Sam Wood’s article about the gym

And why we disagree with it. Yesterday Sam Wood has an article in the Daily Mail about people going to the gym and he urged those to stay away from the gym. He says that its due to the Coronavirus and the fact that they can spread germs easily when they cough and sneeze andContinue reading “Sam Wood’s article about the gym”


How to reduce waste when exercising

I got this idea from Keep It Simple In 2020 sustainability is a huge issue. And more and more people are trying to be sustainable. So we have some exercise hacks to make sure that you can be sustainable. At Running events take your own fuel Take your own reusable bottle or hydration vest SayContinue reading “How to reduce waste when exercising”

January 30 days Fitness Challenge

Did you put on some weight over Christmas? Want to lose that weight healthily? Then here’s the solution This year I want to challenge you to 30 days of Fitness. Every day you are to do any activity that you enjoy and try some new ones such as yoga. If you are new to exerciseContinue reading “January 30 days Fitness Challenge”

Gym safety for new members

As new members we should learn about gym safety as it helps us to enjoy our workouts stress free and injury free Here are some tips: Tie long hair back. Long hair gets caught in the machinery and is really dangerous. Don’t do too much in your first few sessions especially if you haven’t beenContinue reading “Gym safety for new members”

What to wear for each activity

In January there are many new members at the gym as weight loss is their New Year’s resolution. So here are some things to wear at the gym and whilst you are out running. RPM (or Spin Cycle) I would wear my runners if you are brand new. But if you have been here forContinue reading “What to wear for each activity”

So now you’ve joined a gym, now what

Are you that new member that wants to lose weight? So what do I do in the first few days? I would join some of the group fitness classes such as athletic and RPM and find what works for you. Everyone is different. Some of us are for performance. And some of us are forContinue reading “So now you’ve joined a gym, now what”

Recovery and why its important

We talk about the importance of recovery after a workout. You should take a few rest days in between work and home life and exercise. We all know that exercise is great, but too much of it without rest breaks can wreak havoc to your body. The Health bloggers community has a brilliant article onContinue reading “Recovery and why its important”

How do I stay motivated to exercise eventhough I have not lost a pound

At the start of the new year people want to lose weight and that’s ok. They sign up for the gym thinking that they will lose weight; except for some people after a while the gym becomes demotivating for them as they would think that they have not lost a pound. So in February peopleContinue reading “How do I stay motivated to exercise eventhough I have not lost a pound”

Being confident in the gym by Akira

Going to the gym can be really daunting for some people so here are some tips to help you get the most out of your visits. Go with your fellow friends Friends do great working out together. Maybe you can challenge each other with some timed exercises. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes Everyone doesContinue reading “Being confident in the gym by Akira”

Things that coaches do that promote disordered eating

There are things that coaches do that promotes disordered eating. That is unintentionally. Here they are: Show before and after pictures They show them on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and wherever else they promote. They promote these to advertise their services and why people should go with them. These pictures may trigger some sort of anContinue reading “Things that coaches do that promote disordered eating”

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