Week 2 of Priceline challenge

Did not sleep very well on Sunday night due to humidity.  As a result, when I weighed in on Monday I got 47% for sleep. That does mean that I don’t get a good night’s sleep all the time. Got up this morning and had PMS and had my period. As a result, the nutrition stayed the same at 60%.


I also got 33% for both my cholesterol and sugar. I have been eating more fish, oils, eggs etc. My body fat has gone down by 3%. This is talked about in the fat vs muscle loss. Fat is much lighter than muscle. You need muscle to perform your daily duties well.  I plan to decrease the sugar

And then Monday night I did not sleep well either. I got about two to three hours of sleep, all due to feeling cold and hungry from my period. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, I slept really well due to lots of exercise and food. Thursday night slept alright but woke up due to having to go to the bathroom.

This week was talking about meal plans and kilojoule intake (calories). I generally don’t like to write a meal plan as I share the house with people. But for lunches in the city, I generally enjoy my shakes. For snacks, I have dried apricots, nuts, fruits and other things. Am cutting out sweets because of Febfast.

I always eat every 2-4 hours and lots of snacks as I exercise a lot. I eat about two serves of grains, 2-3 serves of dairy, some fruit, and veg. And not enough oily things. I eat just enough meat and not enough seafood. I monitor these in myfitnesspal.


Discover Good Nutrition plan

This plan was made by Dr Susan Bowerman who is a registered dietitian from the US. Here she works for Herbalife a nutrition company and I was determined to follow her simple plan. Her simple plan allows for a little bit of junk food but in moderation.


About 70% of Aussies are obese or have diabetes due to poor eating and moving habits. And if people don’t change their eating habits for the better this rate will increase. Dr Susan’s plan talks about loving natural food and exercise. She stresses on the 80% nutrition, 20% exercise and 100% mindset. It is hard to have a great mindset when all the junk food is around so I kept them out of the house and had some nuts and dried fruit as well as popcorn.

It is about loving soy, kale and other natural things. I have learned to love soy in my latte instead of normal milk. It is expensive but well worth it because in the end I have saved 20 calories. Kale was one of those things that was not natural to me and now it is.

I also have learned to love beans again. In my early uni days I used to not like beans and have a lot of junk food.


Some recommendations

  • At Uni there should be a health food cafeteria rather than the usual junk offerings. If YMCA can have such a health food place so can a university and YMCA has lots of visitors daily
  • Universities student unions should be more proactive in having teams at Melbourne Marathon and various other events.
  • There should be more education on healthy eating and exercise for students. In the coming months we plan to do this
  • Pancake parlour should have more healthy options for people that have just finished their workout

Want to lose weight the healthy way? Then do learn to love real food and come to Shape up to learn how! As for me I will be using the things that I have learnt throughout the entire program.

Kaya Open Day

Kaya is not your ordinary gym. They are cleaner, much fresher and have a much more inviting vibe for their members and non members wishing to sign up. They are conveniently located on level 5 of the Emporium.

Here they focus on health as well as just being a gym. They are a wellness centre in which you can do pilates or get some information on healthy eating. Here the staff are friendly and are interested in nutrition as you are. Unlike Fitness First their place is very clean and they actually have a lot of yoga classes.

It is $65 to join but some members joined on opening day for 6-12 months and they scored themselves a goody bag plus six weeks free.

At the gym most prospective members tried many different salads and shakes from their partners- Thrive, New York bar, Five Plus smoothies and others. Many new people got to try out their classes as well.

I really enjoyed Thrive’s two salads. Both of them had cabbage and some meat. I will one day visit Thrive downstairs.

Because I was in a rush to get to Shape up and there were a couple of people that were rude to me (one lady in particular), I didn’t try any of their classes. Btw their classes were full. But the place is worth your money whatever that membership fee might be.

Do give them a try and let me know what your experiences are in the comments below