How to earn more money and free gift cards online

We are living in a tough world where people have lost their jobs. And so now we need some more money and love to get us by.

Here’s how to earn a bit more:

  • Sign up to Microsoft rewards– here when you earn 6750 points then you’ll earn a free $5 Coles Gift Card. It might not be a lot but it’s something to get you by for a while. You take part in the daily activities and searches to earn the points. You’ll need a Microsoft account to join and getting one is free
  • Sign up to Rewards central– this is free and you can play the daily guess the winning number game and if you win, you’ll get 14000 points which is equivalent of a $100 gift card at Woolworths or Coles. On top of that you can redeem your remaining points either via a cash out or save them for another day. Other ways to earn point there are by signing up to things and by taking part in surveys.
  • Take part in surveys- there are all sorts of different surveys. Some of them are advertised on Facebook and others are all over the net. If you are a member of any clubs or shops/restaurants they might send you some surveys and you could win a prize. I signed up to Empowered Surveys and there they send you surveys about every 5 mins or so to your email. Once you earn 2000 points, you’ll get a $20 gift card to spend at Coles or Priceline. If you earn 5000 points then you’ll earn a $50 gift card.

Kensington Community Neighbourhood house

I first found out about the Community house through Facebook on the Ascot Vale Little Free panty group. So I went to check it out on one of my runs.

Its just behind the school on Epsom Road in Kensington and here they are in a lovely brick house which is like one of those old cottages. The house was established in 1975. Here people look out for each other and many donations have been received. Here there was lots of canned food and lollies and snacks.

They offer free cooking classes online now that people are isolating in their homes. Just recently they offered free signing of documents during certain times.

They do have a Facebook page where people can connect with each other through chat and other things. We need it during this time where we are the most loneliest. They too have a free pantry in which you can donate items or access it if you need. And they have been cooking meals for the needy.

Do volunteer for them if you can.

Week 26 in triathlon training

Didn’t sleep so well on Monday night as I am detoxing from coffee. But then on Tuesday, I rode 22kms within the hour which is great. Ran 6-7 km around South Melbourne and around the Tan.

Wednesday I was doing just fine. The same usual 22km, nearly 23km and then a good run of 7km.

But I also had the trots again which was not good. I had a lot of trots on Wednesday and Thursday night.

I rode 21.6 km on Friday and I was feeling tired. But I didn’t give up even though I wanted to. Ran 6km around Brunswick St. No trots then as my body had got used to the training by then.

Got the bouts of PMS this week. Was feeling hungry on Thursday night. Felt irritably tired on Friday and fine on Saturday.

My strength training is going well. So far am happy with what I am doing with my PT. Without them, I would have no idea what I’m doing.

Saturday was really windy and walking around was really hard.

Then on Sunday I went to the MS Cycle and run event. And I had a veggie burger whilst cheering people on. And then just before my run, I had a fruit smoothie. Not such a good idea as I nearly barfed in the first few km. And I wasn’t feeling quite so strong then.

I ran 22km from the city, onto St Kilda Road, Fitzroy St, Point Ormond, past the Elwood life-saving club, West beach bathers pavilion and then back to the city.

Other than that it was all good except for the rain in St Kilda. But it wasn’t too cold- only 19C.  I hadn;t had one of those days in quite some time.

Lunch was at lentils as usual.

Harvest festival by Akira

This festival was in North Melbourne’s Language and Learning centre which was introduced just last year. The festival was free and people had a lot of fun whilst there. There was lots of food to try as well as making your own smoothies by bike.

The Language and Learning centre is for newly arrived migrants and people to help them with their English skills and IT, among other things. The place is welcoming and they do have a prayer mat.

Well I’ve already had my smoothie for the day so no Bike and blend for me. Instead there was injera, dumplings, sri lankan curry, rice and much more. This event was held during Cultural diversity week. All the foods were free, however many people donated to cover the costs of these foods.

Cultural Diversity week is a week in Melbourne where all cultures come together over food, fun and community.

The Chinese Dance group did a really stellar dance and they were in harmony.

All the foods were homemade and made by local not for profit migrant charities. There was Ethiopean coffee being made but seeing as it was too late it was not such a good idea.

Many thanks to North Melbourne Learning and Language centre for having us.