How eating too much fast food has an impact on your health

We look at why eating pizza and other fast foods are bad for you all the time. Sometimes its ok to have the odd indulgence.

Now that it is after Christmas we write about this.

McDonald’s, KFC, Subway you name it are all fast food. But Subway is the healthier option for fast food. Most of the fast food range from 500-1500 calories. Most of the time these foods have a lot of calories in them. Calories that could be spent more wisely in healthy and nutritious food

Most of these foods are high in sugar and most of them have a link to bad PMS. Bad PMS for ladies means vomiting, diarrhea and lots of pain. It could also be gas.

I feel sluggish after a while.

I also got that need for water and was very easily dehydrated. Most of the food had a lot of salt in them or they were very sweet. As an adult, we should consume less than 2000 mg each day according to myfitnesspal.

After a while, some people feel like they want more and more. They get this salty sensation in their mouth and the saliva increases.

Hence that is why many people love to keep eating it and eating it. They feel hungry after a while and they need the energy hit!

But you can make your own versions of fast food at home and they are healthier for you. No salt and no added msg.

Why eating fast food all the time is bad for you by Akira.

Fast food is cheap but just how bad is it for you? We talk about the cons of eating fast food all the time.


What is good for you. Image courtesy of

Eating fast food all the time is bad because it clogs your arteries and you gain more weight. Besides the people that work in these fast food chains are not paid properly.

Most of the places are not always clean. At Hungry Jacks I paid $3 for a small bag of onion rings and was served by an unhappy international student. By the way this was not cooked well.  At least they have all the calories on the wall and the items to help people to make better decisions.

According to a burger is about 600-900 calories. That is the ones from the takeaway joints. These burgers have not much nutrition in them. Rather they have more of the saturated fat which is not good for you.

Fast food is usually deep fried and its full of oil, sometimes old oil. If you eat this all the time and you are a lady who does not exercise then it can affect your periods. If you are a male and eat this all the time you’ll just get fat and tired. Also you’ll be out of breath most of the time. Eat this sometimes and then no worries. If you eat fast food all the time with no exercise then it can cause skin breakouts.


The conclusion: Fast food is ok on the odd occasion. And make sure that you earned it by exercising. If you make it at home even better as you can control what goes in your meals.