Metabolic health

Healthline writes about this topic as its one of importance. Here we are getting fatter and fatter by the year. Obesity and weight issues carries a risk for bad metabolic health. With more of us staying at home due to the Covid our metabolic health may have declined. What is metabolic health? There is aContinue reading “Metabolic health”


Metabolic rate and why it is important to know

We talk about metabolic rate and why it is important to know. We talk about the Basal Metabolic rate. There is also Resting Metabolic rate which is the rate that your body burns calories when you sleep. Most people want to lose fat and not muscle. But it turns out the exact opposite if youContinue reading “Metabolic rate and why it is important to know”

How to increase metabolism

We talk about why metabolism is key to losing weight and how we can increase this! Metabolism is the key thing to losing weight and keeping it off. Metabolism is the thing that keeps your body alive and going. It is the chemical reactions in your body. As you age your metabolism decreases. So here’sContinue reading “How to increase metabolism”

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