Rustica Sourdough

We write this as part of our Febfast where we gave up on added sugars!

Rustica Sourdough is a bakery in Melbourne and here they are really popular with the locals in Fitzroy. So much so that there is another store in Melbourne central. This store would suit International students and locals just fine as it is a healthy eating cafe.

The staff are lovely and down to earth and at 3:30pm when we went last time they were happy to serve us even though they have worked a long and tiring day. It’s always busy with people

I really liked their vegan breakfast bar as it is a good way to start the morning and they were Instagram worthy. Here they were not too sweet and aimed at 160-200 calories this bar is a must for those that want to lose the weight.

Also I love their teas and relaxed environment! It is in a shopping centre and it has some seating outside its store as well as inside. They also have a great range of coffees and I enjoy their cold brew.

If you are in Melbourne central do come by and check out their awesome coffees on Level 2 where all the clothing stores are.

A movers guide to Melbourne

Thanks to MoveGB and City of Melbourne we put together a movers guide to fitness around Melbourne.


I enjoy lots of runs around Melbourne, Toorak and St Kilda. I love seeing nature. Sometimes I’ll do the Main Yarra Trail which is also quite beautiful to look at. It is quite hilly and there are some parts which are quite steep.

I also enjoy seeing some of the shops along Brunswick st as they are quite quirky.


In the summer I enjoy going to the beach and seeing all the dogs. Here it is so relaxing and meditating. You can also swim in St Kilda Beach and Elwood Beach. Beaconsfield Parade is a nice place to run or ride during the Spring and Summer

Further out afield

Geelong is a nice place to run, swim and bike during the summer. You can bike along Bellarine Hwy and enjoy all that the country has to offer. You can bike to Queenscliff and make it a day out there. You can take your bike on the train from Melbourne to Geelong and its about $14 for an adult one way ticket (myki money).

You can explore the Old Rail trail near South Geelong station.

You can explore Hanging Rock Winery and explore the hills.

What if I want just in?

There are many gyms and outdoor fitness clubs around Melbourne in which you can check out. Fitness first is all over Melbourne and their members can access all the clubs. And there is also Anytime Fitness and other boutique clubs. Some of them have a casual fee.

Your hotel might have their own gym in which you can use

Taste of Melbourne lives on by Akira

We got a free ticket courtesy of IMG events for competing in this years marathon.

Here this was an alcohol fueled afternoon where punters ate and drank everything onsite. This was at albert park near the city and on the city to sea course which made running there easier. But people also took the tram down there. Car parking was a bit of a hassle.


And then once you get in the door you have to buy crowns. 1 crown is one $1 and the minimum is $30 per crown card. If you don’t use all of it during the session, simply return your card for a full refund of the amount that you didn’t spend.

The Wine Society sponsored the show and they offered free tasting sessions to all. They also offered wine lovers their membership for free if you buy 2 bottles for $50. Most people were keen except for us poor students.

Foodwise there really wasn’t a lot to buy this year. The portions kept on getting smaller and smaller. The line up of restaurants was still good as always. There was GAZI in which many people lined up at as well as Mamasita. Supernormal’s food was small and expensive. At least the Black Swan Dips train was good. People got to choose five flavours which are not in store yet. I really loved the pineapple one and the edamame one with wasabi. They were to die for!!

However I did manage to go home with a few snacks and chocolates courtesy of Deliveroo. And they had their free delivery service in their marquee. You sit down and order from three menus. I ordered the Western Plains pork dish ($10 or 10 crowns) from Circa. It was rather small but moreish- the way that Circa has their food.

The cocktail icy pole ($6) was great. I got the watermelon one and it was refreshing for a hot day in Melbourne. Here it was 17C but people had them anyway.

The Lurpak school had its usual butter and bread and at the end people were offered the butter to take home.

we got almost drunk easily so as to not try any more wines we threw the glass out.i know we can keep it and it was $3 but oh well.

Do come to next years one and thanks for the invite IMG Events