The TGA crackdown on supplements

The TGA has proposed a crackdown on supplements as they are unlicensed and unsafe. The supplement industry is worth $1.1 billion dollars If the TGA goes ahead with this then eventually jobs will go and business will be forced to close down. The process of removing and banning supplements would take a long time ThereContinue reading “The TGA crackdown on supplements”


Why competitive dieting is the most dangerous

We talk about why competitive dieting is bad for you! We all want to lose weight and learn healthier habits. At some point or another we all go these competitive diets and we compete with other people. This can be quite dangerous. What is competitive dieting? Competitive dieting is about losing weight together as aContinue reading “Why competitive dieting is the most dangerous”

Singapores bans soft drink ads

We talk about this issue as it encourages healthier choices. The Singaporean government has banned soft drink and juice ads in their country as it contains too much sugar. These ads are banned from mainstream media such as TV and magazines and newspapers. It was in an effort to curb rising rates of diabetes dueContinue reading “Singapores bans soft drink ads”

Love Food Hate Waste

We talk about this campaign called Love Food Hate Waste and how businesses can do the right thing to attract more customers. Its a campaign run by Sustainability Victoria in where they encourage businesses and households not to waste food. Many businesses waste food due to customers not wanting things and wanting things to beContinue reading “Love Food Hate Waste”

Subway’s new ad

Subways new grilled wraps ad got us all fired up. Why? This ad has been featured all over our gym and they are a fast-food company. It’s because of the issues that have arisen at many Subway restaurants. Here they underpay staff as well as force staff to use what they picked up off theContinue reading “Subway’s new ad”

Coping with fatphobia

We discuss this important issue that is affecting today’s society in many ways. Have you ever been wanting to lose weight and looking at the models online and just want to be them? Well, this is fatphobia and its everywhere. Fatphobia is another way of fat-shaming and its not very nice. What is fatphobia? AccordingContinue reading “Coping with fatphobia”

Discrimination and harassment in sport

We talk about this very important issue here. Our issue is about those who are Autistic, have Asperger’s Syndrome or Down’s Syndrome! People with a disability (especially Downs syndrome, Autism and Asperger) gets discriminated and harassed in sport. And they get harassed in everyday life too.  Which is why they are more reluctant to participateContinue reading “Discrimination and harassment in sport”

Instagram has removed my likes

Instagram has removed the number of likes and we are quite happy about it and here’s why! In the modern world, Instagram is the most addictive of social platforms. Instagram has started removing the number of likes ever since the beginning of June.  The idea was trialed in Canada and then became successful. The aimContinue reading “Instagram has removed my likes”

Gambling and how much Australia spent on it

Gambling is a serious problem in Australia and it affects our mental health. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, $24 billion is lost each year on gambling.  Dopamine hit is what the gamblers feel when they gamble all the time. We are the world’s biggest gamblers in Australia as reported by the Sydney Morning HeraldContinue reading “Gambling and how much Australia spent on it”

Should females take supplements

The answer is yes, mainly but it depends on the person. This year Melbourne Marathon has more female runners running the marathon than any other year. So we look at this question during the peak period: should females take supplements? We got that answer from There are so many supplements on the market andContinue reading “Should females take supplements”

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