Four ways to fight food waste

I was inspired by Creative Impact group’s article. Eat Fresh and feel good has written about this issue saying that the UK wastes about 800 pounds per year per household. In Australia we waste $20 billion per year, yet we have so many poor people who could do with that food

Give away food that is usable

Pantry goods is what the poor would want. I have often given away to Ascot Vale Little free Pantry on a few occasions. The poor could do with some free food during these hard times

Get creative with your food

And use up all your leftovers when you can

Foodwise will help you there. You go there and you click on the ingredients that you have and they will help you find some recipes. Supercook is another website.

In these challenging times we have been at home lots and we have had lots of leftovers. Thus this means no spending money when you don’t need to. We have use up all of our leftovers in days.

Make use of reusable lunchboxes and other sustainable ways of keeping food in the fridge.

Many places might offer discounts for people that use reusable lunchboxes. If you bring yours in you can get a discount. You can buy them online and support your favourite business in the process

YOu can buy beeswax wraps which will last longer and will keep you food fresh for longer in the fridge. You can buy these online and support small business in Victoria. They are made out of organic cloth so it is washable.

Eat smart when you go out

For example you can try Lentils as Anything. They use fresh vegetarian and vegan ingredients to make the best meals ever.

Or if you like to go to mainstream restaurants order a kids sized meal if you have a kid’s sized appetite. And then you won’t waste so much food.

Top 10 emergency foods to have on hand

This article was written for the Coronavirus where many countries are struggling and their people might be in a lockdown. The lockdowns last about 6-8 weeks. In Australia we are really lucky that our lockdowns involve trips to the supermarket

But here is our list. You can mix and match the foods that you have to your liking. Our list is full of the foods that you’ll need to survive and stay nourished without putting on much weight.

  1. Frozen fruit and veg- it’s a good idea to stock up on the fruits and veg at the market or green grocer and then keep some of it in the freezer. They last up to a month or two. You can make smoothies and meals out of them. Even better if you have a veggie patch where you can pick your veg each day.
  2. Canned veg and tomatoes- this is good for soups and sauces such as bolognaise. You should have enough to get you through the lockdown
  3. Rice- you need some sort of carbs to get through the day. About 2 bags of 10kgs of rice will be enough for the lockdown
  4. Canned meat and tuna- we need to have our proteins each day. Get a variety of different meats and things.
  5. Soup stock- this will be good for making all sorts of soups when you need it
  6. Cooking oil- you should have about 5L which is enough to get you through the lockdown and safely on the other side of the pandemic
  7. Flour- you should have about 5-10kgs of flour for making bread and cakes and things like pasta
  8. Long life milk- this will come in handy if you want to make a whole range of things like pancakes and sauces for meals. Plus it is good for the bones. Get about 12 cartons of 1L milks to last you. These can keep for about 6 months.
  9. Frozen meat and fish- you should have enough to last you about 3-6 weeks. Frozen proteins can keep for a while in the freezer. You just have to defrost what you’ll need each day
  10. Herbs and spices- you should already have a whole thing of them and if you are lucky you might just grow them in your garden

An open letter to food businesses

This is an open letter and I would love your feedback on this letter. It’s part of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign

abundance agriculture bananas batch

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Dear Sir/Madam

This is Healthyintstudents blog and we work with homeless people and people are less fortunate. We also work with the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign a campaign which is about not wasting food.

In Victoria, about 250,000 tonnes of food is wasted. We can reduce this amount if you give away what you cannot sell in a day. Hopefully, this will reduce food wastage costs for you.

In Australia, there is about 110,000 people homeless every night and that statistic is rising each day as people suffer from abuse and some people have been let go. Many of these are on Centrelink payments

We were hoping that your business would donate the leftover food to the hungry that are out on the streets in Melbourne. There’s several Youtube videos on where people did this. It restored people’s faith in humanity. By doing so you would get rid of the people living in the streets as well as doing the greater good for your business. Having people in the streets and fighting all the time turns people away from your business.

Hopefully one day these people would pay it forward and might even work for you, giving you customers. And if you post it on social media other businesses might follow in your footsteps.

There might be some cleanliness issues and food safety issues but I trust you to do the right thing.

I would hope that you’d want to give some of your food to the homeless. Or if you prefer you can also donate to OzHarvest which is a charity that donates food to charities like the Big Umbrella and the Salvation Army.

Or you can host a night with the help of the general public in your establishment. They could buy something and the proceeds of the something that they buy goes towards your night. We know that Grilld did it and it was a huge success!

Yours sincerely,

Healthyintstudents blog

Healthy Habits

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Healthy habits are a franchise which means that service can vary in one way or another. The first Healthy Habits I visited was at Melbourne Airport where I was given a free voucher by the City of Melbourne to eat there on my lunch break and the second time I bought a Groupon for this.

Healthy habits are all about sandwiches, salads, and yogurts. They have been in the Entertainment book several times except for this year and last.

The cafe always seemed really empty, I wonder why. They do have outdoor seating though.

Here they have a few early morning coffee specials like the one in the airport. At the airport, I had the bacon and egg roll with coffee. Except mind was without bacon of course but more veg. Back then I didn’t know about the fat-burning tea.

To my apple juice at Bourke st (which is freshly made and not bottled), I added my herbal tea supplement from Herbalife and there on it burnt about 80 cals. I started to feel better. This was not too sweet, but tart. And I got some of my water intake from there.

The Groupon only allowed for half wraps but at the airport, I got a full one. I really do enjoy their wraps as they have a lot of vegetables in there. They say that it is important to have about 3-5 serves of veggies per day and I chose the vegetarian one. It didn’t have a lot of falefel but still good.

One guy came in after me and ordered a milkshake. I am trying to stay away from too many sweet foods if I can.

Do go there if you need a quick and healthy lunch. And if you want to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle then email us.


Truffle season

We explain this all-important season that happens every year!

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Its truffle season here in Melbourne. All the foodies celebrate this wonderful season in winter. And you know what that means? Its truffles which have a mushroom flavor. The markets and the good food shops love to celebrate truffles. The truffles here are about $65-$200+ per truffle. I found out the price at Simon Johnstons in Toorak.

You can grow truffles yourself but you need to source a good tree. The Truffle Growers Association has some information on growing your own trees. Good Food says that it is possible to grow your own but it takes about 4-6 years for it to fully grow.

You only just need a little bit for each meal. Truffles taste woody and for the most part, you can’t really taste a lot of truffle in your meal.

We went to the free event in Queen Victoria Market and we also did other things with truffle. At the free event, it was really busy until 3pm and then after that, it died down. Here we spent time with the truffle dogs as well as at the free cooking demo from Trattoria Emilia on cooking beef tartare with truffle crisps.

We didn’t go for the food, we went after lunch and just had a cider there.

And then at the Winter Village, I enjoyed a truffle mushroom pizza. This was really good and very cheesy. I was full by the end.

One time, a few years back, I enjoyed truffle pasta. I cannot remember where, but oh boy was it good. For the most part of the truffle season, it was pizza with lots of mushrooms as I’m partly vegetarian.

There are truffle cocktails and Leftbank did a class a little while ago, but I didn’t have a chance to go. In fact, there were truffle cocktails at the free event but they were expensive as

I am yet to try the truffle crepes but will do so next year when truffle season comes. I tried truffle honey and it was sweet with hints of truffle. Yum!

If you love truffles then do grow your own. And if you are a foodie who loves truffles do buy some truffle oil. You can buy the Truffle Oil in all good Gourmet food shops.

Ritual Co app

We tried this app and we talk about our likes and dislikes with the app.

Ritual Co is a takeout app that is popular in Toronto and now its come to Melbourne and Sydney. Here we enjoyed $1 food as well as $5 discounts and other perks.

I heard about it from Ozbargain on their Instagram and then the guys promoted it in the Southern Cross-lane.

There were horrendous reviews from users online saying they were scammed. And that’s in the US. In Melbourne, there was no such problem as I knew where everything is.

Signing up online is easy. And what’s good about the app is that its only pickup food which means that you have to walk to get it. It’s not like Uber where the drivers deliver to you and they get paid a shoddy fee for it. They have many perks available to users such as the $1 food fest and if you earn enough points you’ll get some sort of discount or credit that you can use on your next meal.

You order and pay and then your food is ready within about 5-10 mins. You have to be in walking distance though. There is no need to wait in line- although there were huge queues at the Gozleme cafe when I went during their lunch hour.


We enjoyed Roll’d and keeping with our vegetarian theme we enjoyed Roll’d’s rice paper rolls and vegetarian spring rolls which set us back by 600 calories. We refused the sauce. Out of 2000 calories in a daily diet, we would have 1400 calories left. At first, they forgot the spring rolls until I gently reminded them.

And then we enjoyed the Gozleme which was fresh. It was at the Gozleme cafe, a place that I always wanted to go to. It was a vegetarian one. Here the Gozleme cafe was really busy as it was a small one and most people grabbed a takeaway. The guys were working their hardest in the line trying to remember who ordered what and when. The buzzer kept going.

The pie from Dmarco espresso was good but a bit overcooked. It was on the $1 day. The place was not very busy that day.

And then we tried Gloria Jeans for World Chocolate day. Here they seemed to be alright but not busy for a Friday afternoon.

Do get the app and you can get it free on GooglePlay and iTunes. I hope all goes well and that these tiny glitches are fixed soon. Its a pity that there is no Facebook page for the Melbourne and Sydney app.

Week seven of Precision Nutrition

This week was all about learning about macronutrients and there are three major macronutrients: carbs, fats, and protein. The average Joe needs about 0.8g of protein per kg they weigh. But a person that exercises a lot needs about 1.4g-2g of protein per kg they weigh. My proteins are fish, vegan protein powders, tofu, cheeses, some meats, seafood, poultry,  legumes (such as beans) and milk.

We need fats to be healthy. Fat provides us with energy and hormonal balance. A female would need about 18%-25% of their bodyweight as fats. So an ideal weight for an athlete such as myself would be 50kg-58kg. I have been eating my recommended fats which are usually tuna, olive oil, avocados, and some red meats. I drink milk most days and have cheeses on a regular basis.

We should not have any trans fats in our diet and try to limit saturated fats. Saturated fats are found in our butter, fried foods, and most meats. Monosaturated fats are found in olive oil, avocado, most nuts, and fish and seafood. Polyunsaturated fats (omega-three fatty acids) involve chia seeds, hemp seeds, fish oil, flaxseeds, etc. We can use these as salad toppings instead of your everyday dressing.

We need to have carbs after a workout as they can be easily digested. A really good snack would be yogurt and a banana. A banana has simple carbs and potassium which is important to replace vital fluids.

We break down carbs through the GI tract. It starts in the mouth, goes through the stomach and the small intestine and then into the liver. The small intestine digests the carbohydrate into disaccharides.

The mouth also digests the carbs into smaller carbohydrate chains. The less we chew the faster we swallow. The slower we eat the better our digestion system is.

People should not have more than 50g of fructose a day. The average Australian eats way over the amount of sugar each day. For example, breakfast is a coffee and bacon and eggs with BBQ sauce (53g of sugar), lunch is a Subway sub (18g of sugar), dinner is a salad with dressing (10g of sugar) and steak with mustard (3g of sugar), dessert is chocolate cake (20-35g of sugar), snacks are fruit (30g of sugar) and a nutrition bar (20-30g of sugar). All up its about 154g- 189g of sugar. That’s a lot of sugar.

We need 130g of glucose just to live. Hence there is no one correct diet. Everyone is different. Keep your carbohydrates simple.

This week a few new people came into my rpm classes. They had just joined the gym and wanted to lose weight. I have taken a break for three weeks due to nonpayment issues but once I got that sorted its all good.

I got 5/10 for the exam which was not great considering that I need to get 135/180 in the overall course and submit the exam. I was trying to do the exam from memory and understanding rather than using the book. With clients, we can’t really use the book to access their protein and fat needs.

Food wastage

This is an Oz harvest post. Oz Harvest is a charity that collects food from the dumpster to give to the poor and needy in Australia. Oz Harvest relies solely on donations and receives no Government support. They aim to fight food waste and you can get involved by volunteering.

store facade

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In 2017 Huffington Post reports that Australian households throw away $10 billion of food each year. Most people don’t understand where their food comes from and the importance of not wasting it. They buy it, not planning ahead.

According to the Conversation the average Australian wastes about 200kg of food a year. That’s a lot to think about. It’s mainly from the supermarkets and restaurants who just throw away most of that food because it’s unsellable.

In the world today 800 million people go without food. In Australia, 200 million people go without food because they cannot afford it. The high cost of living such as rent is why some people cannot afford food.

Doing this ration challenge I am sitting here thinking about how much food and money do people waste! Whilst we are lucky to live in Australia many people around the world go hungry and the sight of a meal can be a welcome relief.

The solution for restaurants and supermarkets is to at the end of the day discount all of their food and give away meals to those in need. Don’t throw away food just because it looks bad.

Households can do the same thing too. They can give to the poor and needy by donating food to their nearest local charity. Households that have a yard could start a veggie patch and a few fruit trees and when they prosper give some of the fruits to their neighbors and people that need them.

When you go to the supermarket or the farmers market buy what you need and don’t buy excess foods which you don’t use as they will end up going to waste. People should write a list so that they don’t accidentally buy something that they don’t need. Oh and that they also don’t forget what they need. Too many times during supermarket sale days I see people’s trolley’s full to the brim of stuff that they might not need.

The solution for the Government should be to tax the foods with the added sugar and discount those that are healthy. That is to encourage everyone to eat healthy foods even if they are on welfare. Speaking of welfare, the Government should increase welfare for those that can’t afford to work such as disability and elderly people.

If you want to get involved by volunteering or donation (food or money) simply visit their page.

Camberwell Wellness Trail

This trail was held on Saturday in Camberwell where the city center was really busy. it was held from 11am-2pm and not many people signed up online. This is a new initiative by the City of Boroondara where they wanted to promote some of the wellness businesses. And to promote Health and Wellness at this time of the year where colds are prevalent.

It was a free event. But not a lot turned up until after 12pm. The hub is about a five-minute walk from the train station. Camberwell is such a big suburb which has a lot of wellness businesses. They really care about their residents here.

It was a really nice sunny 19C day where all the dogs and people were at the cafes and out and about.

And they have a passport system. You get a passport and bag with a drink bottle from Anytime Fitness and then you visit participating businesses to get a stamp. It was a pity that there were no water fountains in Camberwell or otherwise I would have filled up my water bottle.  In the bag, there was also a free sweatband. Some of them ran free classes for new people to get them to join a gym.

The sample smoothie bowls from Acai brothers were really good. I enjoyed the refreshing taste of passionfruit in there.

The mandarins from Colvita was really sweet and juicy. Colvita was really hard to find as it’s in a shopping mall just off Burke road. The table was really hard to find.

After the mandarins, I tried Rainbow and Meat’s sausage in bread for $2.50. This was pretty standard and nothing much in there. I would have thought that they would gourmet sausages since they are butcher, but I think they used the cheaper cut.

The curry lentil soup sample from The Bulk filled me up. I would get this $13 jar for my sister as she hates to cook. Everything is in there and it feeds four people.

Some of the places offered free kombucha tastings and I enjoyed trying them all. Kombucha is good for the gut and it helps to clean the digestive system of all the toxins.

The Priceline sampling was pretty good and most of Priceline has is also here in the city. Here we sampled protein balls and bars and I enjoyed the strawberry flavored bars. I would buy these brands in the city and they were brands like Protein INC and Define.

Many thanks to the Camberwell Wellness collective for putting this on for us and its something that I would recommend that all the councils do to promote Health and Wellness. I would suggest that next time they have a water fountain where people can fill up their water bottles.

How to kick sugar cravings

Guys, sugar is one of the reasons why we put on weight. As an adult, according to the Australian dietary guidelines we can have between 40-90 g of sugar a day. That is according to Myfitnesspal.  This sugar includes your natural fruits.


“People that eat too much sugar can have a risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease” (The Conversation, 2018). Medical news today supports this idea by saying that too much sugar can cause obesity which puts people at risk of cancer and diseases such as high cholesterol

I have that odd sugar craving. Throughout the months of doing sugar-free, I have learned that added sugars are bad for you every day. On the odd occasion, it’s ok.

And its usually for cake at the Big Umbrella or chocolate Nutella pancakes. But over a few visits, I have gotten better. After all, they decided to serve hot food from their van and that’s when I got better. I’m a woman I know and as women, we get cravings around our period time.

Too much sugar can lead to an energy overdose which then if that energy is not used, can turn into fat. Because I am a runner, training for a marathon I can have a little bit more sugar but not too much.

Some tips for kicking sugar to the curb

If you want sugar grab a piece of fruit instead. Fruit has natural sugar which is good for the brain. As adults, we should be having 2 or more serves of fruit a day.

I drink apple cider vinegar daily and that helps to get rid of sugar cravings. You can buy them in Woolworths for about $5 and it will last about a month and a half.

Eat a good breakfast. A good breakfast has fiber, protein, and carbs, all of which we need for our body to perform well. I love oats in the morning

Eat regularly. Don’t wait until lunchtime or dinnertime to eat. By that time you will be ravenous. So include some small snacks at your desk such as nuts and fruits or some cottage cheese. Or you could have your shake.

Earn your sugar. By that I mean do some activity that requires lots of energy. Such as running marathons or cycling.

A little bit of sweets is ok but eating too much is bad for you. It’s better to just eat fruit and exercise or enjoy a savory snack. Leave the sweet treats for a special occasion.

Oh and if you need to lose you should kick the added sugar habit now and replace it with fruits and other savory snacks.