Gumtree Goodfood

Gumtree Goodfood is a boutique place in South Yarra, Middle Park, and Albert Park. Here they sell the best items and before the Covid19 they used to let everyone taste stuff. We loved tasting the wines and now when restrictions are lifted I would love to go back there and buy a bottle just for myself at home.

Here they sell the freshest food and the nicest cheeses. Pre Covid19 they let everyone try the cheeses and the wines. The wines were really lovely and are all local

They not only sell fresh food but they sell pantry goods and ready made meals. I loved buying snacks and other sundries from there.

Do support them as they need your support. They only stock the best food around and they support local producers,.

The Happy Apple

The Happy Apple is a grocery store in Union Road Ascot Vale where they sell lots of unique items that I cannot find in supermarkets.

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During these crazy weeks of Covid19 I have been making some small trips there to buy my snacks and drinks at the end of my runs. Exercise is an essential activity that can be done outside and the Government has allowed this. So I have been ramping up my marathon training this way.

Here I once bought a mango lassi and it was low fat and very nice. Other times I have bought a protein ice cream and orange juice made by the Happy Apple. This juice has no added sugar to it.

Do come by the Happy Apple when you can. Do support small business. They also have another store in Seddon for those that live out west.

Miss Chu’s

Miss Chu’s is a Vietnamese food place that focuses on organic healthy food which is fun to eat. They cater for vegan and vegetarians alike. I have been to a few of their stores now. Like a tuckshop you tick off on an order sheet as to what you want and you hand it to the waitress. At the end you pay for your meal. You can usually sit wherever you want.

The first Miss Chu’s that I went to was the one in Exhibition st in the city and I had lunch there. Lunch was really pricey. I think the plates of dumplings were about $7-$10 each for a plate of three.

I enjoy their dumplings and their happy hour. Here they make great vegan rice paper rolls which have no rice vermicelli in them which I like. Its good for those that want to go on a low carb diet without all the fuss.

The green tea was organic and very refreshing and relaxing. They don’t have mugs though but they serve the green tea in little cups.

They are pricey though but that’s what you expect for organic food. I have tried their $4.50 dumpling special and I enjoyed their dumplings. I came during happy hour time which is $4.50 dumplings and $5.50 beers and wines.

David Jones opens a new Food Hall

The new Food Hall is open in South Yarra at the Capitol and its a foodie’s delight. Here you can buy a wide variety of things including wine. We took the time to try it out during the week. This place is a stone’s throw away from South Yarra station on the busy Chapel st. There is a tram stop right in front of it and it’s about a 15 minute walk from my gym.

Ever since they opened it has been quite busy with people coming and going for their goods. The cashiers are knowledgeable about the deals that they have going and they have the $25 one which is two salads, a main dish to share and a bottle of wine.

I loved the David Jones food hall in the city, so I had high expectations for this place. They are a smallish place with no pizzeria, wine bar, seafood bar and Japanese area. The city has both. But what it does have is a wine section where you buy a bottle of wine, pantry goods and ready made food. It also has a coffee section where people can get takeaway food and plants.

They have a small seating area outside. And people bring their dogs and park them outside.

Here I had the barbeque pasta salad and a rainbow salad and both are really nice. The barbeque pasta salad was drenched in a lot of sauce though.

The rainbow salad has a whole range of vegetables and I love the sweet potato and the legumes in there to give it that protein. I also added some Sirena tuna that I got from my gym to the mix.

Do come by for your foodie fix that is healthy.

You can find them at: Shop 19-22 Capitol Grand, 625 Chapel Street, South Yarra, VIC 3141, Australia

Fitness first in Church st Richmond

Its really busy on Saturday and we wanted to see why! So as part of our platinum membership (it allows us to visit any club we want within that network) we went there a few times!


First of all that club is on Church st where the furniture shops are. At first it was really hard for me to find but eventually I found it. You have to go through the car park or the furniture shop to get there.


Its 24/7 which is great for some, but not necessary for others.

The staff is friendly, like most Fitness first gyms.

I do enjoy the cafe and many members find it beneficial. I love that it has healthy food in there for members to purchase and when they close for the week whatever not sold is given out or given at a 50% discount. I did enjoy the eggs, museli and the many smoothies on offer.

In there they have activities for members and their usual charity bike ride which is on the last Sunday of the month.

I love that they have a huge variety of different machines and you can learn a lot in here. Most of the members and trainers there are marathoners who know what they are doing.

Do come by this gym on Church St in Richmond next to Nick Scali Furniture.

Urban Wellness Project

Urban Wellness Project is on Union road in Ascot vale and they have been open for a few months. I think they replaced Bravo coffee which was not doing so well. I saw it one day whilst on the tram and was intrigued by it.


I have been here twice both for snacks. This place is really good for those that want to give up sugar or are on a Febfast program. They don’t have a lot of those commercial cakes and sweets. Rather they have dates and raw protein bars. They don’t believe in whey. They have the Raw range of goods.

They also have kombucha and other natural supplements. They have a naturopath on site sometimes and they do have self serve nuts and other things

The service is very down to earth and friendly and the guys know what they are doing. The staff smiles and acknowledge customers which is a good sign.


Shape Up by Akira

Shape up is a place in city where you can get your shakes and some nutritional advice. Here it costs $80 a month (for 10 visits in a month) or $8.60 for casual. This includes your choice of shake (there are 25 flavours), tea (unlimited amount) and a shot of aloe. For runners running in marathons you can also get some free advice for your nutrition.

I have tried almost all the flavours. My favourites would have to be the warm apple spice and the hot dutch chocolate on a rainy day. But I do also like the green shakes such as the Hulk.

Here they also have free happy hour each month to showcase different snacks and fun. People try stuff as well as tell their weight loss story.

You can also get a free wellness evaluation here which will measure your hydration, muscle, bone and other things. You can also get your meal plan from the coaches that work there. They are all very friendly people

You can find them on Facebook