.

Right now the Salvos are in much dire need of support and funds to help get people of the streets and help them with their treatment.

What ae you waiting for?? Do sign up for the race! And also support us here.