What to buy at a farmer’s market

We have quite a few Farmer’s markets in Melbourne and Victoria. Some of them are bi monthly and others of them are weekly. I love to shop at them as I love to see all the new produce. The farmers markets have all sorts of goodies and its best to bring your own bag and basket.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Its also a great idea to go at a time when its quiet, ie early in the morning.

I love to search for everything that is fresh and I love home made meals made from scratch. Do purchase some seasonal local produce. You can ask the stallholder how to use these items.

I love buying apples from the market as they are crisp and yum in Autumn. These apples are locally grown where as the ones in the supermarket are imported and they are sprayed with pesticide. It is now late spring so I would buy asparagus and eggs.

I love a good egg and I have had this before with a potato rosti. Also in winter I enjoy a good pie from the farmers markets.

If they have chestnuts during Autumn do buy some and you can do some chestnut dessert paste or a pie. The Chinese love their roasted chestnut.

Also do buy potatoes at the farmers market if they have as it is fresher there. The potatoes are grown by the farmers themselves and would not have been imported from overseas.

I would also buy carrots and turnips from the farmers market as they are grown locally and wouldn’t have to travel as many miles.

You could also buy beetroot from the farmers market as they are a root vegetable which is grown locally.

Do support the farmers who are doing it tough by shopping at your local farmers markets rather than the supermarket

South Melbourne Market

We talk about South Melbourne Market which is our favorite place to be.

South Melbourne Market is about a 3km run/walk from the city or if you’re really lazy its about a 5-10min tram ride on the 96 tram. There is car parking there. They also have bike racks there.

Most of the vendors are very friendly and willing to talk to customers.

Come prepared with cash. If you forget there are ATMs on site.

They have some of the best bargains there such as the cheap grocery store which sells lots of lollies, snack foods, and pantry items. I usually come when they have the best bargains like $3 a box of Chinese dim sims or $1 croissants.

They also have some great coffee places such as Clements and Padre who have lots of customers on Saturday. You can ride your bike here and come by Clements to enjoy your caffeine fix.

They have lots of fresh fruits and veggies all at reasonable prices.

That is where the famous dim sims came from. And they are about $1.60. They are really yummy. It has some sort of fattening meat and cabbage in there. You can get them steamed or fried. But if you can’t be bothered getting there then there is the South Melbourne Dim Sim place in Emporium.

There is Aptus seafood, a place known for its expensive seafood and champagne. Its the place where I bought the best beetroot salad. The beetroots were fresh and full of potassium. And then they also have superfood salads at $5 for a small one. The best and healthiest salads on the planet. The lines there are rather long as the food is the best. Their salads fill me up and they have the freshest ones.

I have been to Claypots before and their mussels were good.

The pie that I had in the Small town pie shop was good, except it fell apart. It was a lentil pie. I think the pie was overcooked. It was $6.90.


Lats sushi is just ok. Yoyo sushi is also ok but sometimes they can be a bit inedible. I love Fritz Gelato though. They have a store here and one in Prahran

There are always people on Saturday so try to go mid-week if you can. Midweek is usually quieter.

The Deli Hall at Queen Victoria Market

The Deli Hall is at Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne and it’s my favorite place to buy healthy snacks. Here I love to buy my protein cheeses and yogurts. I am not a huge fan of bread as they tend to make me quite fat and put on a lot of weight without realizing it. But I do love their cheeses and their shouting every morning. I also am a fan of their dips as they are homemade.


But if I do want junk food then I can’t go past the chicken shop as it is quite cheap. It is about $3 for a bucket of chips and about $5 for a huge serving of chicken wings in that I can take home and make a few meals out of.  But occasionally (and it’s very rare) I love my bratwurst. It’s about $8 for a huge sausage and all the trimmings such as cheese and saukraut. I can have this with my fat burning 80 cal tea at home or at work.

There are lots of bready places but I try and avoid them if I can. I’m not a huge fan of too many starchy carbs. And if you’re trying to lose weight its best to stay off them as they have a lot calories in them.

South Melbourne Night Market by Akira

This market is quite a good one and we enjoyed walking there from the city. It would be really hard to find a park there as the only place to park is on the rooftop or in a side street. So many people took the 96 or the 12 tram to get there from the city. I took the number 96 to get home.

Here the lines were really long for food hence we didn’t bother. Katherine knew from last year’s visit that waiting in line is no fun at all. In fact last year we had no time to explore other places in the market. We however bothered with Colonial Brewing Co beer. This was a very strong brew with about 4.9% of alcohol. We had this with the nuts that Katherine brought and she herself had a bagel brought from home.

The desserts looked huge and they were reasonably priced between $2-$10. But because sweets are not good for you and we are having dinner at home, we thought not. There was baklava there but we didn’t want it.

There were no tables anywhere as about 1000 people came. But the queue to the bathrooms was not too long although it got longer after  7:50pm. If there is too long a line to the bathrooms there are some more in Clarendon centre where Mad Mex and Coles is.

Do come by to this iconic summer market which is on every Thursday in January and Feburary from 5pm-9pm in South Melbourne. And dogs are very welcome here. It is recommended that you take them to the dog park in Eastern reserve before coming here just to calm them down. It is recommended that you bring your own bottle of water as there is not much water on site.

St Kilda Esplanade market by Akira

This market is one of the best markets in St Kilda. Here they have food, clothes and artworks. on a very peaceful and lovely Sunday you can find punters and tourists alike wandering down the market to find that perfect gift for someone. You can also find dogs as well.


Here they have the finest foods on offer. Here we tried the sauces and honey on offer. The honey was from Paul’s Honey and the people at the St Kilda visitors hub were promoting them. The people that are there are the friendly volunteers and you can apply to volunteer there yourself.

Here there were a few food trucks. Last year when I came there was no such luck. They change all the time.

Do take the tram from the city to the market. The route number 96, 3, 3a and 16 all service the esplanade  where the market is and it is only $6 for the tram trip as the market is free.

Week eight of the Melbourne Marathon by Akira

This week we have done 12-13 kms of 21kms and am finding it hard now.

This week my friend Katherine found it really hard to get her period. In kms 9-12 she found it really hard to maintain good fat levels hence the maybe skipped period (acutally it came on Sunday- the 37th day)  On myfitness pal it said that she had been having 50-83 g most days a bit on the low side. She found it hard to get warm.

Then it was cold one night and she could not sleep. The next day she burnt 700 calories and so did I. We both had pasta that night- I had the pollo and she had ratoutuille  with olive oil, salami and prawns. We had it at this place called Vapiano where they give you a card and then you swipe it everytime you order a meal. Our meals were free ( we have both joined the  club- this is a foodies club at Vapiano where new specials come and go) except for the extras and her red wine which she wanted to go with her pasta. It actually brought out the best in her pasta.

Then on Sunday she ran really slow due to her period and found it hard to catch up. In the end we went to St Kilda Esplanade market where there lots of dogs and goods.


Lets move 365: Wicked Chocolate festival at Prahran Market

Wicked Chocolate was a free festival at Prahran Market and everyone enjoyed being out and about and trying lots of yummy chocolate.


This was really wicked. Everyone enjoyed themselves and having ice cream on this 23C day. Here I had the buy one get one free which I was willing to use and so I did.

Whilst I didn’t get into the spirit of booze I loved my chocolate ice cream very much. Fritz gelato had won many awards for the best ice cream and I am glad that they are at the Market.

Chapel st Cellars had a Chocolate Martini for $12 but I wasn’t going to have any booze. There was rocky road from Sweet Greek but I’m not a huge fan of Rocky road. However I love a good dark chocolate and a great chocolate fondue with friends, books and red wine on a winters day. When I see a chocolate fondue I can imagine winter and a book club.

There were many free chocolate samples for us to try. As for us we went a bit bananas over them. There were a few ticketed events but they were $22-$45 for a few chocolatey things. And they were sold out very quickly.  People ranted on Facebook about not being able to find lots of chocolatey things but in fact there were many chocolatey things at the trader shops (their actual shops). You just had to keep your eye open.

Chocolate is a good way to distress before the exam and I’m glad that Prahran market decided to hold this event in the weeks leading up to exams. Many thanks Prahran market for this event.

What healthy habits that students neglect during studies

Students in the lead up to exams you might neglect some good habits in order to study. These are some of them which will assist you with a healthy mind and body. After all you would not want to be run down just before the exam.

Exercise or lack of movement


Atthe gym. Image courtesy of chiukatherine on Instagram


Fitness gurus say that 20% of your day should be made up of exercise and that is true. Exercise does not have to be boring or expensive. It could be a jog around the block or a fitclub.


You would need about 7-9 hours of sleep per night so if you are staying up late to revise then your body will pay for this later. Can’t sleep? Maybe not moving enough or having too much caffeine or a very full stomach might be why. Or you might be stressing too much about something. Proper sleep hygiene is important so make sure that you have plenty of time to relax before bed.

A healthy diet


During exam time many students neglect this as they don’t have the time or the money to cook. A healthy diet is a must for a healthy and clear mind.

This is a must for any student. Is buying from the supermarket not your thing? What is your budget like?  Here in Melbourne we have the markets, organic shops, cafes you name it. There is something to suit everyone’s budget.

Social interactions

How many friends do you have? Have you joined a club or society? Do you have friends in the same course as you? If so you might want to have a few study groups where you can exchange ideas and test each other.

This is a great way to clear the head

What are some more good habits for students to take? Do leave some comments below