How not to drive each other mad

In these crazy times we all at each other’s back for 24/7 due to strict lockdowns and curfews. Most of us are living in the family home. So here’s some ways not to drive each mad.

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Practice patience with other people

We all are going through the same thing and so its ok to not be ok. Its also ok to be left alone.

Don’t get mad if the other person doesn’t do what you want them to do.

Again this ties in with practicing patience. Maybe they might have their own reason for it and that’s cool

Have a family meeting and talk about what you expect from each other.

From there you can set up some boundaries in which we need to live by to get along. Make sure that you agree on what things need to be done and when they can be done each week. You should work out who is doing what too. If you work from home let your family members know which days and times so that they don’t disturb you.

Tell your family how you feel when they do certain things especially the things that you don’t like. Its ok to voice your opinion. Some may not take it too well but its ok.

Routine is crucial to not going with bonkers with each other.

As soon as we don’t do the routine for a few days then we can start to get really mad for no reason. Don’t forget to schedule a time for work, play, exercise, household chores, eating and sleeping.

Stay connected to the people from the outside world.

Technology is our friend here. Here you can use Whatsapp, Facebook etc to connect. But don’t spend too long on social media as that will just drive you bonkers.

Spend some time together if you can

Sometimes you can’t because of the restrictions ie going out for a walk. But if you can maybe watch a movie together or bake together? Or why not have a games night?

10 ways to deal with stress during the pandemic

Lets face it! Life can be very challenging during these unprecedented times. We don’t know what the future holds a few months from now and some people are out of a job. In Australia the unemployment rate is set to peak at about 10000 jobs lost.

Psychology Central has listed 10 ways to deal with the stress and we list them here.

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Stick to Routines and Rituals

It’s important to know where you stand. Even though the virus might bring some uncertainty into people’s lives. It’s important to have some sort of structure in your day to day life.

Keep a journal full of thoughts

Its important to write about how you feel each day. You can do this online or in an actual book.

Try something different

For example, you could try making jam or bread. Or you could try a new craft such as sewing. Or you could do what some people do and that’s to renovate their house DIY style.

Talk to people online

Let people know how you’re feeling whether good or bad. You can schedule a video call and usually Facebook and Instagram chats are free as well as What’s App chats.

Play word games and think of ways that the word means something positive to you

What I love to do is play word games with my WW cards and I will let you know of the results soon.

Don’t forget that we are all in this together

Soon we will get out of this and emerge on the other side


Set aside 10-15 mins each day just for meditation to help you relax and clear your mind. There are lots of Youtube videos if you are new to meditation. A lot of your favourite yoga and meditation centres are hosting their own classes online and if you sign up to their email you’ll know.

Set boundaries

Set some boundaries for yourself. You can’t control what others do, but you can set some for yourself in how you will deal with this pandemic.

Be creative with your thoughts

Focus on other things other than the coronavirus and the negative things. Watch some good news or a movie.

Hope these tips help. And remember that if you need some mental health support don’t be afraid to reach out to various mental health support services online.

Crisis Fatigue: are we emotionally overwhelmed

WebMD reports that in the US cases are surging and more and more people are going out in droves. The same thing has happened in Australia and then we have gone into a much harder lockdown in Victoria. In NSW it is similar to all the news reports of overcrowding in some places.

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People are angry at the Government for not controlling the virus. People are pretending that this is all over with 60-155 fines issued per day in Victoria. With the mask law now in place in Victoria, there are about 20-25 people not wearing them every day and are being fined for that.

It is natural to feel some anxiety and grief . But we shouldn’t take it out on staff who are just there to do their job, whether it would be in retail, food and other essential services.

Most of us feel hopeless that we can’t earn enough money let alone lose a family member due to the COVID19.

How do we deal with the mental health struggles on a day to day basis?

First of all you can’t control what happens in the world around you. You can only control what you want to do and how you feel

Practice self-care. That could be reading a book and going out for exercise. Seek support if you need to.

Talk to someone if you can, whether it would be online or face to face.

Remember we are all in this together and we will get through to the other side.

My favourite activities to do whilst in Coronavirus lockdown

I bet you might be bored of being cooped up at home. So here are a few of my favorite things to do at home. In the past few days, Victoria Police have issued hundreds of fines for going out of lockdown when you’re not supposed to.


I love watching ABC’s “What would you do?” , the news, Chicago Fire, PD and Med as well as watching airline reviews in hopes that one day I’ll take to the friendly skies and to support my fellow bloggers.

Oh and I also love to listen to music on there.

Going supermarket shopping

For many people, this is a chore but I love just seeing what is out there. I love to see new brands and places. I love to support local when I can. But of course, this might not be possible for everyone due to lockdown laws.

But make sure you know what the Government restrictions are on shopping as there are hefty fines for this. Make sure to wear a mask if the Government mandates this. If it’s only supposed to be just you then just only go by yourself.

Play Mahjong online

I play this game to pass the time and to forget about the troubles ahead. We can’t really be socializing with people physically.

Read good books

Now is a good time to catch up on the reading and books that you may have missed whilst commuting everywhere. I love to read whatever books are good and I buy most of my books on

Learning to embrace uncertainty

I got this idea from Psychology Central who said that we are living in uncertain times. What might happen today might not happen tomorrow. In Melbourne, Victoria our case numbers are getting worse.

As an autistic person, we find that uncertainty can be a challenge. Even as ordinary people facing the coronavirus pandemic is a challenge as you don’t know what’s coming around the corner.

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We can either avoid the feeling of uncertainty or we can embrace. We can pretend that the virus is all over and go back to living our normal lives. Then people will get sicker and sicker and our hospital system will be overrun

Or we can find a COVID normal within ourselves and follow the rules and embrace the uncertainty.

Acknowledge how you are feeling

It could be writing in your journal everyday. Or it can be talking to someone, whether it would be online or face to face. YOu would notice these sensations and would be in touch with your inner self. For example I feel anxious about these high numbers today. When I feel anxious I tend to shake inside.

These feelings come and go but some days it stays for a while. Like for example being confined to our hood. We can’t control it but we can accept it.


This could be meditation or yoga or something. Breathe in and out slowly. This will help you to relax and allow some space for uncertainty.

We have to learn to allow uncertainty in our life and there needs to be room for that. You don’t have to like uncertainty because its unpleasant, but we must learn to live with it. You can’t change people’s mind or what they do or the news, but you can change how you respond to things.

Engage in what matters most

By that we mean doing what you really need to do to keep yourself safe and happy. You can’t change the world but you can change your outlook of the world and make it a better place to be in.

Do your part. Stay at home if you have a stay at home order! We are all in this together!

101 days of writing

I got this idea from Considering Out Loud. Whilst we are in some sort of a state of emergency and been stuck at home, writing is a great idea. It’s frugal at its best and you can write about anything you like.

Its’s a weird and stressful time to be in right now. People are dying and just barely surviving lockdown around the world. People in the world that we live in now are doing their best to try and help us to survive the crisis. SO it’s only fair that we play our part and stay home.

Each day you post something on your blog, anything you like. It can be about any topic. Even it can be about what you feel during the day. It’s nice to write about that. Or you can make some lists of stuff, just random stuff.

Don’t a have blog?

Starting one is easy. With most blog creating sites it is free. WordPress is a great site. They have tonnes of stuff for free for you to use.

Why I decided to start a health blog and move away from food

I was inspired by Thanh Do’s article about food and systematic racism and abuse to write about this. Also what else inspired me to take a stance was the #blacklivesmatter!

In 2011 I started the blog New International students. I loved to eat out then and still do to some degree. Then in 2013 I was invited to many restaurants, some of them were run by people of different culture say Asians, but never by black people. All the influencers are invited to the same ones as I was. I still remember the time that I was invited to Middle Fish. That was awesome and it was run by a lady who was of colour.

At that time I did not know about the systematic racism or abuse that occured. Nor did I know much about the underpayment of staff. Some of the bloggers that I know of still to this day patronise such places and they say how good the food is. They don’t ever mention how bad the pay and treatment is. I’m in a Facebook called “Hospo Workers” and here they talk about the treatment of staff as well as pay.

Nowadays I’m enjoying not being invited to as many restaurants as I would like. But I enjoy being invited to sporting things and cafes that are homely and embrace everybody no matter where they are from.

Writing a health blog has made me see all the issues that the black people face on a daily basis among other things. If I wrote about food I would be one sided and not be as diverse as I am today. I would have been bored stiff during this pandemic of not going out for food.

From there on in I choose to go to places where they welcome everybody and treat everybody fairly and with respect. I go to places where black and other cultures are paid equal wages.

Fears about reentering our lives post COVID19

I am writing this as we reemerge from lockdown.

I am excited to see people but yet I am fearful of getting the Coronavirus from someone on the train. I have heard that the cases in the US has spiralled out of control and there are fears that it could happen here too. My friend is also in the same boat. He is scared of going into the city just in case there is another wave. But I trust that everyone will do the right thing.

I went out for lunch for the first time last week and I was generally happy to go out after being lockdown but I’m scared that the Coronavirus would put people out of business if we don’t support them. If Scott Morrison ends the Job Keeper and Job Seeker payments really soon businesses can collapse and it would be another great depression.

And what would happen to the gyms and my gym friends? Whilst I’m excited to see them, I’m scared that they would lose their jobs and their money. Classes will be a lot smaller due to social distancing measures. Most of my friends are group exercise instructors who are keen to talk and usually happy people. Some of my friends might be suicidal due to money worries. Some of my friends I do talk to on Facebook and Instagram. However I did bump into my friend on the weekend who says she is really excited to be going back.

And I wonder what the city would be like post Covid. Would it be quiet or people be really crazy about going back and there’d be another wave? We don’t really know. All we know is that the fallout from the Covid19 will be massive

We are all well and thinking of you

Dear all,

Am thinking of you like crazy. These couple of months we thought of you guys in the US like crazy and now that things are getting way out of hand over in Minneapolis I just want you to know that we are here for you. #blacklivesmatter

Today (6/6/2020) about 5000 of us in Melbourne and 5000 people in Sydney marched for you. They marched for you to get equal treatment . We risked our lives for you.

These last few months we stayed at home for you and wrote for you. And we prayed for you that you’ll get through all of this. We still pray that you’ll get through. Mainly we will get through this and see you on the other side. On the other side I would love to visit you and maybe run Boston for a charity that means well and gives to the poor, knowing that you are going through an unemployment crisis. I would love to share a doughnut with you, heck maybe even a hamburger with you. And together we can all have a drink to say thanks for staying the course and sticking through until the end.

I know that times are tough now but they will get better in the end. Just hang in there and know that we will be with you every step of the way no matter where we are.

x Healthyintstudents

How to overcome limiting beliefs

We all have limiting beliefs in our lives. These are the things that stop you from living your life to the fullest or losing the weight that you were supposed to.

But what if you can overcome these beliefs? If you want to do this and live life to the fullest then here’s how.

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Identify the issue that you want to work on- think of something small and specific that you can work on. But leave some room for disappointment as the world always changes. Or otherwise you can get overwhelmed. Eg. we would like to have more fun together or spend more time together. Word it relative to yourself. Eg: I would like to have better communication with my partner or my parents.

Fear- that is the limiting beliefs. Beliefs are our perceptions of reality. Eg. My boyfriend makes me feel scared. We have experiences that attach to the belief. I don’t know how to communicate effectively with my partner. Or I can’t go to the gym in fear that they will laugh at me. Do write down the limiting beliefs and talk about the event that caused the belief. Then work out which ones are the most important to your goal and look back to this as a mature person.

Then start to overcome them. Revisit these fears with fresh eyes and just do them. You’ll see that things are different. Like for example, I hate mowing the lawn because I always get blisters and my housemate yells at me for not finishing. Today however I wore gloves and found it to be much more comfortable and finished in record time with no arguments. I just got on with the job.

You’ll find that with time and practice things will get better and they will not be a fear anymore. They will be a success.

So what are you afraid of? So who is ready for change?