Why carbs are not the enemy

I got the idea for this article from Snap Fitness Airport West’s Facebook page who says that not all carbs are bad for you. People seem to think that carbs are the enemy and that to lose weight you must eliminate all carbs. We see it all the time at the gym where people talkContinue reading “Why carbs are not the enemy”


Top 10 emergency foods to have on hand

This article was written for the Coronavirus where many countries are struggling and their people might be in a lockdown. The lockdowns last about 6-8 weeks. In Australia we are really lucky that our lockdowns involve trips to the supermarket But here is our list. You can mix and match the foods that you haveContinue reading “Top 10 emergency foods to have on hand”

Healthy fats and oils- how much should we eating

These are tough times that we can help each other. We should help each other out during this time. This is the question that I get asked a lot. This topic is brought to you by Dietician Connection. Our Australian dietary guidelines are a bit out of date. The Australian olive oil industry is lobbyingContinue reading “Healthy fats and oils- how much should we eating”

The Sweet Swap

The Sweet Swap is a health campaign started in London which asks people to give up sweets for the month of May. Eating sugar has been a problem in the past. But we would like to do our own sweet swap for the month of May since we are all in lockdown. Eating too muchContinue reading “The Sweet Swap”

How I went from the standardized Australian diet to whole food

I got this idea from My best life secrets who talked about the many problems that they had with the American diet. The Australians eat a lot of the similar fatty foods and processed foods to the US. We love our fish and chips, our dimsims, our mega spring rolls, donuts, cakes, biscuits, bbqs withContinue reading “How I went from the standardized Australian diet to whole food”

Does consuming dairy cause us to be fat?

A lot of people ask this question at my gym: does consuming dairy cause me to be fat? And the answer is no. Dairy is an essential vitamin that we must have to keep our bones strong. If we don’t have strong bones we cannot do those workouts and essentially we will lose those gains.Continue reading “Does consuming dairy cause us to be fat?”

Miss Chu’s

Miss Chu’s is a Vietnamese food place that focuses on organic healthy food which is fun to eat. They cater for vegan and vegetarians alike. I have been to a few of their stores now. Like a tuckshop you tick off on an order sheet as to what you want and you hand it toContinue reading “Miss Chu’s”

Febfast 2020

This year’s Febfast was really good and I picked to do the no added sugar thing again. This was a bit of a challenge for me as I had done it time and time again and I always have the sugar in the end and forget about it. It’s the PMS that drives the sugarContinue reading “Febfast 2020”

Amino Acids

We talk about amino acids and the importance of them in your body. Everybody needs amino acids to survive and thrive What is amino acid? Amino acid is an essential block for building muscle and protein in the body. Our cells, muscles and tissue are made up of Amino acid. They play an essential roleContinue reading “Amino Acids”

Bento boxes and mindful eating.

I got this idea from Fit Bottomed girls who say that this practice is healthy. What is Mindful eating? Mindful eating is about eating slow and enjoying food. It allows us to be present and enjoy food. We can tune into hunger and fullness cues. In today’s world we eat at an incredibly fast paceContinue reading “Bento boxes and mindful eating.”

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