National nutrition month

March is National nutrition month. This is a month that happens in America and not so much in Australia. I was hoping to do this month in order to promote national nutritional standards in Australia. Standards in Australia are quite low. We don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables and hydrate properly. Hence the obesity rateContinue reading “National nutrition month”


Immune system and how to keep it great

Your immune system is the one thing that is keeping you alive and healthy. During times of Covid19 having a healthy immune system is important. What is a healthy immune system? It is a system where you get rid of all waste easily and it wards off most diseases. You should be free of anyContinue reading “Immune system and how to keep it great”

Your OHSC explained

As students you are expected to have your student health cover when you arrive in Australia. This is your Overseas Health Student cover. Healthcare in Australia is expensive so insurance is a MUST What it does cover? Your hospital stays Your prescriptions- in Australia you can claim up to $300 a year on these things.Continue reading “Your OHSC explained”

Finding the time to exercise

There is just #noexcuse for exercise, although time might be just one for busy people. We live in a 24 hour day. Sometimes there’s not enough time to do things let alone exercise. So we need to find time to do these things. You might have a disability, chronic illness or have children to attendContinue reading “Finding the time to exercise”

Why doing Veganuary is not good for us

We talk about Veganuary and why it is not good for us. The month of Veganary is promoted a lot on social media as being good, but its not necessarily good. What is Veganuary? Veganuary is a whole month of going without dairy, junk food, meat or seafood. The aim of the program is forContinue reading “Why doing Veganuary is not good for us”

What does your poo look like

Its important to know what your poo looks like as this can determine the state of your health. When you go to the toilet and after you finish, turn around and have a look at your poo before you flush the toilet. Is your poo hard and lumpy or is it soft and smooth? IsContinue reading “What does your poo look like”

The simple changes that reduced anxiety to technology

As a society we rely on technology all day to get us by. But did you know that using too much of it can stress you out? When you are stressed the levels of cortisol rise in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone. When stress builds up over time it can lead to allContinue reading “The simple changes that reduced anxiety to technology”

Our non diet December

Non Diet December is about really letting go of the things that are holding us back from enjoying food and life. This challenge was started on Instagram by Emmafitnessphd. She is a personal trainer who believes in eating and happiness. We started Non diet december as a way to tell people that there is moreContinue reading “Our non diet December”

How to manage your energy a lot better

People complain and say that they don’t have enough energy in a day to do things. We only have 24 hours a day to do the things that we need to do. Eight of those hours should be spent asleep. If only there is a better way to manage your energy in a day. AndContinue reading “How to manage your energy a lot better”


We talk about wheatgrass and its benefits. I bought this wheatgrass for about $17 which has 50 serves. What is wheatgrass? Wheatgrass is just a supplement that involves grass. There is no actual wheat in there. They can be either a powder or a capsule. Wheatgrass is said to be good for your digestion andContinue reading “Wheatgrass”

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