Why processed foods are bad for you

We talk about why processed foods are bad for you

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

In the US and UK obesity is at all time high. Earlier this week I watched a new report about people in Melbourne’s low income suburbs buying all these junk food as the supermarkets price them pretty cheap. It is the same in 7/11. All the processed food are at the front of the store with all the fresh stuff at the back. The supermarkets want people to buy these foods now that we are in lockdown.

Processed foods are high in sugar, salt and fats. They are also high in calories and if you want to lose weight, you don’t need those empty calories. According to Mind Body Green they are bad for gut health. Every day we are bombarded at the supermarket with all these foods. The supermarkets place them at the front of the store so that people will buy them. These junk foods attract the people on low income because that’s all they can afford.

Yes we can’t change the environment. But we can change our attitude and buying habits. Like for example my flatmate buys all these crappy snacks but I just don’t eat them and instead buy my own. Avoid the junk food at the supermarket. Know what you want before you get there. Write a list if you have to.

We should try and eat more natural foods. We are deficient in fruits, vegetables and fish and seafood and whole grains. Its ok to have a little bit of processed food from time to time just as a treat but nothing more.

McDonalds new vegetarian burger

McDonalds has this new vegetarian burger and we review it here.

It is American Heart Health Month and for that month I decided to try the new McDonald’s Vegetarian burger thinking that it would be healthier for us. By that I mean that there’s no meat in the burger. Vegetarian means that the food would have less fat in there.

I saw the ad for their vegetarian burger online and really wanted to try this and see whether or not they compare to other vegan and vegetarian products that I have had. The other vegetarian products that I have had are healthy and are tasty. They have the right amount of salt and fat in them. We should have 16g or less of saturated fat daily.

People go into McDonalds each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some people go in there almost everyday

Here their burgers have 21g of fat and are about 488 calories a serve. I ordered it with a meal like most people do. But what’s interesting is that their Big Mac has 28 grams of fat (10 of it is saturated). Here I loved the patty. The patty was creamy and there was not a lot of sauce to it. I had this with a diet coke.

People get the meal to takeaway. But you know what that paper bag along with all the other papery bits goes to landfill

It took a while to burn off and when it did it was all good. I ran a slow training race today because of that! And I nearly threw up a few times.

In short: its better to get it and other McDonald’s meals just as a treat, not for convenience

Sushi Sushi and why it is not good for you to eat it all the time

We talk about the good and bad about Sushi Sushi.

Sushi Sushi is a franchise which focuses on just sushi. Some of them have hot meals. But I have never tried their bento boxes.

close up photo of sushi served on table

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Like most franchises, they are only there to make money. Hence some of their stores are never clean. And if you have allergies well forget it as most of their gluten-free sushi would be mixed in with their not gluten-free sushi.

They are usually in most shopping centers where the food court is. So don’t count on too much cleanliness and seating

The sushi there is not great. There are a couple of them which I don’t mind going to with my Herbalife, but other than that the rice is always bad and its made badly.

Normally I go there on a voucher. And if you buy the Entertainment book from us there is a buy one get one free voucher.

Some of the Sushi Sushi are just ok. The one in QV is not bad. I have been to the one in Melbourne Central and that was pretty terrible.

The QV one has seating and its not in the food court which is awesome.

In 2015 when I went to the Sushi Sushi they were pretty bad. But four years later and standards have lifted a bit. If I want to go there I would go when they had just opened as their sushi has been freshly made.

I don’t expect good things from the wait staff. I never have.

Now they also have loyalty clubs. Four years ago this never happened.

They do have a good range of sushi though. They have a lot of varieties depending on what you like. The price of the rolls ranges from $3-$4 per roll and the sushi boxes from $10-$14. The deluxe boxes don’t have a lot of sushi in there for that price.

Don’t go to Sushi sushi all the time as its a waste for your money. You could go sometime though

Do you have any good or bad stories about Sushi Sushi? If so let us know in the comments below!

What eating two minute noodles everyday is like

Two years ago RMIT Newintstudents have posted something about this. Since then it has reached about 1000+ hits as many people are obese.

Here we look at the side effects of eating this convenience food day in and out.

About the noodles.

There are many brands of this with the popular one being Maggi two minute noodles. The also other popular brand is Indomie and their Mi Goreng which students love. They are a cheap staple to buy hence many poor people buy this at the Asian grocery store and it tastes good. They are around $1-$5 depending on where you buy them.


What is wrong with two minute noodles?

They are high in calories for a start. They have 300-400 calories per serve and that is not including the ingredients. They have lots of sodium and MSG in this. It will make you thirsty after a while. After a long period of eating this you will put on weight.  In RMIT Newintstudents experiment they experimented with different toppings but they found that they were bored of it after day four. They also found that their memory lapses after a few days and they found that they were hankering for real solid food.

The bloggers found that they had a headache and sore throat on day five due to all that msg.

The message is: you can enjoy them once in a while but just not everyday. And put some vegetables or something healthy with it.