Sausage fest and the Bratwurst shop

This was an old event so it might happen now due to Covid19 The inaugural Sausage festival was on and it’s on every year at Prahran Market. Here we got to taste and vote on the best sausage by the best trader of which there are a few. This is held in time for AustraliaContinue reading “Sausage fest and the Bratwurst shop”


St Patricks Day

We talk about St Patrick’s day which is celebrated in Melbourne with good food St Patricks Day is an Irish day and its on the 17th of March. It is a celebration of Irish culture and it is a day where St Patrick was born. St Patrick is one of Ireland’s saints. Whilst in IrelandContinue reading “St Patricks Day”

Our February events

Here are some of the events we attended in February. February was a busy month with Valentines day and it was the last month of summer The High Country fundraiser This fundraiser was held at the Timber Yard in Port Melbourne. Here thousands of people came to this and paid a gold coin to getContinue reading “Our February events”

Black Friday fun

Black friday is the day after Thanksgiving and here they have loads of deals. And a fun treasure hunt at Melbourne central! The line for the hunt was long and some things such as fresh and co they charged for the juice, when everything should be free as it is about businesses promoting things HereContinue reading “Black Friday fun”

The Royal Melbourne Show guide for 2019

We give you some tips on having fun, but a cost-effective day at the Show. The show is on from the 21st of September to the 2nd of October at the Melbourne Showgrounds. Going to the show can be expensive for families but it doesn’t need to be. With a bit of planning, it canContinue reading “The Royal Melbourne Show guide for 2019”

Our August events

Here’s a roundup of what happened in August. August saw some new openings and some events. It is also the last month of winter. International beer day This day was really fun and I enjoyed sampling a beer at the Richmond Club hotel. The place is really close to Richmond station and the MCG thatContinue reading “Our August events”

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