Luteal Phase Defect

This has never been talked about before. Luteal Phase Defect can be quite serious. There are four phases of the women’s cycle: Menstruation, Follicular, Ovulation, and Luteal. The Luteal phase is the last one and it’s supposed to be fourteen days long.

It is a serious disruption in a woman’s cycle if not treated properly. 

Luteal Phase Defect is when the luteal phase of a woman’s cycle is shorter, resulting in a shorter cycle. This phase would be around 10-12 days. It is caused by low progesterone levels. I used to get this quite a few times pre COVID as I was exercising too much. I was trying to train for a marathon and also trying to learn my gym stuff. Thus this puts a lot of stress on my system. Now that the gym lockdown is almost over I will aim to only go to the gym twice a week and run four short runs a week.

As marathoners this not uncommon for us to get it if we don’t eat or rest enough during the week and in between runs.

Another risk factor for Luteal Phase defect would be obesity. People who are obese can expect to have a shorter luteal phase.

Anorexia has been linked to a luteal phase defect. 

What are the symptoms?

  • Spotting in between periods
  • Miscarriage
  • Trouble getting pregnant
  • Periods come more frequently

What should I do if I get these symptoms?

You could try modifying your diet and exercise. Try not to exercise as much and instead learn to love yourself. Be happy with the weight that you are. Try to get some good fats into your diet.

If all else fails and you’re still getting the defect after 3 periods then you should see your  GP and then they can help you out. Don’t wait until its too late. Don’t forget to mark when your period and symptoms were. You can do this on my apps like Myfitnesspal and the Garmin app which you can download from Google Play.


Embracing change both professionally and personally talks about Embracing change. In these trying times we need to embrace change both professionally and personally. We need to set goals for the future but we also need to embrace the uncertainty of it all.

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The pandemic is a good time to be creative. For the fitness industry that means that should think about ways to embrace the “Black Lives Matter” philosophy into your club. You could try and employ some black people as staff members whether as a Personal trainer or in management. This is also a good time to embrace diversity and welcome people with disabilities into the gym.

For Fitness instructors we can embrace personally and think about delivering most of your trainings online as many people might not want to come back to the gym straightaway. This is a time to develop new skills and learn more about yourself. For new instructors now would be a good time to develop your marketing plan for clients.

Gyms need to accept the new reality of not many people will want to go back straight away after it is open. Many people will still be working from home and will be happy about not having to commute. So they might have to stick with online for a while. Even then they would have to offer their sessions casually or at a lower cost as many people would have lost their job.

5 reasons why I don’t have a car

And I’m happy not to.

We all like to have a car for convenience or getting around but there are some people just like myself that live close to everything and so I don’t really need a car. I live close to the city and close to shops and public transport.

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Cars are expensive to drive

You have to buy the car and then you have to pay for things like petrol, registration, maintainance etc. I just don’t have the money to do all that.

In the current COVID environment we need money for other things

Driving a car pollutes the environment

All the smoke from the cars exhaust will pollute the environment and it is toxic for people to breathe in.

Having a car means that you can go places (and break the rules).

Without a car I cannot go everywhere. I wouldn’t be able to visit regional Victoria without a car as there are not many train services to regional Victoria

Having a car means that there is less opportunity for exercise

If I had a car I would not be able to walk everywhere and I want to walk everywhere. I love the exercise and fresh air. When I go to the shops I like to use my arms and carry everything home myself.

As a runner I am used to travelling long distances.

Not having a car means that I can be more accountable

Having a car means that it is private and people can’t see you. This would mean that we cannot see the potential rule-breakers. In the past week, alone over 100 fines have been issued in Victoria for breaches of COVID rules

Running during the pandemic

Running during the pandemic is a bit harder as you can only go to certain areas. Many races have gone virtual. Many countries have their own rules on running and where you can run, due to the COVID19. They don’t want the disease to spread.

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And yes running during the pandemic is fine so long as you stay 1.5meters from people. Make sure that you are not sick. Running is good for mental health as is any form of exercise and with the gyms closed in many parts of the world running is the way to go

Coping strategies

Runners will have to find ways to cope with this. One way of coping with it is to join a Facebook group. There are many Facebook groups and there they have online running challenges.

How do you cope?

You just go with the flow and explore what’s in your local neighbourhood. I live in Essendon so I am allowed to go there. There are many places to explore around there. I am in postcode 3040.

I just did one 14km run and it was all fine. Am training for a half marathon in October. I love exploring new places so I joined a group called Essendon Good Karma network on Facebook and here they provided me with some good tips, mainly in the name of pictures of places.

I have to avoid large gatherings which always happen in the park.

Wearing a mask during a run is not mandatory but make sure to carry one for after your run. Or wear a scarf or buff as one.

You’ll get fined if you run outside of your boundary.

Forecasting sales in the Health and Fitness industry

When we talk about sales in this industry we are talking about membership sales and class packages.

During COVID19 the Health and Fitness Industry has taken a huge hit due to closures and going online. Most people elsewhere have lost their jobs and without Jobkeeper the industry will not be able to survive.

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Hence gyms have had to have scaled back their classes for a little while now. Its hard to find the consumer confidence. says that it is hard to forecast sales during the pandemic and after it due to the many lockdowns. Online training has been in demand during the last few months as we bunker down and stay at home. One way they can forecast sales is by using the data that they got when people downloaded their live workouts. Gyms and fitness centers have been putting up live workouts for those to follow.

If it is a big firm or a company they can use statistical analysis in figuring out who visited the gym when it reopened. And then they can rebuild from there. That’s not the case with every gym though- Victoria is one example of being forced back into lockdown.

What we can hope for gyms in a post COVID world is they are COVID safe and are treated more like an essential service as exercise is medicine. And gyms are safe. But unfortunately, too many cowboys and girls are ruining it for everyone else.

Changes in physical activity during the pandemic

Cambridge USA has just released this paper on attitudes towards physical activity during the COVID 19 which is said that the levels have decreased. The Stay at home orders was in place on the 16th of March (a week before Australia went into lockdown).

The COVID has increased people’s sitting and screen time and has decreased the exercise. People have been housebound due to lockdowns. Thus this worsens their mental health.

Iowa State University interviewed 3052 adults in the USA from 50 states. Participants were grouped as active or inactive (> 8 hours a day of screen time/sitting time). 62% of them were females aged from 18-75 years and during the pandemic weekly exercises have been reduced and there is an increase in sitting time. Those who were active before the pandemic saw their levels of activity drop. This is associated with poorer mental health. Therefore these people’s mental health issues have increased. For most people, it worsened their mental health as they were isolated.

In Melbourne, we have quite a few lockdowns and in those lockdown suburbs gyms have closed. We can still run outside, but we have to keep to our own area and not go elsewhere. Thus it saw fines increase and mental health problems increase as people were not happy with the current measures. People are lonely as everyone is at home.

We know that being in a gym environment is beneficial for all, particularly during the colder weather. Gyms are safe but people are not and its people that need to be educated on hygiene protocols. If we all practice social distancing at the gym then we’d be all happier and the Government would not need to spend so much money on Mental health services.

What the government should do is allow for gyms to stay open during this and other times.

To be a good RPM instructor

To be a good RPM instructor, you need to be really healthy and adopt good nutrition at the start. And no it is not for the money. You have to want to change clients’ health!

It take patience and dedication to the job. And no it does not take the non supportive people to take it down.

You need to pay $600-$700 to do the course and then study vigorously. And then you have to have a like for people. You really have to know your choreography and the correct bike technique. If you had been going to classes you’ll see that the instructors demonstrate the techniques and you can practice those. You do lectures for two days and the third one is an assessment day where you’ll show them that you really know your stuff. For those two days, you’ll get given a track to learn and you’ll have a chance to script it and practice it and then you’ll get assessed. But the assessment there is more like feedback.

On the third day, you’ll get your certification if you pass the course.

Between days 1 and 2 and the third day, you’ll have eight weeks to practice your coaching skills and team-teach a few classes. This is where your endorsement from the gym comes into play. Either they will select a mentor for you or you do it yourself.

The good instructors love to help people out especially new people that come to their class. They would help these people before the class starts. There is that sense of community.

And then there is the assessment. The group fitness manager will be assessing you rigoursly. You have to like them to want to work in their place.

It’s really fun but a lot of hard work. Do it if you are really passionate. Les Mills is taking people for the next round and you can sign up here

How do you spot a fake personal trainer

As we go back to the gym and want to work out and be healthy, we should be thinking about how to get the best personal trainer. They should be Covid safe and know what they are doing.

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They also should not be making false promises and asking you to pay them straight up. Most personal trainers offer free sessions to new clients.

What to look for in a personal trainer when you first engage with them

A certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness is required. You should ask about their qualifications and if they are registered with a peak body such as Fitness Australia. You don’t want them to injure you or give you Covid. This is a sure fire way for the gyms to be closed again.

Make sure that you get references from other clients before signing up. Most of them have a Facebook page or Instagram page with their client’s photos and the work that they did with that client. Also, do your workout by yourself and see how they interact with other clients. Do they touch them when they know that they shouldn’t? Are they showing the correct technique? Don’t be sucked in by their challenges. They might also do some free group fitness classes in the gym, so you can participate and check them out there and then.

Make sure that they take the time to listen to you about needs and wants and that they can accommodate those things. They also shouldn’t be working outside their scope of practice which is giving mental health advice unless they are qualified to do so. They also should not be recommending that people do diets which cut out certain food groups.

Happy personal trainer hunting. It may take you a while to get the right personal trainer for you.

Should I exercise when sick

This question gets asked a lot year after year during the winter months.

I have only a very mild cold and no COVID19 symptoms. I have no races in inter thank goodness. My cold is only a snuffly nose and a small cough.

But if you’re sick from the throat down you may want to spend the day at home. Also if you have a fever you shouldn’t exercise. You should just rest and hydrate.

Mild to moderate physical exercise is ok so long as its not a really long run out in the cold. One to two hours is fine.

Exercise and the Immune system

Exercise helps to boost the immune system so you may only get a very mild case of COVID19 or just a cold. But even still you might want to get tested for this. If you’re negative and its just a cold it would be alright to exercise.

The immune system is the body’s defense to fight off viruses. The more immune your system is the better you will be at not catching COVID.

If you exercise a lot you would have fewer colds and sickness. People that don’t exercise much are more at risk of COVID19. Thus this why we are fighting for gyms to be reopened as soon as possible. And for them to fall under the exercise category in the Stay at Home orders

In short listen to your body. If you’re ok and feeling good, go right ahead.

Are gyms healthy?

Post Lockdown and the gyms are open. But are they really healthy? I got the idea from this story from Breaking muscle who says that gyms are about looking good. In the past few days after Victoria was finally allowed to open their gyms cases of Coronavirus spiked.

For most gyms it is about looking good. However my gym has an emphasis on safety and friendliness. However do you want to pay $50-$150 per month just to look good and nothing else?

Also you’ll have to sweat it out with everybody else and that can carry some risk factors. In this case attitude matters for everyone, whether it would be staff or your fellow gym members. It depends on whether or not the gym practices social distancing and abides by those guidelines. The gym will usually follow Fitness Australia’s COVID safe plan but there are some that will do the wrong thing and not follow the plan.

A few things to ask yourself?

  • Do they have online classes for people who are not confident in going back to the gym?
  • Do they do a complimentary freeze for those that don’t want to go back yet?
  • Do they have cleaning protocols in places? I.e lots of hand sanitizer and other items.
  • Are they a member of Fitness Australia? Fitness Australia is the peak body for all gyms, whether big or small. They are advocating for gyms to be more like allied health which is a lot more serious. At the door they will usually have some sort of certificate or sticker saying “Business member”.
  • Do they have guidelines for members in following social distancing and hygiene? If not why not?