Luteal Phase and Hunger

We talk about this issue that affects many women.

I have often felt hungry during the luteal phase of my period. Like so many women there is no reason as to why. Some say it is to keep up with demand on the body and the maintenance of the uterus walls. The rise in progesterone might be to blame.

Psychology Today says that is a way of disordered eating. Women are prone to more eating disorders than men due to this type which involves the menstrual cycle and the way we look. The nature of the period has more of an impact on our appetites, especially when it is that time of the month. During the first half of the cycle estrogen acts as a suppressant.

Greatist said that researchers are trying to understand the impacts of the menstrual cycle and hunger. There has been little research done on this to date. In the coming weeks and months we hope to see more research done on this issue.

What is the Luteal Phase?

This is the phase that happens after ovulation and about 12-14 days before your period. Here the walls are being built in the uterus. If there is no pregnancy there would be a period.

During that phase your metabolism rises a bit to prepare for your period and build those walls.

What should I eat during the Luteal Phase?

I would drink plenty of water, fuel up on those irons and carbohydrate-rich foods. And I would encourage you to throw some feel-good foods in there like chocolate. A little bit of dark chocolate helps seal the deal as it has magnesium that your body needs.

But of course if you can’t get all those minerals from diet alone, you can try a supplement.

China’s relationship with Australia

This is post Covid19 and during Covid19.

China’s relationship with Australia has been a good one pre Covid19. But once Covid19 started it all went downhill from there. Australia relies on China for trade and university students

There are more racial tensions and many people have avoided Chinese restaurants and eateries due to their “preconception that these restaurants and eateries would give them Covid19” In fact, during the pandemic, we went out to a few Chinese restaurants and they are all not that bad.

What would happen from here?

Australia like the rest of the world is looking for answers from China as to how it all started. We know that it started from Wuhan late last year and then it escalated early this year. But did it start from the wet markets or somewhere else? We don’t know.

We think that most Australians would look to buy Australian made products and the economy would drop. Most of the products we buy before Covid19 are all made from China.

As for the universities they would lose billions of dollars in fees due to no new International students. Already we are seeing this.

There would be a lot more racism and discrimination that would not have occurred if we lived normal lives. We hear of people bashing the Chinese and vandalizing their property.

What should we do?

Do continue to dine out at Chinese restaurants and eateries (the ones that you know of). It is racist and discriminatory not to dine at these restaurants. We deserve to earn money just like everyone else and be treated in the same way.

Don’t be racist. In fact, just be nice to everyone and one day we’ll all get back to normal again.

Now that Coronavirus is here: has the Internet usage gone up

The Coronavirus has kept many people indoors and people are bored. So we wanted to see if the Internet usage has gone up at home.

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According to the latest 2019 report about 9000000 people use Instagram and more use Facebook and We Chat. Now we want to see if people are using the Internet more for social media and other things now that the Coronavirus is here. According to CRN the data usage has surged and the most popular time is around 6pm-8pm. They say that the majority of people use it for online gaming and video streaming.

During the Coronavirus pandemic more and more people are being laid off or being asked to work from home. So people may have gotten a bit bored like myself at times and want to play MSN games. Now that social distancing is here are more and more people using We Chat and Facebook for chatting?

The Internet bills have gone up but people can’t afford them due to job losses and businesses closing doors. The speed of the Internet is down sometimes due to so many people logging on.

With the Internet usage on the rise it means that a number of hackers has also increased. So people need to be more vilgilant, especially children

So what are companies doing to make people’s lives a bit easier?

We really don’t know yet as it is early days. But hopefully the companies will make the Internet a bit cheaper and some might have deals on it.

It’s best not to spend all your time on the Internet. Just use it for your working, banking, shopping, Youtube and social needs. Don’t play too many games on it as its not healthy. You can however download some exercise videos if you want.

If children want to go online its a good idea for a parent to supervise them. Make sure that they don’t download anything without permission and that they don’t go onto any sites which you don’t trust.

Sam Wood’s article about the gym

And why we disagree with it.

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Yesterday Sam Wood has an article in the Daily Mail about people going to the gym and he urged those to stay away from the gym. He says that its due to the Coronavirus and the fact that they can spread germs easily when they cough and sneeze and sweat. The last part about the sweat is not true as you can’t get sick from the sweat. Sam Wood is a personal trainer in Melbourne

Sam’s article is just another reason for people to panic. As the government said we should just go about our daily business but have good hand hygiene and good immune systems.

If people stay away from the gym, the gym would lose money and staff. We already are worried about the personal trainers losing their clients.

Gyms are supposed to be social places; places in which people can talk to each other and be happy. If we all go into isolation and exercise at home we would not be very happy. Gyms is one way for people to see their friends and family.

All of the gyms now have hand sanitzer and cleaning staff 24/7 and they have guidelines on how to be safe from the Coronavirus.

How to be safe from the Coronavirus at the gym

  • Stay at home for 14 days if you have been to China, Iran, Italy, UK, Japan.
  • Stay at home if you feel unwell
  • Wash your gym clothes regularly
  • Use a towel at the gym and change it everytime you go to the gym
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap
  • Use antibacterial wipes
  • Stay away from people that cough or sneeze
  • Wipe down equipment before and after you use it.
  • Fill your own drink bottle at home or buy water that is prefilled.
  • Use cotton gloves to handle equipment.
  • Wash your face after each gym session

Flabbergasted:Melbourne doctor accused of seeing patients when he has Covid

This week we found out that a Melbourne doctor was accused of seeing up to 70 patients a week in his Toorak Road clinic. He was accused by health minister Jenny Mikalos, who made it public. The doctor had flu like symptoms and he flew in from the US on February 29th at 9:30am. The Guardian claims that his symptoms were mild.

Jenny had called his actions of seeing patients when he had the flu like symptoms and tested positive for Coronavirus. All the patients and the staff have been asked to self quarrantine themselves for 14 days.

The doctor in this case did do the right thing when he was tested positive for Coronavirus.

Our stance on the whole thing:

The whole thing is incredibly stupid and it is hard to find another doctor to work for him for two weeks whilst he is in isolation. Mind Body Miko says that most doctors can’t afford sick leave and they work overtime to treat their patients. His details should never have been shared with the public even if he is Missy Higgins dad. He would lose money and maybe some of his patients over this breach of confidentiality.

Most likely the surgery always has the sanitizer and most of the time the place is sanitized. If the doctor loses his job over this then there might not be another doctor to take his place.

Its also a breach of privacy by providing his name in the media when it wasn’t done for the other doctors

The doctor didn’t do anything wrong. It’s the media which did by releasing his name and business. We don’t really want to know.

The TGA crackdown on supplements

The TGA has proposed a crackdown on supplements as they are unlicensed and unsafe. The supplement industry is worth $1.1 billion dollars

If the TGA goes ahead with this then eventually jobs will go and business will be forced to close down. The process of removing and banning supplements would take a long time

There is a petition going online which you can sign and show your support.

Where do we stand?

We believe in real foods and not the fad diets and supplements that are out there to promote weight loss. But at the same time those that do endurance sports of some sort and body building do need them.

We do believe that safety comes first. Hence the real food diet

But at the same time we don’t want to see businesses close because of this

Why competitive dieting is the most dangerous

We talk about why competitive dieting is bad for you!

We all want to lose weight and learn healthier habits. At some point or another we all go these competitive diets and we compete with other people. This can be quite dangerous.

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What is competitive dieting?

Competitive dieting is about losing weight together as a team and the person that loses the most weight wins a cash prize. Think ie: the Biggest Loser. People go on these TV shows just to lose weight. The same thing goes on in gyms and in workplaces. People sign up for them in the Springtime hoping to lose weight by Summer. It often goes for a specified amount of time eg. six weeks.

At the gym they sell them for $40-$99 and there is a cash prize for the person that loses the most weight. That is how new trainers get their feet in the door.

These diets are quite restrictive, ie you cannot go out with friends because they always want to go to restaurants and pubs.

I only did a six week challenge or two to learn lots of different ways to eat healthy. I didn’t expect anything in return. You are not going to learn these healthier habits in six weeks and new ones as well. They take a lifetime to achieve.

Why is it bad?

Its bad because:

  • After you finish you put more weight back because you want to eat a lot of those bad foods. Over time you develop fatty liver
  • Which will then lead to an increased risk of diabetes and other health problems.
  • It can lead to muscle loss especially if you don’t eat the right amount of foods
  • A lot of diets cause frustration especially if they are difficult to follow
  • Short term diets prevents you from forming and learning some healthier habits to keep your weight down.
  • You’ll never learn about dining out whilst being healthy and enjoying that ocassional treat

What should we do about it?

  • Don’t go on them. Instead learn some healthier habits and approaches to life.
  • Learn to love yourself for who you are and not what you look like.
  • Learn to love food and eat in moderation
  • Don’t buy these competitive diets- they are a waste of money.

Singapores bans soft drink ads

We talk about this issue as it encourages healthier choices.

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The Singaporean government has banned soft drink and juice ads in their country as it contains too much sugar. These ads are banned from mainstream media such as TV and magazines and newspapers. It was in an effort to curb rising rates of diabetes due to lots of unhealthy food and drinks offered at their hawker food court. It was via this link that we found out. This is a really good move on their part as too many people have diabetes.

It is there to encourage healthier choices. Singapore has a lot of hawker markets and stalls that sell these drinks.

Companies will now have to use a new labelling system to warn Singaporeans of how much sugar is in the drinks. These will be on the front of the package to warn people about how much sugar is in that drink. The labels will be colour coded, eg green for good and red for lots of sugar

The ban also extends to Asian bubble teas and other Asian drinks.

Companies will have to reformulate their products to not have any additional sugar in them and they will need to adapt to change. A similar thing has happened in the UK where they cracked down on the marketing of these items.

Should Australia do the same thing?

Yes. We see them everywhere- in hotels, in cinemas and at the shops. If Australia was to curb these ads the better it would be for all of us.

According to Food and Drink business about 1 in 2 Australians drink sugary drinks once a week. About 1 in 11 people consume them daily.

According to the WHO those that consume soft drinks regularly- 1 to 2 cans or more are at risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Boost Juice has a lot of sugar in there. In Australia there is hundreds of Boost Juice stores and you can find them in everywhere from train stations to shopping malls. The people think Boost Juice is healthy but it actually isn’t.

Love Food Hate Waste

We talk about this campaign called Love Food Hate Waste and how businesses can do the right thing to attract more customers.

Its a campaign run by Sustainability Victoria in where they encourage businesses and households not to waste food.

Many businesses waste food due to customers not wanting things and wanting things to be changed to their liking. At the end of the day, not much-baked goods are being sold and then they are thrown away.

It puts a strain on natural resources that are used to create food in Victoria. Each year about 250000 tonnes of avoidable food waste from Victorian households and businesses goes to landfill! There is a financial loss for both Victorian businesses and households as well as an environmental one! When food goes into landfill it can create greenhouse gases which are toxic to the environment and our health!

There is always a cost with everything that you do and for small cafes, you cannot afford to waste food as that’s money going down the drain. In a Rush has a few outlets in the city and they get the no waste thing right. They regularly donate food to charities.

Degani and most fast food outlets waste a lot of food. Degani’s food is often overpriced and most people don’t buy their overpriced food.

This campaign can also be extended to businesses that participate in events like the Mid Autumn festival. Here things were really overpriced and there wasn’t a lot of sampling by the food stalls to attract customers. I know that the rent is high in the area but there could have been more customers to their stalls if there was some sampling done.

Many households also do the same thing. We buy lots of food and then we forget to eat on the use-by date. We should really plan ahead and use up everything in our fridge and freezer before we go out and buy anything.

Some ways that businesses cannot waste food

  • Have some daily specials with the products that will need to be eaten
  • Give some food away to charity or to people living on the street
  • Have free promotion days where you promote your food to people. They did this a lot on Kitchen Nightmares.
  • Order what you can use and don’t over order
  • Have some end of the day specials for food such as baked items or just been cooked items.
  • Offer samples to people of what you cooked and you’d attract more business
  • Store your food correctly. This can make food last for weeks and days.
  • I love the Lentils As anything idea where you pay as you feel as some people cannot afford food
  • Businesses and households should donate pantry goods to some local free for all pantries.

Subway’s new ad

Subways new grilled wraps ad got us all fired up. Why?

This ad has been featured all over our gym and they are a fast-food company.

unnamed (2)

It’s because of the issues that have arisen at many Subway restaurants. Here they underpay staff as well as force staff to use what they picked up off the floor and not so fresh ingredients. We found this out when we watched “A Current Affair’s” segment on Subway on Youtube.

“Get a good grilling” and “Grill the PT” was so soooo infuriating. We grill customers on a daily basis as part of our job and we also get grilled by our mentors. Why do we need grilling by our clients? I remember the Biggest Loser days when this challenge went on. Marketing Dive says that this ad is really annoying on social media.

When the PT asks why you are late- it’s just a part of their job. They have to be there for their clients and not be late for the next one or they don’t get paid. It’s nothing personal. But Subway seems to take it as such.


Subway is a huge franchise business and they have lots of stores in Australia and lots in the US. Yet they don’t pay their employees the correct wages. Our sandwiches cost from $5-$10 to make and sometimes they have deals like 2 for $16.

The first time I saw this ad I was not very happy. As a health website, we should be focusing on healthy eating and not food from fast-food chains.

And get a free cookie for members doesn’t seem to help either. You might be doing a favor for the less fortunate as times are tough but really it isn’t doing a favor for our waistlines.

Subway should really be getting a good grilling about paying their employees the right amount of money before advertising any more products and getting their act together. It would be a long time before I set foot in another Subway store again.

The gym should also take down that ad as its annoying members and their personal trainers.