How to track your body measurements

Ever wanted to lose weight after the lockdown? During the lockdown most of us put on some weight and now we want to lose that weight.

Weigh yourself every week at the same time if you can. Begin with a starting weight. The scales do not define you. They are just a number on scale which can change from week to week depending on your hormones and how much muscle you have built.

Its better to use to clothes fitting technique. If your clothes are too tight then you have gained some weight.

You could use the DEXA scale but you’d have to go the gym to do that and then they are around $35-$90 per scan. Some of the scans you can get at a lower price on

Speaking of muscle you need to build this by exercise. The body is amazing. It can adapt to a lot of things in just a short amount of time. Start off slowly. Start off with just weights and dumbbells. This is where the gym comes into play. A personal trainer or an older member can guide you in the right direction.

But wait… what are you eating?

If you are eating crap, of course you’ll put on weight without knowing it. We have all eaten lots of crap during lockdown and now it is time to redeem yourself. Calorie tracking apps can be useful here as you’ll learn about how many calories are in food. Hidden sugars in food are also a bad thing. If you eat too much hidden sugar you’ll put on that weight

So eat good food and you’ll feel just fine. Make sure that you’re having 2 serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables a day.

Stop weighing yourself on the scales. The number on the scales is just a number.

Are you constantly trying to lose weight?

Then you need to read this!

I was inspired by JH Health and Fitness who wrote up about taking a break every once in a while. They say that you need to take a break from your gym and diet routine and just enjoy food.

Pre Covid19 I was going to the gym too much and therefore my hormones were out of wrak. I was trying to train for a marathon and learn spin cycle as well as doing weights.

These days I just enjoy being outdoors and my Body Combat at home.

Say you want to lose 20-50kgs of bodyweight. Now you know that its not going to happen overnight and some weeks your weight will plateau. If you go to the gym every single day with no breaks, you will get tired and very irritable. A 4 week small but manageable period is just what the doctor ordered. During the pandemic most of us are thinking about whether or not we should head back to the gym and do back to back workouts. I think not as the pandemic was a good time to rest and recover. I also found that I slept better as my hormones recovered.

We are always hungry whenever we try to diet. This is the biggest failure of sticking to the diet. So hence it is ok to enjoy that treat once in a while.

After the pandemic I won’t be going to the gym as often as I would like. Instead I would spend that time outdoors and just enjoy outdoors and my runs. I run for pure enjoyment not competition.

You should try and accept your body for the way it is and find one good thing that there is to like about yourself rather than trying to lose all that weight. You would lose some of that weight by incorporating some more rest days and eating the right foods.

Can Science Take the Weight off

Can Science Take the weight off is a site designed by Novo Pharmaceuticals to get people to see their GP’s and make healthier lifestyle choices. This is a good website for persuading people to do just that. In this current Covid and obesity crisis this is important. Gyms are shut so some people may have lost their motivation that way.

You do all the right things such as diet and exercise, but its really your brain that makes you gain the weight. The brain can do this in a number of ways such as demotivate you to exercise. The advertisement was shown online at the right time.

Your GP can help, but prescription medicine should be the last thing on anyone’s mind. It should be your willpower and your motivation to lose the weight. And in these difficult times your GP can suggest some ways of losing the weight, but ultimately its up to you.

Losing the weight is a marathon. In a marathon you have to train and work really hard for it. The balloons represent the heavy weight that you are carrying. The doctor is your support. Also family can be a real downer or they can be incredibly supportive of you.

When you run and train for a marathon you’re teaching your brain to think positively and just stick with it no matter what. Losing weight is just like that. You can’t rely on medicines to help you lose the weight unless there is some underlying issue there that needs to be addressed such as a thyroid problem. Medicines can be very expensive and the average pensioner might not be able to afford them.

Long term changes are a must if you want to lose the weight and keep it off.

Is Butter a Carb?

“Is Butter a Carb?” is an iconic quote from Mean Girls and I had been thinking about it ever since, pondering over this question.

I guess it is one in today’s society that we must all answer at some point. We have been taught to think critically about some of the information that we see and hear, surrounding diets. I have never been a huge fan of the word “diet”.

“Is Butter a carb?” is an actual book written by Rosie Saunt and Helen West. Here they talk about weight stigma as well as the good and the bad fats. They dispel many of the myths of the fitness industry these days surrounding nutrition and weight loss. I got the book on

Here they talk about diet culture and the weight stigma. Here they say that “it’s a bitch” and diet culture means purchasing the latest products at the gym that will help make you skinnier. Around 60% of adults are ashamed of how they look and its the same in Australia. Just in fact, this week at the gym a woman wanted to lose weight but she is perfect just the way she is. If she loses any more weight she could lose her period.

The book talks about cosmetic procedures as one of the most expensive ways to lose weight. In Australia we spend so much money on these useless procedures.

Should we quit sugar?

The answer is it depends! If it is added sugar then I’d say definitely. There are 42 sugars in the list. Most diet and wellness bloggers say quit all sugars. But I say keep the free ones. The free ones are found in things like fruit and milk. We need these to function properly. The other sugars we can quit.

But what about carbs and proteins?

We need them to survive. Without them we may as well not live. We need them for fiber and its better to go whole grain rather than the white starchy stuff. And most carbs do not make us fat- its what you choose that does. They recommend that you go low carb if you are trying to lose the weight.

We need proteins for muscle building. Without muscle building we cannot do much. Our bodies cannot function without protein.

Supplements do we really need them?

Yes we need them for our general wellbeing. But we can get most of the vitamins that we need from food. If we eat a balanced diet then yes we can get most things from food

Gut Health

Gut Health is a major health trend and we need to eat well for our gut to be healthy. If our gut is not healthy we get sick easily.

Do buy the book as its worth a read. And don’t be afraid of food. Diet culture is everywhere and don’t get too caught up in it.

Finding the time to exercise

There is just #noexcuse for exercise, although time might be just one for busy people.

We live in a 24 hour day. Sometimes there’s not enough time to do things let alone exercise. So we need to find time to do these things. You might have a disability, chronic illness or have children to attend to. Or you might be a carer for someone.

Our workouts don’t last an hour do they? At most they are about 30-45 mins. You can do yours first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon, depending on the person that you are. But don’t leave it until too late at night where you cannot sleep. If you have a gym near where you work, why not go in there during your lunch hour. There are many group classes happening then.

Do you like to run? If so there are many running groups in your city and you might consider joining one.

If you’re not that sort of person that schedules things and remembers things easily, why not write it down or schedule some time in your dayplanner. Make sure to carve that time out and stick to it.

Or you can do some incidental exercise during your lunchbreak which can involve walking around the block. Or you can park the car a bit further away and then walk. Also if you love to ride your bike to work why not do that?

On the weekend why not make exercising a family affair where everyone comes together and all go to the park and play?

Why your current fitness routine isn’t working for you

Want to lose weight and you are clearly at a plateau? Do you go to the gym for exercise but not see the results. Well here’s why!

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You sit too much

We are not made for sitting for long periods of time. You need to get up and move around a lot. Get up every hour or so and just walk around a bit. Do you drive? If so you should park further away!

Maybe you are doing too much

You might need to back it off a bit. Have a holiday. You should only be doing 150 mins of vigorous activity and 2-3 strength sessions a week. Your body needs time to rest and recover.

Your nutrition sucks

You eat about 99% of crap and no real food. They say that it is should be 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Do you eat chips, soft drink and cake all the time? They should only be enjoyed as a treat and not everyday. We should be having more fruits and vegetables and less of the processed foods.

You aren’t tracking your progress when you should

People who don’t track their progress each time won’t know how they are going. You can use apps like myfitnesspal and strava or Garmin to track your progress.

Your attitude sucks

YOu need to mix up your workouts a bit and increase the intensity of some of them. If you can read a book and talk to your friends at their same time then you need to increase the intensity. Increase the intensity about every five minutes or so.

Restaurant survival guide: how to order food the right way

This article is brought to you by Weight Watchers

We talk about how to order food the right way in the restaurant

hamburger and fries photo

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Many people want to get healthy and lose weight but there is something standing in the way. And that is going out to eat. Many people want to still have a social life as well as losing weight.

Here is how to go about ordering food in the right way

Research the restaurant before you go out. Many restaurants have their menus online so you would know what sort of food that they have.

Restaurant meals are quite huge. You don’t have to finish a whole plate if you don’t want to. But if the restaurant allows it, you can take the rest home in a doggy bag and have it the next day for lunch or dinner.

I would say go vegetarian when dining out at the restaurant. But if you like meat, go for it. Just a tip though, don’t order fried meats. Some fatty meats would be your sausages and the huge German schnitzel. And always choose the restaurant yourself. Don’t let other people choose it for you.

Try to if you can, avoid bacon. Bacon is full of fat and the chef normally fries it in a lot of fatty oil. Bacon is also full of grease

Always order the dressing on the side. Never order it inside of the meal. Dressings have a lot of unwanted calories and they are laden with lots of fat and sugar. If you order it on the side you can have a little bit of it and leave the rest.

Never order an entree or a dessert to yourself. Always do the Chinese style which is sharing your meal with your friend. Entrees and desserts are laden with calories. Desserts have a lot of sugar in them

Never ever go for pizza or chips if you want to lose the weight. They are high in calories and fat. They are often cooked in the deep fryer.

Oh and be careful with alcohol. One glass is enough for one person.

Don’t order soft drink. Instead just have water or tea. If you need to go for the coffee, have it as a long black with no sugar.

You can also go for a kid’s sized meal as they are smaller.

If you have any more tips feel free to drop us a line.

Weight watchers for Kids

We explain our disgust when we heard that Weight watchers have a new weight loss app for kids.

Weight watchers and Kurbo have just released a new app for kids so that they lose weight. Their reasoning is that obesity is high in America for children. It isn’t available in Australia as it is in the US.

This app uses a green light red light program which does not work with us as food is just food. You have to track food and exercise which is not right for teenagers.

What’s wrong with the app and the program?

I was once on Weight watchers when they are really strict about what you can eat and when. I didn’t like being told what I can and can’t eat and still don’t to this day.

The trainers that run these meetings are not trained in nutrition or they have not done a short course. They are only there just to weigh you in and get your money. The rest you have to do yourself.

But still, I like the products.

There is talk about weight watchers for kids which really angers me. The app would be aimed for 13-17 years old.

When they are that age they are growing up and going through a stage of puberty. The app would just encourage eating disorders in young people. These disorders can last a lifetime. We all should be eating nutritious foods and not need to lose weight. Girls should in particular put on a bit of fat.

There is a petition going around stating that the app should be removed and we think so too. Many health bloggers and advocates call out this action and say it’s bad for the kids!  The Health Bloggers Community is with me on this one.


What should we do?

Parents instead of using the app, I encourage you to teach your child the healthy way of eating and it’s not about everything that is good or bad. Food is just food there is no good or bad about it. They should not skip meals or exercise excessively. They should not use diet pills.

We should be educated in diet culture and fat-shaming. We should educate kids to love themselves for who they are rather than their body and their looks!

When kids grow older they will find that they will be more beautiful and will not need to lose weight. They will be just fine once they have reached puberty.

Lets hope that the Weight watchers app stays out of Australia and it gets revoked in the US and the UK.

BSC’s Clean living tea

BSC is Bodyscience company and they understand an athlete’s hydration needs. I am a marathoner running for those that are disabled and am trying to send a message to our Government here in Australia saying that we need funding for those that are doing it tough.

The Government wants for us to be healthier but they are not doing much in terms of making things cheaper for people such as the cost of healthier food and drinks.

We bought these teas at Great Earth for $3 each. You can also buy them in boxes for $49 or $64 each depending on how much you want.

This tea is a clean living one meaning that there are no nasties in there. They come in two flavors, lemon and berry. It is like kombucha except there are no live bacteria in there.

You insert one sachet into a bottle of water or a cup and then wait a while for it to dissolve and then drink. Its recommended that you have about two sachets a day but if you’re not used to the water, just try having one and then build on that.

I kept going to the toilet lots as it cleaned out my insides. This is good for gut health and hydration needs. When we hydrate a lot we get rid of the excess waste in our system. That, in turn, helps us to lose weight!

Each day we need our hydration of about 3-4 liters even more for the average sports person. Most people don’t like plain water a lot. They think it is boring. So I suggest if you are not used to drinking water, start off slowly and then work your way from there. I would suggest maybe including an extra 300-600 mls a day for a little while and then work your way up. 300mls is just over a glass of water.

I tried both but liked the lemon better. The lemon one was a lot sweeter than berry and it was good for curing my cold when I had one. In Melbourne, its winter but our winters are not as bad as last year. Even so, I still had a cold.

They sell at all good nutrition shops for the sportsperson.

Do buy the tea if you love flavoring with your water and if you are a sports lover.

Why diet is more effective for weight loss

I got the idea from steel back your health.

This idea that diet is more effective for weight loss than exercise is because 80% of our health is on nutrition. And 20% is on exercise.

Obesity rates are rising in the world today. According to CBS News, 2 billion people are now overweight. Now the highest obesity rates are in the Middle East and North Africa with 60-65% of their population being overweight.  Diabetes is on the rise and we believe in preventative health. Other chronic diseases are on the rise such as cardiovascular disease and heart disease among others.


We are what we eat. In ancient times people used to eat just fruits, grains and meats. These were foods for survival. Nowadays we eat whatever is in the convenience store and we don’t eat many vegetables.

The modern diet is full of processed foods that we eat all the time. Think sugar, deep-fried foods, etc. These foods are addicting so people don’t just stop at one. Carbohydrates and added sugars raise our blood sugars up and trigger a release of the hormone called Insulin.  Hence this is why type 1 and 2 diabetes are on the rise. We tend to also drink more alcohol and coffee rather than water. They dehydrate us rather than hydrate us. We don’t move a lot. In fact, we are more sedentary with cars and office jobs. This is why we are getting sicker and sicker.

We do however need our fats. They help our hormones to survive. But they need to be the healthy ones, aka the Meditteranean diet where olive oil and salad is king. As well as fish. If we feed the body good fats then you’ll train it to become fat adapted. But if you keep giving it processed foods and the high-fat foods, the body will not have access to the fat stores and you’ll end up gaining weight

Protein and good fats keeps us fuller for longer.

Exercise is not efficient for losing weight

You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. You have to want to change your diet in order to lose weight. People think that after an exercise you can eat all the calories that you have burnt. This is exacerbated by the fact that we now own Garmins and Fitbits which counts your steps, so people think well done for getting there. This is so not true. If you eat all the calories you have burnt you won’t lose weight. You need to have a small deficit to lose weight. You do have to eat something but it should be nutritious rather than calorie-dense.

A little bit of cardio each week helps so long as you are doing some resistance training too. We should be aiming for 150 mins of intense exercise each week. Cardio can be things like going for a run or spin cycle.

In the long run, nutrition wins. But you can also do some exercise to help you lose the weight along the way as resistance training will help you get there. Resistance training is weight training. Resistance training helps you to put on muscle which will help burn calories and raise the Basal Metabolic Rate.