Trail Report number 1: Barwon River Trail

Barwon river trail is about a 1 km run from South Geelong station. We took a Vline train there and it was $9 as we had passes for zone 1 and 2.  It is next to Little Creautres Brewery. The temperature was a mild 21 degree day but out o the trail it felt more humid and warm. The air is also really dry in the rural areas so I had to rehydrate a lot. Also at home I got a bit of a headache and blocked nose.

Ran 12 km back to Geelong West and towards the end there was a huge hill. It was so huge we ended up walking it this time. We did not have the stamina to run it. The trail run itself is not too bad as there was a lot of flat road. But there were signs to watch out for snakes and canoes. Snakes we are scared of as we don’t know what to do if one of us gets bitten. I only have a small first aid kit and Swiss army knife.

There were so many insects around. I forgot the insect repellent but I know that there is some in the house.

In terms of food and facilities there is not much except for the odd sausage sizzle from a rowing event and some picnics. So we made do with our own lunch.

But when we got back to Geelong we refueled at Groove train with their eggplant chips and tea. We brought snacks for along the way and had a big meal before getting to the track.

Hopefully by the next trail we will have learnt about what to do if there is a snake bite and have more water. In fact there is more water on the train. Oh and find that darn repellent.

Week 2 training for Melbourne Marathon

This week was a sunny one hence training was a little bit easier. I burnt around 400-500 cals per hour of running. It was a little bit more intense. I went to the coast for a change of scenery.

This week I have noticed my toenails bruising- this was due to all the hard running I have been doing. Luckily though I have had a few days of proper rest and lots of calcium for strong bones. In fact I have had two glasses of milk a day and some yoghurt.

I have also noticed some dehydration- my skin looks fine but I feel it at times as I am sweating a lot. It is winter afterall and I have the heater on as I am writing.

After a few 9km runs done in a few short splits I was tired and this is only week two. The worst is still yet to come.