High cholesterol

Too many us have diets which are high in cholesterol. High cholesterol is in things like butter, cream, deep fried foods and saturated fats. It is very common in Australia and other parts of the world to have this issue.

We also don’t exercise enough each day. We are too sedentary.

Your body needs cholesterol for many functions like a healthy heart. But it doesn’t need a lot. Your body can quite readily make its own.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is the fatty acid that you need to perform most functions in the body. There are two types of cholesterol, good cholesterol (that is all your good omega three fats) and the bad cholesterol (this is your from processed foods and trans fats).

What happens if you have high cholesterol?

High cholesterol happens when someone gets 3.6 mnol/L in their cholesterol levels. Sometimes its genetics that cause the high levels, but most of the time its our lifestyle (being overweight)

You could:

  • Have fatty liver disease
  • Have pulmonary disease
  • Heart and organ failure
  • Put on weight around the lungs and the heart

To avoid high cholesterol

  • Limit your servings of processed foods to just treat foods
  • Have meat no more than three times a week
  • Eat more fiber. The more fiber you eat the fuller you’ll get and it also helps to get rid of the bad waste in your body
  • Drink Apple Cider Vinegar. It is said to help lower cholesterol levels
  • Exercise. You should aim to get in 150-300 mins of vigorous activity a week. And for muscle building, you should include two strength sessions in a week
  • Be happy. Having too much stress is not good for you

NB: if you have high cholesterol, you should go and see your doctor and don’t wait.


Eating disorders and fitness

This sort of behaviour happens around the fitness industry and we talk about it here.

How can you tell if a person has an eating disorder?

These are some of the characteristics of an eating disorder. If someone has inflexible rules about eating and dieting, they may have a disorder. They don’t see their friends and have to always do the same thing. It doesn’t give room for people to try new things. And people don’t know how to cope

Anxiety and fear creep in. This is a red flag for me. Its a slow change. Exercise is a great way to cope with anxiety.

For women a few missed periods is a sign that something is not right. You need to have regular periods for your bones to be healthy.

“How many calories am I going to burn and have I burned it?” is the question that people ask themselves.

We want to be flexible with our diet and exercise. Exercise should be enjoyable and fullfilling. Working on relationship with yourself

For personal trainers ask about how they are feeling not make assumptions about them! And do it in private! Personal trainers should give good messages on food and be a really good model for their clients.

There should be no body challenge where there are excessive demands. Personal trainers should not set goals that clients cannot reach and weight fluctates all the time. The goals has to be for the long run and it has to be about being healthy. The goals should help them feel good about themselves and not feel depressed (ie. Being motivated to not work hard)

What should we do if a personal trainer or a group fitness instructor promotes an eating disorder to their people?

Report them to the Club management or Group Fitness Manager. They shouldn’t do this. By that I mean like cutting out whole food groups or making people feel guilty about treat food. Or telling people that they should overexercise to lose weight.

Fitness: We’re fighting a pandemic not our own bodies

The other day I saw this ad at the tram stop of a super thin woman and I was really infuriated. I know its activewear but really. The Everyday Magazine posted this article just today about it.

People see that ad and think “gosh I want to be skinny just like her” and now they think that they need to eat less to be just like her. Think cutting calories and diet culture. We know that diet culture has been around for a long time. Think the Devil Wears Prada where all the games of I’m so fat are played. The fitness industry is known for that sort of thing. Be lean and be small they say. Not be big and beautiful.

But what people don’t know is that she might be airbrushed. That might not be her actual look.

These days I am being bombarded with lots of six week transformations and pictures of before and after which we don’t need. This is happening on Facebook a lot. These ads really make me cringe and that’s not what the fitness industry is about. We are about being healthier and we need to accept ourselves for who we are not what we look like.

The Covid19 period is a time for everyone just to survive that period and look after themselves. We don’t need to be demonised and felt ashamed of just because we gained weight during that period. Its normal ok?

When it comes to exercise you should just be happy that you’re doing it and not have a care in the world what you look like. You don’t need all that stress. Just live in the moment.

We’re fighting a pandemic and not your body, so we don’t all that stress. We already get enough of that at work and at home, thank you very much!

Obesity and Coronavirus

I read on an article by JPS Health and Fitness and they are saying that Obesity and Coronavirus are together. We wanted to see if that was true. It turns out that Medical News today has said the same thing.

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

Because COVID19 is a respiratory disease people with obesity are more likely to get it. The New York Times supports this argument. In the US about 1890083 people have the virus and its not just the elderly that are getting it. People with very weakened immune systems might also get it . People with obesity are at very high risk of getting certain diseases. The Guardian says that the higher your BMI is, the higher the risk of you catching Covid19. People with diabetes and heart disease are at higher risk of getting Covid19.

How we can protect ourselves from COVID19 other than washing your hands and doing all that stuff?

During the lockdown we should

Exercise- we need about 150-300 minutes of exercise a day. Exercise is what keeps us happy and keeps our immune system strong. This is why we would like the gyms open as soon as possible to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Then if they do open people can exercise and socialise. The older people can get some guidance from a personal trainer who specialises in elderly people

Have a good balanced diet that is full of fruit, vegetables, some protein, carbs and fats everyday. We need to eat about 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables. Most of the US population eats very little fruits and vegetables

Drink enough water to help flush out the toxins in your body.

Get a good night’s sleep. Without that we cannot function well.

Why are we eating more during isolation

And how to avoid the need to

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

Yes we all like to be Julia and Julie who love food and eating. But some people go way over the top during boredom. Yes we are all bored at home. But that doesn’t mean that we should eat all the time. Yes we enjoy home cooked meals

We overeat because we are stressed. For some of us we just love food too much

According to a Nine News report they say that many people have ordered takeaway in iso because we all love food too much

So here’s how to avoid the need to

Establish a regular routine. Once you establish that then it is easier to not overeat.

If you work at home this might be a bit easier to block out the times that you are working so that you won’t eat mindlessly.

Get rid of stressors- ie get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Talk to someone if you are feeling lonely. Organise your finances. Have you lost your job? Maybe it’s time for you to make a realistic budget. The Government only gives out a limited amount of money to those that have lost their job.

Do exercise

In Australia we are allowed out for a walk or a run. But if you can’t there is Les Mills on demand. Every week we should aim for 150-300 minutes of vigorous activity and two strength sessions.

Try some new foods

Now that we are in isolation we can try some new foods or cook a few new recipes each week. For example next week is Burger Day, have you thought about making a hamburger from scratch? What about making bread from scratch? It would save you money

Or if you have never tried Asian food, why not try that? Taste has so many recipes.

Are you really hungry?

If not then go and find some other thing to do like arts and crafts or write a blog. This will keep your mind off hunger and the need to binge on food just because you are bored.

Playing Mahjong online and being compulsive with it

During times of the Covid I was bored at home so I played a lot of Mahjong. I found that it got a bit compulsive and very addictive quickly. The game was free but it ate up all of my time that I could spend on learning things.

Mahjong is on Msn.com and there were a lot of players on there at times. You match the tiles accordingly and then you get points. You get bonus points if you match a group of four tiles in one go.

I was trying to win you see. But in the end though I did not. I suffered RSI among other things. When I heard that I beat 34 players on the leaderboard I thought wow.

It was very easy to become compulsive with it. I would play in every single moment that I got that I was free. The prospects of winning and finishing was in my mind. At times the game slowed my computer programs down a bit. And when I didn’t finish I was upset.

The Brits and the Australians and Americans lead a very sedentary lifestyle as they play lots of indoor video games and computer games and don’t go outside a lot. It’s very easy to get stuck into the game and very hard to get out of the game when you want to.

So here’s how your kids should deal with Covid 19 in other ways besides playing online Mahjong

  • They could help you do the chores
  • They could help with the gardening
  • You can all go for a walk together as a family or a bike ride (I’m pretty sure that the Government allows it)
  • You could all do a crafternoon and you can make Mother’s day gifts
  • They could help you cook dinner, lunch or bake something
  • The possibilities are endless. Just so long as they don’t spend time playing online games all the time

Flabbergasted:Melbourne doctor accused of seeing patients when he has Covid

This week we found out that a Melbourne doctor was accused of seeing up to 70 patients a week in his Toorak Road clinic. He was accused by health minister Jenny Mikalos, who made it public. The doctor had flu like symptoms and he flew in from the US on February 29th at 9:30am. The Guardian claims that his symptoms were mild.

Jenny had called his actions of seeing patients when he had the flu like symptoms and tested positive for Coronavirus. All the patients and the staff have been asked to self quarrantine themselves for 14 days.

The doctor in this case did do the right thing when he was tested positive for Coronavirus.

Our stance on the whole thing:

The whole thing is incredibly stupid and it is hard to find another doctor to work for him for two weeks whilst he is in isolation. Mind Body Miko says that most doctors can’t afford sick leave and they work overtime to treat their patients. His details should never have been shared with the public even if he is Missy Higgins dad. He would lose money and maybe some of his patients over this breach of confidentiality.

Most likely the surgery always has the sanitizer and most of the time the place is sanitized. If the doctor loses his job over this then there might not be another doctor to take his place.

Its also a breach of privacy by providing his name in the media when it wasn’t done for the other doctors

The doctor didn’t do anything wrong. It’s the media which did by releasing his name and business. We don’t really want to know.

Coronavirus and why you should support Chinese businesses

Local Chinese businesses are doing it tough in Australia. They are mentally and physically exhausted and stressed from putting in the long hours and not a lot of customers. Things in Melbourne have taken a dramatic downturn ever since the news of Coronavirus hit Australia.

Just last week a dinewiththem campaign started online to encourage diners to enjoy Chinese food. Shark fin Inn had closed due to no business. So far I have enjoyed the food from Maxims and the fish with rice dish from Minh Xuong. I also enjoyed dim sims from Dragon Boat and another fish dish from Ta Ta house.

If we don’t support them now then they will have to close up shop for good.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a deadly virus that started in Wuhan in the late 2019. Here it is spread by a single or a few droplets of sneezing or coughing. It is a severe acute respiratory disease.

Symptoms include a high fever, coughing, sneezing, death.

According to the Guardian we should not worry as it is found in older people. But there are ways of protecting yourself.

  • Don’t be too close to sick people
  • Wash your hands frequently with water and soap.
  • If you have been to Wuhan in the last 14 days stay home for the next 14 days.
  • When you cough or sneeze cover your nose and mouth

So do support your favourite Chinese businesses to make sure that they stay. To not do that would be discriminatory and racist.

American Heart Health month

This month is Heart Health month. Over 70% of people have heart disease or some other diseases. This month is all about making good food and lifestyle choices and talk about which ones are the bad ones.

It is an American initiative because about 1 in 4 deaths is due to heart disease. Heart disease affects both men and women but people who are obese have a higher risk of getting heart disease.

We went vegetarian for most of the month as meat has too much saturated fat and that’s not good for the heart.

The use of tobacco is one way to prevent heart disease. In Australia we use quite a bit of tobacco. But according to this report there has been an increase in the amount of people choosing not to smoke.

Also the amount of people choosing not to drink and opting for alcohol free drinks has gone up. This month we sampled Carlton zero which is a non alcoholic beer. This is good as it lowers stress on the heart. But its a pity that not many cafes and restaurants have these options for customers. As such we saw a rise in attacks and assaults in Melbourne and Australia.

We did a lot of exercise that month as a chance to improve our cardiovascular health. We did more than 150 mins of vigorous exercise and we enjoyed that.

So where to from here?

  • From here we should encourage more cafes and restaurants to serve sugar free drinks to consumers if they would like
  • There should be more alcohol free beers and wines in pubs, clubs and nightclubs all over Australia. TGI friday’s is a great start.
  • We should encourage people to move more and sit less. Moving more and sitting less makes people happier and healthier.
  • Junk food should be more expensive and fresh food should be cheaper for everyone. Those in low income families would benefit from cheaper fruits and vegetables.

The 30 days eat more Fiber challenge

Did you want to lose some weight but didn’t know how? Well here’s a good idea and I’m going to try this too.

Have you been going to the toilet regularly? By that I mean by one in every few hours in a day! What does your poo look like? Is it hard like stone or soft and smooth. If it is hard like stone it is not normal and it means that you have not eaten enough fiber.

We need about 31g of fiber in a day. I got this idea from Eating well to do so. I did try and aim for that much each day. Some days I’d have more and some days I had less.

There are two types of fiber- water soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. You need both to get on with your day. Insoluble fiber can help us become fuller for longer and keep things moving in our bodies. It can help us boost our gut health. Soluble fiber can help us excrete the fatty toxins from our bodies.

But I always remembered to pass a motion each day. 31g of fiber is not much. Sometimes I would pass two motions- one in the morning and the other one at night. It’s basically some nuts and seeds, two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables. Not many people get that much. It’s easy to get a lot in if you make a meal or two with a lot of vegetables and chia seeds in there. You could bake a homemade chia and carrot cake. Or you can add chia seeds to a smoothie.

Chia seeds are easy to find at the supermarket. They are in the health food aisle and they are in all health food stores.

Celery is also another one that has lots of fiber in there.

Nuts and seeds are great for you. Not only do they have lots of fiber, they also have good healthy fats which we need to live on.

Do try this and see how you go.