Australian Organic Awareness Month

Australian Organic Awareness Month happens every September. Here this a good chance to promote healthy organic foods to the Australian consumer and our way of eating. I know we can’t be there in person but we can do our best online.

Pre COVID I loved going to Realfoods and Realfoods would make the best curry and they would do the best vegetarian pies.

Why choose organic?

Organic food is free of pesticides and other added ingredients. According to Bud Organic club, they say that organic food is free-range and not tested on animals. For them to be really organic they do have to carry the certified organic labels.

They are more nutritionally dense than other foods. At Realfoods and TOWFD I was always full afterward and very happy.

Certified organic food protects our environment from harmful chemicals and gases. These gases are used to produce normal food.

What we did

This month we went to a few organic places on our runs. The Organic Wherehouse is one of them and another one is the Ladybird Organics. Here they had all sorts of healthy snacks that I enjoyed post-run. When we buy chicken we buy the Macro range which is healthier and tastier.

Post-COVID when we are all allowed back into the city, I’d go to TOWFD and Realfoods if they are still open. I’d also visit Lentils as Anything. I’d also visit the Cruelty-free shop in Fitzroy.

How COVID19 is changing the food market in Southeast Asia

Now that with people staying at home and not going out, the food scene has changed in Asia. People are opting for eating at home services and takeaways.

agriculture cherry tomatoes cooking delicious

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Mintel says that more people are looking for immune-boosting foods as they are worried about their immune systems. More people are turning to health food stores. After the pandemic, we would see health stores bounce back fast and make a profit.

Online shopping is becoming the new normal and we will see that for some time. Online grocery shopping is the norm seeing as they have experienced a surge in online orders. RedMart in Singapore has experienced “Unprecedented demand” for food and other household items.

During the pandemic, many restaurants and cafes have lent a helping hand to those that are doing it tough by giving away free food.

Most people are eating at home and brands are conscious of that. Many brands are spreading the COVID 19 message about eating at home and safe practices. Brands such as Ensure and Knorr spread messages about being immune to protect yourself against this deadly virus. Consumers are being reminded about having adequate sleep.

What brands need to know

Even after this pandemic has passed brands need to practice strict hygiene and remind customers to do so. They also need to know that online shopping will be around for quite some time as customers have gotten used to the convenience of having everything home delivered. Home cooking will be the norm after the pandemic has passed

Benefits of growing your own produce

Talk Health talks about this idea of growing your own produce as a way to save money on buying vegetables and fruits and herbs. They say that growing your own fruits and vegetables are higher in nutrients and can save you a trip or two to the supermarket.

You have more access to more fruit and vegetables which everyone needs in a COVID safe environment

In the long run, they can save food miles and carbon footprint. Both of which are equally important for an ecological society. You don’t have to make as many trips to the supermarket. Most people drive to the supermarket and driving to the supermarket takes up a lot of your petrol. 

You can save money by buying your own produce. Plants cost anywhere between $5- $60 depending on what you buy. Your plants can offer you years of produce. 

Growing your own produce might help to get rid of any stress or anxiety that you might have. You have to maintain your garden each week and you have to water your plants each day.  You get to watch it grow. 

When you eat your own produce it is much tastier as it is fresher. This will encourage you to eat more fruits and vegetables in your day. When I see them grow I want to eat them. The USDA says that less than half of Americans eat the recommended daily serves of vegetables and fruits each day. Most people don’t like the taste of vegetables as they are store bought. They are full of pesticides which doesn’t taste as nice.

Bean and brown rice salad

Now that its Spring time, having a salad at home is a good option for a light lunch. Note this post was written in the pre COVID times when I could get to the Queen Victoria Market. During COVID lockdown you can get all your market essentials delivered.

brown nut lot
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Brown rice is one of the wholegrains that you could have in a day and canned beans is another. You can cook brown rice either in the microwave or on the stove depending on the brown rice that you buy. Most of the packets of brown rice comes with instructions.

I bought those Organic beans from the market for $1.80. Here they do fill me up and I tried it with brown mushrooms and brown rice as well as chili olive oil.

6 reasons as to why you are experiencing food cravings

Nutrition Stripped wrote about this topic and I wanted to talk about it too now that we are in the Coronavirus pandemic and people are putting on weight.

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One mistake is that people are confusing being hungry with being thirsty. We should be drinking about 3-4L of water each day but not many people do this. Our bodies are made up of 60% of water and we cannot function properly without water.

Lack of nutrients

During isolation, many people are turning to bake, so they may not be getting enough nutrients they need. WHilst home baking is good we need to have other nutrients such as vegetables and fruits.

Too many food rules

In today’s society there are too many food rules and these are promoted on Instagram. As such after that period of restricted eating people go aon a binge

Stress and Anxiety

During Isolation we are forced to stay at home. Therefore there is more stress and anxiety in the household and that can force us to comfort eat. When we are stressed we turn to junk food and emotionally eat

Lack of sleep

The lack of sleep can casue you to have food cravings, however minor they are. The more hours you sleep the better your food cravings will be. During the pandemic a lot of you may not have slept really well

Old Habits

When you were growing up what did you eat? Did your parents give you ready made meals for dinner? Or did they give you good food. Some of these habits can be why we have cravings now for them

And how to get rid of these cravings

  • Sleep well. We need about 7- 8 hours of sleep per night . If you sleep well, you feel much better the next day
  • Stress less. We do a lot of meditation and yoga during the week as well stress busting exercise.
  • Don’t restrict yourself. Do have some cheat days where you can enjoy some treats. Also do make sure that you get enough nutrients from the five food groups. We should be having fruit and vegetables, dairy, grains, pulses, legumes and other proteins.
  • Get rid of old habits. Now is a good time to reevaluate yourself and reinvent the wheel with food.
  • Keep a journal about how you are feeling around food. This will help you understand why you crave certain things.

A salsa with Edgells 4 bean mix

This is an easy recipe which is done with Edgells 4 bean mix. You can buy the bean mix from Woolworths and Coles for about $2-$3 per can and that will serve two people. 

bowls with healthy food and spices in linen bags served on copper tray
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You will need avocado, cucumber, tomato, red onion and the bean mix.

Here you just dice everything and include the 4 bean mix. You mix everything into a bowl and enjoy. You can add a lemon to the mixture if you like. 

This would be good for a light lunch or a side dish at dinnertime.

What Covid19 is doing to our food habits

Covid19 has changed our food habits and not for the better.

I read this article on Food Politics and wondered if Australia is doing the same thing. We probably are.

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The isolation period during Covid19 has seen us cooking more and baking more in iso. As such people have gained weight by doing that. Our physical health has declined a bit. We did a bit of research on Instagram and found that there were 19.7k + posts on iso baking and 43.5k+ posts on isolation baking. Covidbaking got 28.3k posts. Lockdown baking got 83.9k posts. This says that a lot of people did baking during these times because they were so bored at home

The tag covidtakeout has 500+ posts on Instagram. Many Australians got takeaway during this time and that has contributed to weight gain

Also the biggest change would have to be the cooking. Many people have taken up cooking and buying their food locally.

People are snacking a lot more out of boredom. Some of us think about food more and we try to make that change to eating more healthy foods.

So what do we need to do to get out of this mess?

We need to regain our self control over food and do other things like learn some new exercises. There are lots of new exercises on Youtube.

We also need to make more soups and things other than baking.

Now that things are open up again such as the gym, why not go there once a week? Or you could train for that marathon that you always wanted to do next year!

Oh and you can still have that cake, but only as a treat!

Our 100 days of less sugar Part 10

We’ve come to the end of that and have learned lots about added sugar and why it is bad for you. Moreover I have not gotten any of those PMS issues and can sleep better now.

Day 90

Today I had a milo flavoured yoghurt that was really sweet. But still I enjoyed it. For dinner we had hotpot and loads of seafood.

Day 91

I had no sugary treats which is good. But I love my Liddells yoghurt that has no added sugar to it.

Day 92

Today I went into the city and treated myself to a donut to say thanks for staying home and staying the course of the pandemic and helping others. It felt great to be treated.

Day 93

Today was Biggest Morning tea so I had a bit of cake. Afterwards I was all good

Day 94

Today I had a cookie for the Red Shield Appeal and to promote it in hopes that people raise some money

Day 95

Today I tried a few squares of the Green Black’s chocolate and it was enough to satisfy me. I was feeling PMSY this time.

Day 96

Today I had a snickers bar for Red Shield Appeal. It was $1 from 7/11 so I thought why not?

Day 97

No sugar as per usual but I did have a bliss ball.

Day 98

Went out for greek lunch but other than that there was no sugar in the house. Also enjoyed a beer after three months of not going out due to the lockdowns.

Day 99

I had a sugarless chocolate chip cake from Woolworths which was alright the day that it was bought which is today. But then a few days afterwards my flatmate had it and said that it was dry.

Day 100

I tried Dairy farmer’s milk- the no sugar version of this and I got to say that I like this version better. It does have 275 calories and 21g of sugar but most of that sugar is lactose

Coming to the end of this I have to say that I learnt a lot whilst doing the experiment. I learned not to trust my flatmates in buying things and instead rely on myself. I learnt that I’m a lot happier and sleep much better without sugar.

Why carbs are not the enemy

I got the idea for this article from Snap Fitness Airport West’s Facebook page who says that not all carbs are bad for you.

People seem to think that carbs are the enemy and that to lose weight you must eliminate all carbs. We see it all the time at the gym where people talk about going on a diet. But I think not. Often I eat carbs at the gym to encourage everyone to do the same.

Carbs are a essential nutrient for your body. Carbs help you maintain your energy needs for your body. Without carbs you cannot function. Being a runner who is female I do need lots of carbs, especially when I’m doing 4 training sessions a week.

But there is a difference between bad and good carbs.

Not all carbs are created equal.

Good carbs are your vegetables, fruits, natural sugars, brown and white rice and pasta etc. These carbs usually have fiber which is another macronutrient that we need to function. Vegetables are carbs.

Bad carbs are the refined ones found in processed foods. These are your meat pies, alcohol, candies, chips, burgers, some cereals and other takeaway foods.

The message is this, it is okay to a few bad carbs here and there and carbs are not the enemy. It is how much of the bad carbs that you eat per week.

Top 10 emergency foods to have on hand

This article was written for the Coronavirus where many countries are struggling and their people might be in a lockdown. The lockdowns last about 6-8 weeks. In Australia we are really lucky that our lockdowns involve trips to the supermarket

But here is our list. You can mix and match the foods that you have to your liking. Our list is full of the foods that you’ll need to survive and stay nourished without putting on much weight.

  1. Frozen fruit and veg- it’s a good idea to stock up on the fruits and veg at the market or green grocer and then keep some of it in the freezer. They last up to a month or two. You can make smoothies and meals out of them. Even better if you have a veggie patch where you can pick your veg each day.
  2. Canned veg and tomatoes- this is good for soups and sauces such as bolognaise. You should have enough to get you through the lockdown
  3. Rice- you need some sort of carbs to get through the day. About 2 bags of 10kgs of rice will be enough for the lockdown
  4. Canned meat and tuna- we need to have our proteins each day. Get a variety of different meats and things.
  5. Soup stock- this will be good for making all sorts of soups when you need it
  6. Cooking oil- you should have about 5L which is enough to get you through the lockdown and safely on the other side of the pandemic
  7. Flour- you should have about 5-10kgs of flour for making bread and cakes and things like pasta
  8. Long life milk- this will come in handy if you want to make a whole range of things like pancakes and sauces for meals. Plus it is good for the bones. Get about 12 cartons of 1L milks to last you. These can keep for about 6 months.
  9. Frozen meat and fish- you should have enough to last you about 3-6 weeks. Frozen proteins can keep for a while in the freezer. You just have to defrost what you’ll need each day
  10. Herbs and spices- you should already have a whole thing of them and if you are lucky you might just grow them in your garden