Coronavirus stress and bruxing

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the stay at home orders, more dentists in the US have been seeing patients with cracked teeth. And they have been in their 20-40’s. In the US, dentists have seen twice as many patients for cracked teeth. They used to treat one or two cracked teeth, but now they see up to five cases.

Image by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.

But Kennedy says it’s not always the case. She says that it could also be the constant snacking, which leads to weight gain and sleep problems at night.

Now that dentists in Melbourne are allowed to reopen, it is predicted that they would see up to four patients a day for cracked teeth.

What is bruxing?

It’s the grinding of the teeth at night when you sleep. When you sleep, you don’t know that you are grinding your teeth. It’s usually your partner or another family member who tells you that you are bruxing. Or you wake up in the morning with very sore teeth.

How to stop the bruxing

You can buy a special mouthguard from the chemist, or your dentist will prescribe you one to temporarily stop the bruxing. You would have to mold it to fit your teeth, but you can ask your health professional how to do this.

Mainly you do need to relax. Meditate, do yoga, drink tea, go for walks or a run. In Melbourne, you can now go to the outdoor pools and do some retail therapy. But spare a thought for your friends who are in lockdown at the moment in other countries.


October is Mental Health month

October is Mental Health Month, and this is a good time for us to recognize that many people are struggling due to these lockdowns and job losses. Coronavirus has affected us in many ways, one being domestic abuse and alcoholism.

People are already grieving for their loved ones that they lost due to COVID.

During that time, a family member and we couldn’t travel to the funeral. So instead, we ate plenty of yummy food and drank lots of black tea to remember her. We also attended the funeral via Zoom.

For this month, we did lots of gardening outside. This helped take our mind off things such as the anti lockdown protest. We did a few runs per week, and that has helped keep our mind off the COVID19.

World Mental Health day was very different this year. It was spent at home without social media.

We also were able to go shopping with someone. In other countries, this might not be the case. Thus it made us happy.

While restrictions have been lifted in Victoria, we feel that the rest of the world has to suffer these arduous lockdowns and job losses. At the start of the month, we felt the same way.

A man in Melbourne’s Brighton East has died due to the stresses of the COVID19 pandemic. He couldn’t go anywhere and couldn’t pay the mortgage. We felt unfortunate for him.

Just remember you are not in it alone. We are here for you. And you can talk to someone if you need help. If you need help, we are here for you. We have been through these lockdowns, and it is mentally challenging.

Healthcare professionals and burnout

We write this article during COVID19, where all the world is experiencing a higher number of cases. Whilst we are lucky in the world that we don’t have, many other places like Europe and the States have just recorded really high numbers. Their hospitals are overwhelmed. Very much, our mental healthcare will be overwhelmed due to the rising amount of mental health cases. These mental health cases area result of our harsh lockdown and many job losses.

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Thus it leads to burnout in healthcare professionals. We would love to talk about burnout as it was a feature pre-pandemic. But it wasn’t that bad.

Research says that more than 40% of healthcare professionals will feel burnout during COVID19. We don’t know when this will end.

One of the things that I worry about is the patient numbers during COVID. When we got 700 cases in a day, I was super worried that the hospitals will be overrun. Now we are lucky with just single digits, but Ireland and other parts of the world are not so lucky.

Most hospitals would have a health and well-being team, so do go to them if you ever need them.

Don’t forget to ask for some days off and do nothing.

For the public:

Think about the people that work in healthcare looking after you and thank them for doing your part. You have a part to play too. If you can, wear a mask. Wearing a mask can save lives.

Stay at home if you can. I know that this is challenging, but we will get through this. Don’t go out and protest. Instead, protest online.

You will make their job so much easier if you play your part

Anti mask fights

People all over the world now have to embrace the mask-wearing policies in-store and out in public. But some people don’t want to wear a mask (i.e., the conspiracy theorists)!

Some can’t wear a mask, and they get abused a lot by the public. I.e., runners don’t have to wear a mask in Victoria.

Already in the US, we have seen many mask fights in stores where people have been asked to leave due to not wearing a mask. Many stores, such as Trader Joes and Walmart, have these policies.

What do these fights do to employees and other people?

Employees get stressed out, which, over time, leads to a mental health problem. They get so stressed that they don’t want to work there anymore.

Other people might get anxious too, and they might not want to go there. I sometimes have fears of returning due to some. But moreover, I think of the positives about that place.

So what should we do?

First, check up on the rules of mask-wearing. Every country is different. Check who should wear a mask (and who shouldn’t) before you abuse them. If you’re in the park or out in the open, just mind your own business. Please don’t call them out for it there and then. Let the police (or the cops) deal with it.

If you’re the customer at a store or a business legally, they can ask you to wear a mask or leave. Just do as you’re told, and you’ll make everyone’s day. Don’t sprout your theories on them. They, too, may not want to tell you to wear a mask for fear of confrontation.

NB: masks are mandatory on most airlines, and most airlines don’t allow exemptions. Staff will kick you off the plane if you refuse to comply. It is mandatory in high-risk countries such as the USA.

World Mental Health Day

On October 10th is World Mental health day, and we are celebrating like no other. We are locked in our homes and are only allowed out once a day for two hours.

Hence this day will be one about not going on social media a lot. During the pandemic, people were at home a lot, and social media was huge. Social media has the tendency to drive us down and encourage self-harm. In Britain alone, there was a surge in the number of depression and anxiety cases this year due to lockdowns.

Britain is not alone in this, with the US having triple the rates of depression. The CNBC has reported that 1 in 4 adults are now experiencing depression.

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Yessss! About time! I feel for you guys! Many place have too many #antimaskers out there and its time to speak out! All the cafes should do the same Reposted from @beanbastardcoffee To the anti-masker entering my store today and the future: If you refuse to take into consideration the health and well-being of others, feel free to stay the f&+! out of my store and call your order in. Our staff will gladly bring your order out to you, with a tissue. Also, it's the f$&+ing law. Thank you. – Mr Bastard . . . #coffee #coffeeaddict #coffeelover #coffeeholic #coffeeroaster #coffeeshop #cafe #caffeine #butfirstcoffee #espresso #latte #lattelove #localcoffeeshop #buffalocoffee #buffalocoffeeshops #nickelcity #buffalove #yeahbuffalo #risebflo #stepoutbuffalo #supportlocalbusiness #shopsmall #shoplocal #ifyoubuildittheywillcome #antimasker #wearthemask #yeshavesome #wearafuckingmask

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Today was a lovely sunny day in  Melbourne. Here we applaud all the cafes and businesses who refuse service to antimaskers and implore them to speak out about this as well as kick them out. I know of one cafe that’s already done in Melbourne, and in the US, this cafe called “Beanbastardcoffee” spoke out about it. Abuse towards staff and other people is not acceptable. In one way or another, we are all in the same boat.

And in the last month alone, due to these antimaskers, I have been abused a few times for not wearing a mask. I am a runner, and as runners, we don’t have to wear a mask. On my jogs, I have been abused for such things. Abuse is never acceptable: it just makes that person depressed and worried, and we don’t need this.

COVID19 misinformation

  1. “We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic.”
, Director-General of the World Health Organization

“There are so much misinformation and fake news about COVID19 on social media” (Song, Elisa. “Coronavirus (COVID-19): What a Pediatrician Wants You to Know.” Integrative Medicine, vol. 19, no. 2, InnoVision Health Media, Inc., Apr. 2020, p. 28.). We have seen how damaging that is when we saw the Social Dilemma. This is so much so that the fake news is called an Infodemic.

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I actually like the curfew, the masks and going shopping by yourself! These should stay Reposted from @juliettepowerauthor We ARE NOT IN THIS TOGETHER. I refuse to participate in government and media lies and manipulation by proven liars. I will not live through lies and tyrannical politicians (you may have noticed. 😂) Nup. Nah. No way José. Ain't doing it! 🤣 Prior to March 2020 I steered away from posting political or controversial content. 2020 pushed me, as it has many others. We have a choice: accept Gov and pharmaceutical marketing spin, or call it out. Thier lies shine brightly for anyone to see. If they choose to. The image is by @chriskirckof His words reflect how I feel. Good work Chris. How do you feel about 2020? #corona #charade #circus #campaign #covid #cult #hoax #scam #marketing #agenda21 #salesslogans #salespitch #allinthistogether #maskup #washyourhands #staysafe #socialdistancing #slaves #tyranny #dictatorship #directives #laws #rules #lockdown #martiallaw #government #corruption #isntitobvious #melbourne #freevictoria

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These days, we are spending way too much time on social media because we are all at home. We use it to watch the news that people share online. The WHo mentions that there is so much misinformation out there about a cure.

People online say that COVID is a hoax and encourages others not to wear face masks and go about our normal business. I had seen many posts before I went on a 14-day detox. These days I am still seeing them.

Pennycook (2019) says that fighting these fake news and misinformation is a challenge. And it is a challenge now that we have the pandemic going.

How can we fight this misinformation?

Stay informed by listening to actual Government advice on things. The actual Government things are on the nightly news and in the newspapers. Also, read lots of online scholarly articles and books rather than the trash you find on Facebook.

As professionals, we should stay akin to the latest developments on COVID19 and flag articles and inappropriate things.

Together we can fight this misinformation online and stop the spread of COVID.

Does Social Media isolate us

I got the idea from Unfuckwithable, who says that it does. We have many people around us during this pandemic, yet we are isolated in our own houses due to these lockdowns. This is partly how mental health problems have started and have increased in 2020

apps blur button close up

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A study done in 2017 by Primack says that the more time you spend on social media, the more isolated you are. They try to use social media to increase their social circles.

On social media, we can make it all look pretty, but we are down in real life. We can have all these glamourous pictures of places that we went to and the things we did. Right now, I am feeling sad that I can’t visit loved ones and can only spend an hour or two on Zoom.

On Facebook and Instagram, we can have thousands of friends, but how many do you have in real life? Do you ask yourself that question?

For some people that want to lose weight, social media can affect the image, and people think that you have to look like that person to be happy. What they don’t realize is that they are airbrushed to look pretty.

Social media does not give you real hugs or warm soups when things are tough. In fact, it is the other way around- it distances us. Occasionally we get some love but not much.

In our 14 days of social media break, we learned that being kinder to people is a good thing. Whilst we can’t be going out right now, you should check in on your neighbors. Unfuckwithable says that it is possible to go on a detox, and they list all the benefits in their post.

How to save your marriage in a pandemic

Men’s health wrote about this and the number one thing that is key is communication and understanding. We all have to make sacrifices here. 

A relationship is a two-way street. You give some and you take some.

Maybe there is a food shortage that is stressing you out. Or maybe one of you has lost a job.  If so talk about it.

We all have to live together in our own home and with each other 24/7. Of course, living together and being at each other’s throats will have some common arguments. Domestic violence has gone up in many parts of the world. As we get out of lockdown we will see more and more people getting divorced and some people speaking up about domestic violence that they experienced at home.

A few ways to save your marriage

  • Go out for runs and exercise together. You are allowed some time to go out together.
  • Be thankful you have each other and express your love for each other. It can be done in many ways such as having a romantic backyard candlelight dinner. You can even order the many food hampers from restaurants just for couples.
  • Don’t forget online connections. Don’t forget to talk to friends and family about how you are feeling. Remember we are all in this together.
  • Do give each other some breathing space.
  • Do communicate your needs and wants with your partner and respect their needs and wants too.

After the end of the lockdown and you have tried everything then of course just go for that divorce. Divorce usually ends up in heartbreak.

How to make things a little less shitty

We all can’t control COVID and things that are going on around us. But we can control ourselves and how we treat others. Shut Up and Run makes it easy as they say that running is really healing. We cannot control how other people treat us, although I wish we could.

These days lockdown has caused people to become quite abusive and judgemental towards everyone, including the nonmask wearer for genuine reasons that they can’t wear one.

The issue of mental health has become quite prevalent over the coming weeks, days, and months with many people facing really tough mental health challenges. All the countries have been hit really hard by this pandemic but the UK and the USA are suffering a lot and they are struggling a lot with mental health.

So here are some tips on making your days in lockdown less shitty.

If you’re a runner and an avid exerciser like me then its all well. But if not I hope you’ll find something useful here:

  • Buy some good ebooks from Amazon. Amazon has amazing books right now which are healing and meditative
  • Go watch some feel-good show or a motivating one on Amazon Prime (yes you get thirty free days to try it if you are a new customer)
  • Support small businesses. They need your love right now. Don’t worry about what the other people think
  • Have a chat with a friend. Although you can’t see them in person, you can chat online.
  • Do something for someone whether that would be gardening or picking up their pieces.
  • Treat yourself every now and then

The word challenge

I got these set of inspirational cards from Weight Watchers at one of their meetings but hadn’t had a chance to try it out.

This is a great chance to lift yourself up from the drain of the news of the virus and lockdowns. The lockdowns are costing us a lot and mental health is one of those. Its important to stay strong throughout the pandemic. 

Each day you pick one card and you see the word and you think about that word or feeling. We then put it on Instagram and our thoughts on that word. When we did our pictures got 0-6 likes. 

For example today’s word is happiness. Now I can think about many things associated around that word. The sun keeps us happy. The case numbers keep going down and that keeps me happy.

Grateful was another one and I am grateful for the restrictions.

One of the words was Strength and I wondered if we would ever have strength to get through this lockdown and others. It is a long road to recovery from COVID19 pandemic and no amount of complaining will help us defeat this wave and other waves. It just takes time for the restrictions to be eased and we have to hang in there.

We need the energy to fight this Coronavirus pandemic and the mental health wave which is happening now. Guys please do the right thing and abide by the Government restrictions for a little while longer.

So play the word game with me and I hope your spirits will be lifted.