How to manage your energy better

We talk about ways to manage your energy better, even though we are all in isolation. If we don’t manage our energy well, we lose productivity, and our mental health goes down the drain.

Most people are now working at home or looking for jobs which will take up their time and energy. So here are some ways to help you manage your energy better during the day.

I know that this is a difficult situation for most but try to be as positive as possible. Extreme Limitz Photography mentions that positive energy brings out the best in people. 

Work out when you are the most energetic.

For some people, it can be morning, and for others, it can be at night. Work out what’s best for you. We all have different bodies and rhythms and know when we are most energetic.

And don’t force it. Some days you might not be as energetic.

Set goals for the day

Most people can get more done in a day if they set some goals. Your goals should be specific and measured. Work out what you can achieve during the day. You should work this out over breakfast

Eat breakfast

Even though you are in isolation, it doesn’t mean that you can skip breakfast. If you skip breakfast, then you lose productivity.


We need about 150-300 mins of exercise, and we should always move more. If you’re allowed outside, then that is great. But if not, you can download the Les Mills on Demand and do the workouts inside your own house

Sleep well

Dr. Wadeson says we need about 7-9 hours of sleep a night to function properly during the day.

Treat yourself every now and then.

Buy something online that you like. It doesn’t have to be food. It can be a new pair of shoes or some bath bombs ( Something that will encourage you to take care of yourself is a good idea.

5 reasons why I don’t have a car

And I’m happy not to.

We all like to have a car for convenience or getting around but there are some people just like myself that live close to everything and so I don’t really need a car. I live close to the city and close to shops and public transport.

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Cars are expensive to drive

You have to buy the car and then you have to pay for things like petrol, registration, maintainance etc. I just don’t have the money to do all that.

In the current COVID environment we need money for other things

Driving a car pollutes the environment

All the smoke from the cars exhaust will pollute the environment and it is toxic for people to breathe in.

Having a car means that you can go places (and break the rules).

Without a car I cannot go everywhere. I wouldn’t be able to visit regional Victoria without a car as there are not many train services to regional Victoria

Having a car means that there is less opportunity for exercise

If I had a car I would not be able to walk everywhere and I want to walk everywhere. I love the exercise and fresh air. When I go to the shops I like to use my arms and carry everything home myself.

As a runner I am used to travelling long distances.

Not having a car means that I can be more accountable

Having a car means that it is private and people can’t see you. This would mean that we cannot see the potential rule-breakers. In the past week, alone over 100 fines have been issued in Victoria for breaches of COVID rules

The 31 day challenge to a Healthier and Happier you

I took on the Tiny Buddha’s challenge and you should too instead of weight loss. When you haven’t lost weight in a timely fashion you become unhappy and don’t accept yourself for who you are.

Acceptance is important and that’s what Tiny Buddha teaches.

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Five things that I’m grateful for

  1. Living in Australia when there are over a million coronavirus cases overseas. In Australia, we have over 12000 cases and the US has heaps.
  2. Grateful for the sun- this means that I can go out and run in the sun
  3. Grateful for the lockdowns and restrictions that are happening here. All over the world, there are not that many and people are dying
  4. Grateful for Les Mills Asia Pacific for keeping the spirit of instructing alive in the doom and gloom of the world. During that time I did a meditation online. I also did some tutorials online
  5. Grateful that I don’t have to mingle with friends when I’m really busy. Grateful to have a job really and be able to Work from Home. But I do worry about not having so much money at the end of the pandemic.

Now that we’re in Coronavirus times it’s important to be happy with just the little things. Like one day I complimented someone on how they looked. I also stopped in at a cafe for a small coffee and made their day.

A couple of times I donated to the Ascot Vale Little Free Pantry and it brightened someone’s day.

Everyday I drink lots of water. It keeps me fulfilled and happy.

I exercise every day. I love Body Combat and running. I love kicking and punches. I also love walking in nature and you can too

You can download it here.

The four big food trends of 2020

We talk about these trends whilst we are in lockdown due to the Coronavirus. These trends are all about living healthy and being healthy.

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Japanese inspired meals

Even though the Tokyo Olympic games have been postponed to 2021 we are still eating a lot of Japanese inspired food in the home. Think bento boxes and sushi. Japan has the lowest rates of obesity so we should learn a thing or two from them and we can adapt them to our diet. They educate their people when they are really young and from there they adopt a healthy eating regimen.

You can make your own Japanese food. Simply buy all the things that you need from the Asian grocer if you are allowed to go there (due to lockdown laws) and then get cooking.

Plant based

A lot of restaurants have one or two dishes that are plant-based and there are many blogs that are doing the same too. Coles and Woolworths have a few new items which are plant-based to make switching to that lifestyle easier for people. In the coming months, you’ll see more plant-based foods at your local supermarkets and restaurants as they try to embrace the healthier side of things.

Plastic and going waste free

A lot of countries are going waste-free. More and more supermarkets and places are going plastic bag free now and have been doing so from late last year. Reusable bags cost $0.15 each at Coles if you forget to bring one.

But now people are remembering to bring their own.

Cannabis craze.

That is the CBD oil that is widely talked about. You’ll see it more on the market in the US rather than Australia. There is a little bit of research on CBD oil but its not much and we are not fans of this craze for various reasons. One, being healthy living.

Iso weight gain: how to lose all that weight in iso

We have all been in lockdown and with things slowly starting to open up we want to lose some of that weight.

Many of us ate unhealthy during iso, whether that would be too much-processed foods or baking. We also did not do enough exercise and for some of us, we didn’t really sleep well.

In an article by Daily Mail, many Britons ate too much chocolate and biscuits during iso.

How to lose that weight

  • In some states and countries, gyms have reopened. But they have strict social distancing rules. So try to plan your time wisely. If they are not do go out for a walk (that’s if you’re allowed to).
  • Get a better night’s sleep. We need about 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • Drink more water. By doing so you are helping the liver to flush out all the unwanted toxins. We should drink about 2-3L each day. If you are not used to drinking much go small and then increase the amount slowly.
  • If you don’t already add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet will make you fuller for longer. And don’t forget the proteins and carbs for each meal. You should go for wholefoods if you can.
  • Cut back on the alcohol as it is dehydrating.
  • Stress less if you can and just be happy.

Don’t try any of those quick fixes as you’ll never get the results that you want. You’ll crash and burn that way. Its best to start changing your habits for the long run and then the weight will come off slowly.It may take about a few weeks to see any real change.

National Wellbeing Week 2020

In such a devastating time where people have lost their jobs and their livelihoods, we will celebrate National Wellbeing week.

The Guardian wrote up about how one professor kept it together during the COVID19. We have been trying to keep it together but its been hard sometimes to do so.

This week we went out on runs and we tried to keep it together during these tough times. During these tough times my friend called me heaps on Instagram but I’ve been trying to block him out as I’ve been way too busy. Also he kept saying that he was bored at home.

That week I treated myself to a milkshake. Its important during these times to treat yourself to stuff every once in a while. I also treated myself to a sausage roll.

On Sunday it was really sunny so I treated myself to a run with lots of lovely buildings and sites to take in. I loved the views and gorgeous buildings.

Went to a few Les Mills webinars which has been uplifting. Also watched some What would you do scenarios. I love these scenarios as they are all about the human connection.

Men’s health and mental health

We talk about this as it is National Men’s Health week but obviously we can’t all be together for this. Mental Health is so important and this time its even more important.

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Each year many men lose their life due to suicide, cancer and other lifestyle factors. This year the unemployment loss is huge. It’s reported that 850000 people or more have lost their jobs.

But there are ways in checking how they are feeling such as how are things going at home for you? How are you feeling? We can do this on Facebook and Twitter and We Chat.

We should explore some coping strategies that don’t involve wine and alcohol but talking. This week I have been thinking about and talking to a dear friend of mine. This friend of mine is bored at home and still goes out for a jog so we’d been thinking of ways to entertain him. One of the ways was to get him to post a story on Instagram about how he is feeling. In these past few months at home we all been posting stories about how we’re feeling and what we’re doing.

And then there is the #blacklivesmatter thingy which might have touched a lot of people.

Exercise plays a major role in alleviating depression symptoms. This week we did tons of exercise and it was fun. My friend who is bored at home doesn’t do much exercise. He wishes that he can go to the city heaps. Even in lockdown he always wanted to go out.

Why having a balanced lifestyle is important

I got the idea from KIHT Collective who says that we should not be counting calories but macros. In this day and age we should not be obsessed over weight. And we should not be obsessed about going to the gym all the time. Its ok to miss a few sessions and work at your own pace

Macros are just equally as important and its what your body needs. Like you need to have enough fiber and proteins and carbs as well as fats for your body to function well. Everybody is different, no two people are the same.

When it comes to exercise do something that you like, not because you have to. Don’t feel like you have to go to gym all the time just to lose weight. You should want to go there because it is your happy place. But if you don’t like the gym you could just take a walk along the beach or do a leisurely ride. Or you could do an outdoor bootcamp if you enjoy being around people and outdoors.

People that sell those diet products online with no science qualification, I just want punch them in the face sometimes.

How to create balance with food

  • 80% of your food should be nutritious and the 20% of it should be a treat. And then that way it would make mealtimes more enjoyable.
  • We like simple whole foods. Simple whole foods makes us happy.
  • IN our cupboard we have beans, rice, canned tomatoes, tuna and the like and no processed foods. Occasionally my flatmate will buy some.
  • Just enjoy food- eating shouldn’t be a chore. Do what makes you happy. You don’t have to go on a superfood trend just because everyone is online.

Lifestyle changes and why it can be so difficult to maintain

Many people find that adapting to new changes in their lifestyle is hard. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is hard for some people.

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During the times of the Covid19 people have found it hard to exercise and now that the restrictions are eased in some countries people will be hesitant to enter the gym or exercise

What has kept you from making that change that you wanted (procrastination)? Is it too difficult to make? Is there not enough time to make that change in a day? Some people would feel uneasy about making that change. Hence they procrastinate (ie. I will start doing it tomorrow). The Wanderlust worker talks about that smoker and them finding that it is hard to quit smoking. We are creatures of habit who are scared of change.

There are four stages to change as outlined in Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness (it is also in Psychology Today):

  1. precontemplation- “I was only made to do it, I never wanted to do this!”
  2. Contemplation- “I know that eating out is bad everyday, but I will do it anyway!” This is my friend who does this everyday.
  3. Preparation- ” I will prepare tomorrow’s lunch”
  4. Action- “just do it” and “I did it”- this one is me who knows that they just have to do it and get on with it.

If we just did it we would feel happier and more motivated for it. So when the gym reopens, I will be going back. But what about you? Are you scared that you will make mistakes at the gym? Don’t worry it happens to all of us. But if you kept up your habits at home, you can go one step further at the gym.

The Sweet Swap

The Sweet Swap is a health campaign started in London which asks people to give up sweets for the month of May. Eating sugar has been a problem in the past.

But we would like to do our own sweet swap for the month of May since we are all in lockdown. Eating too much sugar has led to a tonne of problems such as tooth decay, weight gain, sleep problems etc.

For the month of May we encourage everyone to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and post a picture of their sweet swap ideas and tag us. Do use #sweetswapmay as a tag. You should give up anything with added sugars in them. Anything with natural sugars is ok as your body needs them to function properly.

What would you swap your sweets with? For me that would be with fruit. Or you can try a homemade cake with stevia. Or you could do a chocolate milkshake with cacao and no sugar instead of the sickly sweet chocolate powder.